OJJPAC: Benefits of Ending Illegal Immigration

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  • Drug smuggling, distribution, trafficking, dealing, and use. Money laundering of profits.

  • :Human smuggling, child and adult sex slave trade, prostitution, and pedophilia. Identity theft. The theft of identities of U.S. citizens, including children, by illegal aliens. 

  • Fraud: visa fraud, marriage fraud, Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, Social Security fraud, food stamp fraud, tax fraud, driver’s license fraud, mortgage fraud, and real estate fraud.

  • Gang violence (i.e., MS 13), resulting in the injury and death of thousands of Americans each year.

  • Drunk driving which needlessly kills and maims thousands of Americans.

  • Black-market weapons and ammunition trafficking. Weapons are used against U.S. law enforcement.

  • Every type of violent crime, including home invasions, rape, robbery, kidnapping, and murder.


  • Give credibility to US immigration law, now considered a joke around the world.

  • Prevent illegal alien migration from manipulating the number of congressional districts states get after a census . Affects the outcome of presidential elections and dilutes the vote of citizens.

  • Immigration courts won’t be so backlogged, including savings from fewer need of interpreters

  • Vote fraud reduction

  • Aliens that apply to legally immigrate to the US will have their cases processed more quickly.

  • Demonstrate that immigrants must assimilate and comply with US laws.

  • Reduce racism and claims of racism.

  • End sanctuary policies-- in which public officials’ illegally protect immigration law violators.

  • Prevents illegal aliens with allegiances to foreign powers from further manipulating our local, state and federal governments, subverting the American peoples’ right to sovereignty and self-determination.


  • Billions spent on providing services to illegal aliens could be saved or spent on needy American citizens.

  • Taxpayers will save billions by not having to give free education to people in the U.S. illegally. (Approximate K-12 cost to US taxpayer: $100,000-$170,000 per illegal alien student.)

  • Taxpayers will save billions in Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security benefits, including fraud.

  • Taxpayers will save billion in costs to jail tens of thousands of illegal alien felons who commit a variety of serious crimes against US citizens (see list of crimes above).

  • Less downward pressure on wage rates; fewer Americans displaced from jobs by illegal aliens.

  • Prevent the bankruptcy of more hospitals due to illegal aliens receiving free medical care.

  • Reduce healthcare costs for Americans since illegal alien care costs won’t be passed on to "payers."

  • Billions saved in direct and indirect costs of reduced drug smuggling and drug use.

  • Cities will be relieved from the financial burden of absorbing millions of uneducated and unskilled illegal. aliens that will require lifelong taxpayer supported social services.


  • Help prevent Latin American drug cartels and terrorists from entering and operating within the U.S.

  • Help stop the proliferation of extremely violent and armed gangs that are willing to assist terrorists.

  • Prevent terrorists from obtaining access to sensitive U.S. military bases and installations by posing as illegal aliens working for government subcontractors.

  • Help identify and arrest foreign agents involved in corporate or government espionage and the illegal transfer of U.S. military or nuclear technology, parts, or material.

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