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Welcome!   This is the Ohio Jobs and Justice PAC (OJJPAC) website. OJJPAC is a non-partisan educational civil rights and advocacy organization focusing on important public policy issues that affect Ohio and the nation.  It is a resource used by public officials, journalists, academics, and citizen activists since 2005. 

OJJPAC's educational and advocacy initiatives will focus on the effects of illegal immigration on the civil rights of American citizens, the economy, U.S. sovereignty, and post 9-11 national security.  This website does not avoid controversy.  Its purpose is to inform, question, arouse thought and action, and challenge common misconceptions. It is dedicated to conflict resolution, violence prevention, and advancing U.S. social and civil cohesiveness.

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1-20-21 President Biden sworn in and quickly  plans to rollback Trump immigration policies

1-11-21 Americans may soon face unlimited illegal immigration

12-22-20  Joe Biden says fast  immigration changes could cause '2 million people on our border'

12-22-20 Biden committed to limiting deportations and overturning Trump border policies, advisors say

11-17-20 Biden win revives immigration talk

11-16-20 Aldermen Proposes Adding Immigration Status And Gender To City's Hate Crime Protections

11-15-20 Biden's foolish immigration policies

11-11-20 Biden plans sweeping reversal of Trump's immigration agenda, from deportations to asylum policies

11-9-20 Even As Trump Cut Immigration, Immigrants Transformed U.S.

9-11-20 Federal judges block Trump's exclusion of illegal aliens in Census court

9-9-20 ACLU backs campaign to end tech company contracts with immigration enforcement

9-1-20 U.S. appeals court overturns bar on immigration arrests at Massachusetts courts

8-27-20 Immigration Advocates Challenge Visa Ban, Urge Judge to Curb Trump's Power

8-26-20  2021 Visa Lottery Winning Numbers: Egypt, Iran and Russia

6-25-20 Supreme Court Upholds Fast-Track Deportations in Trump Administration Win

6-18-20 Supreme Court Rules Against Trump's Move to End DACA

6-17-20 Federal judge in Oakland orders financial aid restored to undocumented students [illegal alien students]

6-15-20 Supreme Court declines to hear legal battle over California sanctuary law

6-12-20 Trump Immigration Order May Halt Work Visa Entries Until Fall

6-10-20 Rakoff Bars ICE From Conducting Civil Immigration Arrests at State Courthouses

6-10-20 7th Circuit Blocks Feds From Enforcing Public-Charge Immigration Rule in Illinois

5-14-20 Court ruling a win for safe communities over sanctuary chaos

4-16-20 Ohio to begin reopening on May 1st Gov. DeWine announces

2-27-20 Clinton appointee U.S. District Judge Edmund A. Sargus Jr: Ohio must grant driver's licenses to certain refugees, teens with undocumented parents [illegal alien parents]

1-6-20  The Northwest turns up the heat on ICE, making it harder to arrest and deport immigrants [illegal aliens]

3-12-2020 Thousands of Foreign Nationals still seeking Asylum and entering the US illegally

Will private citizen Trump engage in the immigration debate?


Call the White House. Tell them you want the U.S. southern border completely closed!


Steve Salvi, Founder Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC

 Will U.S. Congress act on Amnesty or immigration enforcement bills in 2021?

By Steve Salvi

Washington, D.C.--The Covid-19 virus crisis has been getting nearly all media attention lately.  A number of immigration enforcement bills have been introduced, including bills that would de-fund "sanctuary cities, make English the official language of the U.S., mandatory E-Verify legislation, legislation that would end "birthright citizenship" and others.  

Illegal alien friendly House Democrats and Republicans will find it easy to continue to stop enforcement legislation from passing in the House due to the size of the Progressive Socialist Democratic caucus in the House.  Republicans lost their slim majority in the U.S. Senate in 2021.  That  doesn't bode well for the passage of any substantive immigration enforcement legislation in 2021 and increases the possibility of the passage of a mass amnesty.

The great danger (which is an annual danger every legislative session) is that amnesty supporting Democrats and Republicans in Congress will cut a deal and exchange a minor immigration enforcement provision for  one or more major illegal aliens amnesties.  What is unknown is how the Covid-19 crisis will affect immigration related bill in the US Congress or the Biden administration's plan to negotiate at least a widespread amnesty.


Video: What Politicians in opposition to U.S. Border Security don't want you to know! 




When will the political progressive socialists at PBS put together a balanced panel?

Taxpayers should not be funding the PBS' staff' political advocacy.



Illegal Aliens continued to flood over US border in 2020

Over 1,000,000+ illegals aliens have invaded US 2018!

    White House comment line: 202-456-1111

Switchboard: 202-456-1414


Action Priorities:

1) Stop illegal aliens from crossing the US Border.

 2) Support complete enforcement of US immigration laws; and

3) No More Amnesties! (Including any so-called foreign national DREAMER DACA Amnesty deals.  Why? Because history demonstrates any Amnesty encourages more illegal migration.

4) Encourage the President to close the number of Mexican Consulates in the US by 1/2.  Much of the activity of these consulates is to lobby for changes in US policy to aid Mexican nationals illegally in the U.S.

The Trump administration reversed some of Obama's damaging immigration policies.  But many remain substantially unchanged.  For example:

1. Enforcement has expanded but continues to be too limited in scope. 

2. Obama's PEP program is still in operation, limiting enforcement generally to only a small population of illegal aliens. Although it is important to remove the worst criminal aliens, there must be consistent enforcement applied to ALL illegal aliens if enforcement is to be a deterrent.

3.  Unaccompanied minors from Latin and Central America still continue to illegally enter the US.  Judicial Watch reported that DHS is also still  transporting these illegal aliens (some of whom may work for the drug cartels) at taxpayer expense on commercial flights into the interior of the U.S.  This has encouraged even more Central Americans and others from around the world to ignore our immigration laws and enter the US without permission or examination as required by law.

4. The number of U.S. cities providing some level of sanctuary for illegal aliens is now over 500. View the  Sanctuary Cities List here.

5. The flow of new illegal alien arrivals has returned or is surpassing to the levels that occurred during the Obama administration. 

6. Mexico continues to allow Mexican and other foreign migrants from Central America (and elsewhere) to illegally enter the U.S. via the US/Mexican border.

What else can the public do today and this week?

(Call the U.S. Capitol switchboard toll free):

Contact the White House and your member of the US Congress and choose what to say from the list below:

1. You oppose any further delay in ending Obama's Unconstitutional Deferred Action for Childhood  Arrivals (DACA) program which is now the Trump unconstitutional DACA program. 

2. You oppose any so-called DREAMER amnesty!

3. You oppose "comprehensive immigration reform," a/k/a/  general  Amnesty for all illegal aliens in the US.

4. You oppose the US DHS helping unaccompanied minors into the US.  You want the minors immediately repatriated or returned over any border from which they entered the US.

5. You oppose chain migration and the visa lottery.

 6. You support enhanced and aggressive interior and border enforcement, including funding for staff and infrastructure.

7. You support former President Trump's immigration enforcement executive orders, including federal funding cuts for sanctuary cities.

8. Call your city, county and state officials. Ask them to contact members of Congress and President Biden and request immediate and aggressive enforcement of existing immigration laws.

9. Call your members of Congress and ask the to support the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act.

10. Encourage President Biden to close down one-half of the existing Mexican consulates in the U.S. These consulates are not necessary and their primary function is to aid and abet Mexican nationals illegally residing in our nation.

11.  Support mandatory E-Verify.

More Actions you can take now:

1) Go to the local Congressional district office to oppose Amnesty.

2) Ask if your Congressperson has scheduled any town-hall meetings in your area.  If so, go to the meeting and ask your representative to oppose Amnesty and demand that immigration laws be enforced.

3)  Call your Congressperson's  Washington D.C. office--tell the staffer that you are a district voter and support aggressive immigration law enforcement and oppose ANY form of Amnesty!

4) Write letters to the editors for local, state, and national newspapers.

5) Call  talk-radio shows.

6) Make yourself  a pro-enforcement/no amnesty sign with poster board and markers.  Place it in your yard or hold it at a busy intersection in your town.

(Call the U.S. Capitol switchboard toll free):




Call your state representative and state senator and ask them what they are doing to rid Ohio of illegal aliens.

Illegal Aliens break up thousands of American families every year...by killing them.

A vigil held for Grant Ronnebeck, 21, by family and friends.  Grant was murdered by an illegal alien who wanted to steal a pack of cigarettes. Who is actually responsible for breaking up families?

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) wanted to be president. 

We don't mean to put words into U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown's mouth...but Senator Brown should have as much compassion for American citizens as he has for illegal aliens. 

Millions of American families are devastated by the criminal acts of illegal aliens.  Crimes such as identity theft, job theft--leaving Ohio workers unemployed, drug trafficking, and murder, are all too common.

Has Senator Brown sponsored even one bill to crackdown on illegal immigration during his many years in office?  No.  In fact, Senator Brown has voted against legislation that would stop illegal migration.  Brown has instead supported granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. 

Yes, justice should be tempered with compassion.  But when compassion is one-sided and American victims are left to fend for themselves, it's just wrong!


opposing terrorism and islamic "civilization jihad" is common sense...not an unreasonable fear (phobia).

What's the evidence?  Start here:

Holy Land Foundation Trial

Holy Land Foundation Convictions

Discover The Networks HLF Summary


Have you heard of VOICE?

VOICE is the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement office. It was established by President Trump to aide American families who have been victimized by illegal aliens.  The office will help keep victims' families get access to information about their family member's case, including information about the alien defendant. 



Immigration status is relevant to crime.

Journalists, please report and not omit the legal status of aliens' illegally living or working in the U.S. in violation of federal law.


Nineteen years after September 11th...
Thousands of Americans Continue to be Killed and Injured by Illegal Aliens.
And Churches, Public Officials & "Social Justice" Groups Stay Silent!

It has been over 19 years since September 11, 2001. Too many U.S. public officials continue to oppose common sense measures to protect the U.S. border and conduct aggressive interior immigration enforcement.  Voters demonstrated their frustration with the disastrous immigration policies of the Obama administration and candidate Hillary Clinton's promise to continue down the same destructive path.

Hillary Clinton openly supported a massive amnesty policy and other open-border policies that would have continued the erosion of U.S. sovereignty and encouraged an even greater flow of illegal aliens, illegal narcotics, and terrorists into our villages, cities, counties and states.  Joe Biden, the Democratic Party's nominee for President in 2020 is promising much of the same.

President Trump uniquely supported immigration law enforcement during his 2016 campaign, although at times in vague terms.  Mr. Trump clearly said that illegal alien criminals will be deported if he was elected.  Some have been deported but due to still inadequate border security and lack of severe punishment for returning to the US, many criminals soon illegally re-enter the US.  The Trump administration has also yet to make even a dent in the 10-20+ million illegal aliens in the US who violated U.S. immigration laws (and perhaps other criminal statutes but have not been caught and prosecuted).

After reading President Trump's Executive Orders regarding border and interior enforcement, I was cautiously optimistic that ALL illegal aliens will be subject to potential detention and deportation.   However the President has flip-flopped on DACA and has encouraged Congress to pass an illegal alien DREAMER Amnesty.  The Trump administration has also continued  President Obama's Priority Enforcement Program policy which excludes most illegal aliens from likely enforcement action.  That being said, a positive is that  federal immigration agents have seemingly have been given more authority to determine if an illegal alien should be placed into deportation proceedings.

President Trump did much more to enforce US immigration laws and secure the US Border than Hillary Clinton would have or Joe Biden will as President.  President Trump enforcement initiatives encountered massive opposition.  Strong resistance has come from progressive Democrats, establishment Republicans,  one-world government globalists, and numerous and well funded open-border non-profits groups.  The passage of any effective legislative enforcement solutions is impossible due to the stalemate in Congress.  The federal judiciary has also become so politically polarized, plaintiffs shop for friendly  judges to obtain the desired court order, no matter how the US Constitution actually reads.

What can you do?

Call the U.S. Capitol  toll free:

 1-866-220-0044 Say:

1. YES to Immigration Law Enforcement and timely deportation of immigration law violators.

2. YES to the immediate repatriation of any foreign national that has violated U.S. immigration laws.  This is the "attrition by enforcement" policy. (When illegal foreign nationals understand that the US will enforce its immigration laws, unauthorized aliens will leave on their own, "self-deport," rather than wait for inevitable incarceration and deportation.)

3. YES to mandatory E-Verify.

4. YES to legislation that cuts federal funds for Sanctuary Cities violating federal immigration laws.

5. NO Amnesty for any foreign national that has violated U.S. immigration laws!

6. NO to the resettlement of illegal aliens in the U.S. or their reclassification as "refugees."

7. NO additional resettlement of potentially dangerous "refugees" in our communities.



OJJPAC founder Steve Salvi discussing U.S. immigration policy on Fox News.

50 reasons why ending illegal immigration would be good for you and the USA!

 Click here to read and print the reasons!


Calling Congress?  Click here for a printable 1 page sample phone call script!


Uncommon common sense in Congress

Credibility in immigration policy can be summed up in one sentence: 

"Those who should get in, get in; those who should be kept out, are kept out; and those who should not be here will be required to leave."

--Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, February 24, 1995      




Don't let another child be victimized by an illegal alien 

Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial

RIP ~ Mackenzie J. Maddox, 6


 OJJPAC's Ohio Illegal Immigration News Archive

Click here!




Sanctuary Cities, USA list 

 Is your city selling-out America?

Is your city a sanctuary city?  Take a look at this list of U.S. sanctuary cities compiled by OJJPAC.org.  Let's shorten the sanctuary city list by protesting until these resolutions, ordinances and executive orders are repealed.  To view the Sanctuary Cities, USA list, click here:  Sanctuary Cities, USA



 When someone says  they support "comprehensive immigration reform," what does that mean?  

"Comprehensive immigration reform" = AMNESTY 

AMNESTY = "Comprehensive immigration reform"

It doesn't mean change...it means the same failed 1986 amnesty legislation that became law and made a bad problem worse--increasing illegal immigration from 3 to over 12 million (actually closer to 20 million +) and costing thousands of American lives and trillions in tax dollars.





Former Congressman and Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret.) and Steve Salvi, Founder, Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC.



 March participants believe that unemployed American   workers should not have to compete for scarce jobs with 11+ million Illegal foreign workers.


If you think all Evangelicals support Amnesty, they don't. Check out this link:




Video: This union leader of a federal law enforcement agency (ICE) explains how the Obama administration purposely undermined federal immigration law enforcement during his eight years in office.


Click below to visit the Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial:


Click "STOP" in graphic below for Ohio Action Alert!




     Steve Salvi, Founder                         Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC

OJJPAC's Abolish O.C.H.L.A. Project!

Q.) What Ohio Commission is using your tax dollars to support illegal aliens?

A.) The Ohio Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs (OCHLA).

Help defund and sunset this rogue state ethnocentric commission that wastes tax $$$, advocates for illegal aliens, and works against Ohio's citizens!

Click here to go to the Abolish OLCHA action page!


Hazleton Mayor: Immigration law could aid city budget

Round 2: U.S. Appeals Court  rehears Hazleton vs. ACLU illegal alien ordinance fight

Amnesty huckster Rep. Laura Richardson, (D-CA), a.k.a. "Race card Richardson," in happier days with her Cuban Communist comrade Fidel Castro.

According to The Hill, the U.S. House of Representatives Ethics Committee found Richardson guilty of improperly pressuring her official staff to campaign for her, destroying evidence and tampering with witness testimony. Not surprising when you understand how leftists do business.

What's her punishment?  A $10,000 fine.  Big deal.

I wrote the below commentary 10 years ago...but it is still relevant today...with billions in additional taxpayer expense!

Stealing from American Families

Costs of granting U.S. birthright citizenship to children of illegal aliens:

Survey concludes that 320,000 children born in the U.S. had illegal alien parents in 2008

Read story here.

OJJPAC note:  The cost to U.S. taxpayers just for K-12 education for 320,000 U.S. born children is approximately $38.4 billion dollars! 

The additional cost of educating the millions of children brought illegally into the U.S. by their parents takes away billions of dollars more from American families who are already facing hard financial times.  Is this situation unfair and unjust?  Yes--which is why the public demands enforcement of our immigration laws.

Calculation process:  Average cost per pupil is roughly $10,000 per year multiplied by 12 years (K-12th grade) = $120,000 x 320,000 students = $38.4 billion.

The Islamic Center of Cleveland

The controversial Council on American Islamic Relations' (CAIR) Ohio Chapter sponsored an interfaith Ramadan dinner July 28,2012 at the Islamic Center of Cleveland. The keynote speaker was Saeed A. Kahn, a professor at Wayne State University.  Kahn teaches several courses, including Islamic and Middle History, Islamic civilizations, and History of Islamic Political Thought according to the program. 

Controversy over CAIR became public when it was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in a federal government case against a U.S. based Islamic charity called The Holy Land Foundation of Relief & Development.  An appeals court later ruled that the government should not have made some of the information about CAIR and others public.

A federal investigation alleged that the Holy Land Foundation was raising money for Hamas, which had been designated as a terrorist organization in 1995.

The Federal Bureau  of Investigation (FBI) provided testimony that there was a relationship between the founders of CAIR, CAIR, and an organization called the Palestinian Committee. The Palestinian Committee the FBI maintained, via seized documents, was connected to Hamas.

The Islamic Center of Cleveland is also no stranger to controversy.  It's former Imam, Imam Fawas Damra, a Palestinian immigrant, was deported to the West Bank in 2007 after he was found guilty of concealing his ties to terrorist groups when he filed his application to emigrate to the U.S.

According to CAIR's Mission statement, CAIR's purpose is to enhance understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.


U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown says Ohio citizens that support the Tea Party are angry with the USA

Read Sherrod Brown's opinion article here.


The Tea Party is nothing more than Ohio voters--fathers, mothers, and grandparents that love the USA and don't want socialist politicians like you to continue to support socialist policies that are bankrupting our communities,  state and nation.



While Senator Sherrod Brown continues to support Amnesty and the spending of billions of your tax dollars to fund illegal aliens in the United States...

Americans are losing their jobs and going hungry...


Click the "Welcome Dayton" graphic below to learn the secret plan to become a Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens!



Is the global economy inducing global government?

Are Americans allowing the so-called "global economy" to move US public policy towards the acceptance of a global government and diminished (if not eliminated) US sovereignty?  Are we being conditioned to accept less self-determination and more control of our lives by foreign interests inside and outside our borders? 

After a decade of research, the answer appears to be yes--and that should worry every American who takes the protections afforded by our Constitution for granted.   There is certainly the threat that the youth of today will grow old in a vastly changed nation if we remain on the same policy pathway.



Steven C. González
  Illegal Alien Advocate

Washington Voters...will you now elect a likely biased ethnocentric justice?

The Corruption of the U.S. Judicial System:

Illegal Alien supporter appointed to Washington State Supreme Court

Gonzalez's Washington State Supreme Court bio here.  1-17-12

Is Gonzalez a biased ethnocentric?

Gonzalez served as an editor of the La Raza Law Journal at Berkeley, opposed AZ 1070, supported Amnesty for illegal migrants while on the Washington State "Access to Justice Board."  This is what the La Raza Law Journal's mission statement says in part:

 "...help Latina/o law students and our allies become better advocates for social justice, self-determination, and liberation in the United States..."

Who does Justice Gonzalez believe needs to be liberated in the USA?


What is 287g?


A sign greets visitor to Hazleton and Greater Hazleton, Pennsylvania. 


 ©2006-2011 Salvi Communications. All rights reserved.

Another Illegal Alien Suspect In Hazleton, PA Murder

By Steve Salvi

Hazleton, PA-- A drive into Hazleton treats the town visitor to spectacular views of Pennsylvania's mountain landscapes.  Unfortunately, the streets of Hazleton are less tranquil according to long-time residents dismayed by increasing crime--punctuated by reports of last weeks murder of Cesar Robles.

One resident directed me to the intersection of Green and Wyoming, in which he stated four people have been murdered there over the past few years.

Another life-long resident said that Hazleton used to be a great place to raise a family until the "infiltrators" [illegal aliens] began to move to Hazleton during the 1990's and kept coming--resulting in an increase in gang activity, illegal narcotics trafficking, and crime.   Story to be continued...



Left to right: Former congressman  Louis J. Barletta and Steve Salvi, Founder of Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC.  OJJPAC file photo.

Mayor to Congressman, Barletta fought for Hazleton's citizens

By Steve Salvi, OJJPAC.org

Former mayor and congressman Louis J. Barletta believes that the United States is the greatest nation on Earth and is a place where people's dreams can come true--and he wants to keep it that way.

As mayor of Hazleton, a small city in Pennsylvania,  Barletta had first-hand knowledge of the  numerous problems that  illegal migration brought to local communities.

While Barletta welcomed legal immigrants to Hazleton, he witnessed illegal aliens taking advantage of his community by draining resources, displacing native workers, and engaging in criminal activities--including illegal drugs and murder.

In order to maintain the quality of life that residents in Hazleton had grown to expect, the mayor supported city ordinances that would make it more difficult for illegal aliens to settle in Hazleton.

With Mayor Barletta's support, the City of Hazleton passed two ordinances.  Ordinance 2006-13, known as the Rental Registration Ordinance, which requires renters to apply for an occupancy permit and include proof of legal residency.  Ordinance 2006-18, known as the Illegal Immigration Relief Act, prohibits persons or businesses in Hazleton from harboring or employing illegal aliens.

However, soon after the ordinances were passed,  they were challenged in federal court by the ACLU of Pennsylvania (and its Immigrants' Rights Project), the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund, the Community Justice Project, Cozen O'Connor, and several area attorneys.

 The plaintiffs' argued that the city was violating the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution and peoples' due process and equal protection rights.

In July, 2007, District Court Judge James Munley ruled that Hazleton's two ordinances were unconstitutional and issued a restraining order prohibiting the city from enforcing the ordinances. 

 The city of Hazleton responded by appealing Judge Munley's decision in the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals.  Barletta also established a legal defense fund to help collecting private donations  to defray the city's mounting legal bills.

In September, 2010, the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals upheld  District Court Judge Munley's decision, citing a number of constitutional problems with the ordinances--including that Hazleton's ordinances would preempt federal law--specifically the Immigration Reform and Control Act and the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Not surprised that the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the lower District Court, Barletta maintained the the ordinances were constitutional and promised to appeal the 3rd Circuit Court's order.

U.S. Supreme Court Vacates Order

In June, 2011, soon after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a similar case to Hazelton's ( U.S. Chamber of Commerce vs. Whiting), the Court vacated and remanded the 3rd Circuit Appellate Court's decision against Hazleton.

In August, 2011, the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals vacated its Hazleton decision.  The Appellate Court will now  review updated briefs by those parties supporting and opposing Hazleton's ordinances and set a date for oral argument prior to releasing another decision.


                      Over 8 year ago... 8-4-11 Jobs Protest:   Fresh Mark,  Inc. 

                        by Steve Salvi, Founder, Ohio Jobs & Justice

Salem, Ohio -- Citizens concerned with the fairness of the hiring practices of a large meat processing plant in Salem, Ohio, rallied outside the plant's gate with signs and banners Wednesday.  The protest was sponsored by the Ohio Valley Tea Party and the Campaign for Liberty.

Former and current employees at Fresh Mark, Inc., allege that Fresh Mark is increasingly hiring Mexican and Guatemalan labor rather than American workers from Columbiana and surrounding counties.

A call to Fresh Mark's corporate office requesting statistics on the makeup of the Salem plant's labor force was not returned.

One current worker (who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of losing his job), estimated that Hispanic workers comprise 50% percent of first shift workers; with even a larger percentage of Mexican and Guatemalan workers' working second and third shifts at the Salem plant.

According to census figures, Hispanics comprise only 0.6% percent of the population in Salem and 1.17% in Columbiana County, Ohio. 

If the whistleblower's statistics are accurate, it begs the question why the Fresh Mark workforce does not even remotely reflect the racial/ethnic makeup of the community and region.

Salem's residents appear to agree with that something is wrong at the Fresh Mark plant--as

 almost every passing vehicle had someone waving, beeping their horn in support, or giving a thumbs-up gesture to the protesting citizens.

The most disturbing allegation made by several different people at the protest was that Hispanic children also work at the plant.   One current employee of Fresh Mark stated that he has spoken to a Hispanic worker who admitted to being 15-years-old.  It was alleged by another person that when regulators visit the plant, some of the workers are hidden away until they leave.

According to  a recent news article in the Salem News, a Fresh Mark spokesperson stated that its hiring practices are in full compliance with federal law and that it uses the E-Verify program to screen new hires for authorization to work in the United States.

However, a recent government sponsored report concluded that the E-Verify program fails to identify over half of illegal alien workers because they are using stolen valid Social Security numbers.


Documentary on illegal immigration!

By Jerry Misner and Stan Wald


  The Obama administration's  Prosecutorial discretion memorandum = Massive Illegal Alien Amnesty

Read memorandum here.




The purposeful

dismantling and destruction

of the USA

Are aging 60's and 70's radicals now finalizing their Cloward-Piven Strategy after taking control of well funded non-profits and positions in local, state, and federal government over the past 40 years?

What is the Cloward-Piven Strategy?  Read an op-ed piece here.

Who are Mr. Cloward and Mr. Piven ?  Wikipedia entry for:  Richard A. Cloward        Wikipedia entry for: Frances Fox Piven

(Note:  Wikipedia is not an authoritative source.  For general informational purposes only.  Please do your own additional research on Cloward and Piven and what became know as their strategy.)


Hispanic/Latino ethnocentrism:

The Tequila Party

    Hispanic/Latino ethnocentric groups have become so frustrated with the Democratic Party's failure to pass an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens (the majority of which are Hispanic/Latino) they have been contemplating the formation of their own ethnic political party.  A May, 2011 Christian Science Monitor story indicates that supporters of the Tequila Party concept are already organizing for the 2012 presidential election.

     The truth behind the failure of Democrats to fulfill the quid pro quo bid for Latino votes is that the American public overwhelmingly oppose rewarding people who broke U.S. law with amnesty and citizenship. Unlike Hispanic/Latino cultures where corruption is  rampant and the rule of law does not exist, Americans overwhelmingly understand and support the rule of law.     The Democrats in Congress as a result could not get the votes in Congress to pass an amnesty.

     How corrupt are Hispanic/Latino nations?

This website lists nations by degree of corruption This website is of unknown validity.  Please do your own research.



Immigration and Customs Enforcement Programs:


Read about the program here.


A little know fact regarding the U.S. Selective Service System:

Illegal aliens must register!

From the Selective Service System website:


Selective Service does not collect any information which would indicate whether or not you are undocumented. You want to protect yourself for future U.S. citizenship and other government benefits and programs by registering with Selective Service. Do it today.

If you are a man ages 18 through 25 and living in the U.S., then you must register with Selective Service. It’s the law. According to law, a man must register with Selective Service within 30 days of his 18th birthday. Selective Service will accept late registrations but not after a man has reached age 26. You may be denied benefits or a job if you have not registered. You can register at any U.S. Post Office and do not need a social security number. When you do obtain a social security number, let Selective Service know. Provide a copy of your new social security number card; being sure to include your complete name, date of birth, Selective Service registration number, and current mailing address; and mail to the Selective Service System, P.O. Box 94636, Palatine, IL 60094-4636.

Read who must register for the Selective Service System here.


Celebrating U.S. Cultural Diversity Series:

Female Genital Mutilation 

Questions for your cultural diversity study group: Since many Ethiopian immigrants living in the U.S. continue to quietly practice their culture of  female genital  mutilation in the shadows of our communities, should Congress make female mutilation legal so immigrants can have the ritual cutting, stitching, and binding performed in hospitals?  Should Medicare,  Medicaid, or other taxpayer funded program pay for the procedure if an immigrant family is too poor to pay for the surgery?  Discuss.

With the unprecedented influx of millions of legal and illegal immigrants into the United States, many new and diverse cultural practices are being celebrated in our communities across the United States. One new practice is female genital mutilation.

The U.S. Department of State reports that in Ethiopia, it is culturally encouraged to mutilate a female's genitals.  In fact, in a study of 65 of the country's 80 ethnic groups, over 70% of the female population had some form of female genital mutilation.  The practice also take place in 27 other  African countries. Many immigrants continue the mutilation practice in the U.S.

Here is one female genital mutilation cultural practice:  Type III

Type III is the excision (removal) of part or all of the external genitalia (clitoris, labia minora and labia majora) and stitching or narrowing of the vaginal opening, leaving a very small opening, about the size of a matchstick, to allow for the flow of urine and menstrual blood. The girl or woman's legs are then bound together from the hip to the ankle so she remains immobile for approximately 40 days to allow for the formation of scar tissue. [OJJPAC note: In the U.S. we call this torture, for them it's a normal behavior.]

More information can be found here!


Child Development, Inc. (CDI)

 $15,600 per child per year for "early childhood education."


So why are so many kids failing in school?


Get educated about Fusion Centers!

What are fusion centers?

State of Ohio Fusion Center

Northeast Ohio's Regional Fusion Center website

The fusion centers need to be monitored to make sure they are not fed false reports by the SPLC, MALDF, LULAC, and ACLU, with the purpose to discredit American patriot groups who support enforcement of existing immigration laws as well as other issues which are supported by the majority of the U.S. public.  It's not comforting to know that Ohio's discredited former public safety director under former Governor Strickland had been a key member of Ohio's fusion center.


Legislators want Supreme Court to review 14th Amendment citizenship clause

Many Thousands of foreign nationals are having babies in U.S. to obtain U.S. citizenship

Read the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution text here.

OJJPAC position (generally):  The citizenship of a child should not be based on the nation in which the child is born.  A child's citizenship should be based on the citizenship of the parents. 


Q) Why do mainstream media outlets continually exaggerate the importance of the so-called Latino vote? Here is an example.

A) The media hopes to encourage non-Latino voters (the vast majority of the electorate) to accept as inevitable, eventual Hispanic control of the USA.  Therefore, in order to gain favor with our future masters, it is wise to join them in supporting amnesty for millions of illegal alien Latinos.

The reality:  Latinos as a group are of minor importance in comparison to the non-Latino vote. 



Dem Coalition Rally on the National Mall in Washington D.C. in GOTV effort; Push Amnesty agenda to shore up Hispanic support

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8-28-10 Hope, Faith, & Charity Restoring Honor Rally  Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. -- Hundreds of thousands of people converged on the Mall in Washington, D.C. for the Hope, Faith, and Charity, Restoring Honor Rally on August 28th.

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Troubled Shore Bank update:

 Shore Bank Corp. to become Urban Partnership Bank

Read story here.

OJJPAC note:  Something continues to stink at the Chicago shore--and it may involve millions of your tax dollars. Could it be that Obama's old Chicago gang is "shoring-up" its Shore Bank cronies with more federal funds? Does Shore Bank have the intension of continuing its failed lending and operational policies--just under a different name?  Urban Partnership Bank?  Why don't they just call it "Social Justice Bank?" 

More mischief from Obama's Chicago gang:

Shore Bank.

While other so-called journalists and investigative reporters sleep...

Radio Talk Show Host Glenn Beck Investigates Shore Bank

 Faltering Shore Bank (with numerous ties to Obama's Chicago gang) allegedly got $35 million in stimulus funds

It appears that Obama and his supporters are using "green" policy, the federal treasury, and non profits, to create schemes to enrich themselves and at the same time push their socialist agenda.  That would explain why so many of Obama's supporters were telling the American people that the earth was overheating.  Climategate took much of the wind out their hysterical predictions as the public learned that the climate data used to back their claims had been fudged by now discredited scientists.  ~ Steve Salvi, Founder, OJJPAC.org


Racism Industry Review News:

Hispanic Illegal Aliens accuse some African-Americans of committing hate crimes in New York town

Read AP story here.

Will Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton chime in on this story?


Celebrating U.S. Cultural Diversity Series:

Woman to be lashed for not wearing a headscarf in a photograph and stoned for adultery

Questions for your cultural diversity study group:

 Should U.S. public and corporate diversity programs support and protect  the cultural practice of Iranian  immigrants regarding women wearing headscarves for photographs?  Should the U.S. Congress legislate special provisions allowing Iranian immigrants to  stone people if they commit adultery since it is their custom?

If the U.S. fails to allow Iranian immigrants to to punish people according to their law or customs, does that make the U.S. intolerant to other cultures or perhaps racist?

How does the Iranian culture benefit Americans?  (Please list five examples how Iranian culture contributes to our great melting pot.)

If diversity is our goal, should the U.S. embrace Iranian culture and adopt their criminal penal code which would greatly diversify punishment options and acts that would be classified as crimes?  Why or why not?  Explain.

Culture clash

With the unprecedented influx of millions of legal and illegal immigrants into the United States, many new and diverse cultural practices are now being "celebrated" in the United States.

Iranians for example have strict rules regarding the wearing of headscarves and adultery.  One woman reportedly got a sentence of 99 lashes for her "indecency" for getting photographed without her headscarf.  The same woman was sentenced to dealth by stoning for adultery.

The death sentence has reportedly been suspended due to international political pressure on the Iranian government.

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Want to know more about stoning?  Here is a stop stoning website by Amnesty International.


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