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Arizona 1070 Archive

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U.S. Supreme Court releases Arizona 1070 opinion

Legal status check inquiries OKed; other enforcement provisions responsibility of feds

Read Washington Times story here.


Left to right: Congressman Louis J. Barletta (former Mayor of Hazelton, PA) and Steve Salvi, Founder of Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC. (OJJPAC file photo)

U.S. Supreme Court Decisions:

 Supremes order Fed Appeals Court to rethink its opinion on Hazleton illegal alien ordinance

     In light of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in favor of Arizonaís illegal alien hiring sanctions law, the Supreme Court has now ordered the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to rethink its decision against the City of Hazeltonís Illegal Immigration Relief Act.  The city ordinance provided for penalties to businesses that hired illegal labor and landlords that provided housing to illegal aliens.

     Steve Salvi, Founder of Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC, stated that the U.S. Supreme Courts order was a good dose of legal common sense given that the federal government has failed to perform its constitutional duty to adequately enforce existing immigration laws. "If the federal government won't do its job, local and state governments have no choice but to use their legal authority to fill the enforcement void to protect their citizens and local economies." said Salvi.