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The Mexican Matricula Consular ID

Mexican government markets its fraudulent ID in Ohio and other States in order to keep its nationals illegally in the U.S.

Some cities and county governments in Ohio have passed formal Resolutions giving recognition to the Mexican Matricula Consular ID card (MCC). 

However, MCC ID's are not verifiable identification and pose a serious threat to law enforcement, your personal security and our national security. 

The Mexican government's sole purpose for distributing the modern MCC is to help Mexican nationals who are illegally living in the U.S. to remain in the U.S. so they can continue to work and send billions of dollars back to Mexico.

Mexico is not concerned that the MCC's are also used by its citizens as well as other foreign nationals to create aliases in order to engage in a number of criminal activities, including drug distribution, ID theft, murder, prostitution, money laundering, and potentially terrorism.

To learn more about the MCC, read the information below.


Learn why OJJPAC opposes the acceptance of Mexican Matricula Consular ID cards as valid identification:


Click here for Steve Salvi's testimony.


Stop the fraudulent Mexican Matricula Consular in Ohio NOW!

Important OJJPAC notice!  The Mexican government is handing out Matricula Consular ID cards to illegal aliens in Ohio.

OJJPAC became aware of this phony ID give-away to illegal aliens via a State of Ohio website. [Yes, these idiots are helping illegals get fraudulent ID's so they can more easily live and take jobs away from unemployed Ohio men and women who are trying to feed their children.].

What disgraceful Ohio agency is wasting your tax money to support illegal aliens in Ohio?  Not surprisingly it is the Ohio Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs.   Click here to see the stupidity for yourself.                           OJJPAC ACTION ALERT!!!

Call  governor Kasich and your state senator and representative and demand that the Ohio Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs stop supporting the release of more fraudulent Matricula Consular ID's in Ohio.  These ID's hamper U.S. national security efforts and put your family and law enforcement at risk from the criminals who will obtain these phony ID's.   

The only people who need these phony ID cards are terrorists and illegal aliens.


Ohioans protest the Mexican Government's distribution of fraudulent ID's to Mexican illegal aliens at St. Mary's Church in Painesville, Ohio

Call Lake County Commissioners and ask them to repeal the Resolution they passed in support of accepting the fraudulent Mexican Matricula ID cards that the Mexican government distributes to illegal aliens in Ohio and elsewhere in the U.S.

Dan Troy (D) 440-350-2745 (Sponsored resolution)

Bob Aufuldish (D) 440-350-2745

Ray Sines (R) 440-350-2745


In 2005 the County Commissioners in Lucas County, Ohio passed a Resolution in support of accepting the fraudulent Mexican Matricula Consular ID

Read a 2005 La Prensa article written after a Resolution was passed.