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Protect American Jobs and Labor Force!

Dispelling the myth that illegal aliens only do jobs Americans won't do.

(Scroll down for examples in which American workers have been displaced by illegal alien labor)

Some businesses claim they can't find American workers. Really? Then why are companies deluged with hundreds if not thousands of resumes and applications from U.S. citizens for even low paying jobs?   Read this archived 2007 Columbus Dispatch article saved by Community Resource Partners to find out what may really be happening!

More links to news articles that destroy the "Americans won't do those jobs" myth.

 New 7-Eleven Crackdown Stems From Long Island ICE Busts, North Fork Patch, 1-11-18

Novi restaurateur  gets 9 months for deaths of 5 undocumented immigrant employees, 1-5-18

7th person charged in teen forced labor case at Ohio egg farm, News-Herald, 12-28-17

Mexican Citizen Sentenced For Immigration Fraud, US Attorney, Northern District, New York, 7-28-17

Woman Pleads Guilty in Probe of Illegal Labor at Dairy Farms, Ag Web, 7-10-17

ICE, DHS raid local business in Refugio, KRIS TV-6, 2-21-17

Saga Restaurant Owner Harbored Illegal Aliens, U.S. Attorney, Western District of PA, 5-2-17

The Replacements, by Ben Popper, The Verge, 4-20-17

Jacksonville Woman Pleads Guilty To Smuggling Mexican National Into The United States For Purposes Of Forced Labor And Surrogacy, US Attorney, Middle District of Florida, 3-27-17

Carnival Cruise Line forces fired employees to train foreign replacements, RT News, 12-14-16

Exclusive--American Worker Forced To Train Foreign Replacement Reveals How Hillary Clinton Betrayed Him, Breitbart, 10-15-16

Leader of Human Trafficking Organization Sentenced to Over 15 Years for Exploiting Guatemalan Migrants at Ohio Egg Farms, By U.S. Department Of Justice New Release, 6-27-16

2 Kansas-area roofing business owners, employee indicted for labor trafficking, ICE News Release, 6-14-16

Displaced American STEM Workers Spur Senate Hearing, Science Magazine, 3-3-16

Disney Workers Forced To Train Their Foreign Replacements, Fox Business, 3-1-16

Columbus woman admits that she forced Guatemalan laborers to work on egg farms, By Cleveland Plain Dealer, 3-1-18

Mac couple from India arrested in alien employment case, By Office of the U.S. Attorney, District of Kansas. 6-24-15

Displaced American Workers Sue DHS Over Work Permit Expansion, By Rachel Stoltfooz, Daily Caller, 4-24-15

 Four Akron residents indicted for conspiring to harbor undocumented workers and hire them at restaurant, US Attorney, Northern District of Ohio, 5-30-15

Hotel owner sentenced for profiting from undocumented workers, CJonline, Topeka, KS, 2-17-15

5-28-14 Charges dismissed against former IHOP consultant, The Blade, Toledo, Ohio

5-21-14 Peregrine Falcon Case Leads To Larger Illegal Alien Coverup Case on Girard Point Bridge CBS News, Philadelphia,   Company allegedly illegally hired illegal aliens with unknown backgrounds to repair a bridge in PA and then allegedly attempted to coverup the crime. 

3-19-15 Kansas drywall contractor and 5 others indicted in $13 million illegal alien conspiracy,  ICE News Release, Dept. of Homeland Security

3-14-13 Judge approves settlement in lawsuit involving [the hiring of] illegal immigrants [aliens]

7-27-12 Fight over immigrant firings, New York Times  OJJPAC note:  How was this company able to hire so many illegal aliens in the first place?  Why isn't the U.S. Department of Labor investigating why U.S. citizens were not hired for these jobs rather than conspiring with DHS leaders to hog-tie immigration law enforcement actions?  Why did DHS back off enforcement after so-called "labor leaders" called them to complain?

1-6-11 Siblings charged in human-trafficking probe Nail-salon fraud, identity theft tied to immigrant labor, By Alan Johnson, The Columbus Dispatch, 1-6-11


ID Fraud puts Americans out of work:

Alleged illegal alien woman arrested for ID theft; working illegally in U.S.

Read story here.


Video:  While American bricklayers can't get hired, Illegal Aliens caught working illegally on Cobb County Superior Courthouse!


Federal Courts:

Judge rules no civil rights violations during immigration raid at TX plant

Read story here.



Furniture manufacturer gets prison sentence for hiring illegals

Read story here.



Howard Industries faces discrimination lawsuit for hiring illegal Hispanics over blacks and white Americans

Read story here.


State of Iowa boosts tax revenues:

Iowa targets businesses misclassifying workers as independent contractors; actually illegal aliens

Read story here.


What organization is fighting sanctions on businesses who hire illegal aliens in Arizona?  Not surprising to us, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has consistently opposed efforts to stop illegal immigration. 

Chamber of Commerce of the United States, et al., Petitioners v. Michael B. Whiting, et al.


1. Whether an Arizona statute that imposes sanctions on employers who hire unauthorized aliens is invalid under a federal statute that expressly preempt[s] any State or local law imposing civil or criminal sanctions (other than through licensing and similar laws) upon those who employ, or recruit or refer for a fee for employment, unauthorized aliens. 8 U.S.C. 1324a(h)(2). 2. Whether the Arizona statute, which requires all employers to participate in a federal electronic employment verification system, is preempted by a federal law that specifically makes that system voluntary. 8 U.S.C. 1324a note. 3. Whether the Arizona statute is impliedly preempted because it undermines the comprehensive scheme that Congress created to regulate the employment of aliens. Hoffman Plastic Compounds, Inc. v. NLRB, 535 U.S. 137, 147 (2002).

Follow the case here and see who the legal players are (for and against).


American workers screwed again?

Unemployment in Michigan is over 13% percent...But...

Illegal Aliens hired for Michigan Oil Spill Clean up?

ICE is holding dozens of suspected illegal aliens found on Michigan busses headed back to Texas.  The busses were reportedly chartered by Philip Hallmark of Hallmark Industrial, a subcontractor of whomever was hired to clean up the spill.

Read story here.

Three cheers to the reporter from The Michigan Messenger whose reporting led to an investigation by law enforcement.

OJJPAC Note:  A common shell game--general contractors that hire subcontractors that hire illegal aliens.  Same story...over and over.


Another outrageous Obama Labor Dept. inspired program:

$78 Million of U.S. tax dollars to train unemployed migrant workers

 Read story here.

Note to our Harvard grad president: Alien migrant workers by definition are supposed to return to their own countries when there is no work, not be trained at the expense of U.S. taxpayers to compete with U.S. citizens for other scarce jobs.  Migrants that don't migrate are not migrants.


America's working poor lose out again to illegal alien workers:

Disgrace: New England Patriots' Gillette Stadium maintained by illegals

Owner's rep claims ignorance, blames subcontractor--I guess 50 Guatemalans traveling 3000+ miles to do some snow shoveling doesn't raise red flags among this football organization?  Boston has plenty of unemployed low wage citizens who would like these jobs so they can put food on their families tables.

Read story here!


Illegal Aliens working illegally on construction project at Elmendorf Air Force Base

While millions of American citizens are out of work,  many of whom are construction workers, illegal aliens are working (illegally) at what is supposed to be a secure U.S. Air Force base in Alaska.  Read story here.

Support Americans' right to work in their own country.

Hiring illegal aliens is illegal!



Want proof illegal aliens are taking jobs away from American workers?

Illegals working as Electricians on CVS Distribution Center in Chemung, NY arrested

General contractor now agrees to hire local American Electricians

Read Morning Times story here.


Left to right: Democrat District Attorney Kamala Harris with  U.S. House Speaker Nancy Peloisi.  

San Francisco Prosecutor who helped illegal alien criminals get jobs and avoid deportation running for Attorney General

According to a story by Michael Finnegan in the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris helped illegal aliens get jobs they were not legally able to take--and avoid prosecution by federal authorities. Harris is now running for Attorney General in California, the state's top law enforcement job.  Read L.A. Times story here.


Are Ohioans tax dollars being used on projects using illegal alien labor in Cuyahoga County?

According to a Garfield Heights police report, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency seems to confirm that the answer is yes.  This is a developing story, so stay tuned!

Yes...Illegal Aliens take jobs and paychecks away from hardworking Ohio families...  While Americans go Bankrupt...Corrupt businesses and Illegal alien workers cash in...

Police find illegal aliens working at the St. Rita Senior Housing construction site in the Cleveland suburb of Garfield Heights, Ohio after responding to a citizen's complaint.   Read story here.


Locals are glad for the arrest of 14 illegals 11-24-10


Rally Team members picket in support of the hiring of American workers and not illegal alien labor 

OJJPAC works for Justice for American labor as AFL-CIO sells-out American workers in amnesty scheme

Cleveland-- The AFL-CIO and the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union have announced their support for a massive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens living in the United States.  

"The AFL-CIO has thrown its support  behind illegal immigration and the millions of American workers they displace from jobs in construction, manufacturing, food service, and other service industries" said Steve Salvi, founder of Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC.

"The American workers the union  claims to represent and protect are the same workers they are now throwing under a bus in favor of illegal foreign workers.  The 1986 amnesty was supposed to end illegal immigration too--and all it did was fuel illegal immigration, cost U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars and put millions of American workers in unemployment lines and in debt.  These union leaders are traitors to the American worker" said Salvi.

Steve Salvi, founder of Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC supporting American labor

Support American Workers!


Woman files job discrimination complaint against TN farm alleging it only hires foreign workers and discriminates against American citizens

Read story here.

Support Americans right to work.

Become an Activist in your community!



This newspaper classified ad  was submitted to OJJPAC by a reader because it is written is English and Spanish--which might be understandable if Twinsburg, Ohio was located on the Mexican border.  But we're in the Western Reserve, where about the only people who don't speak English are illegal aliens looking for construction work and carrying phony ID's.  I think this company's hiring practices need to be investigated.

Experienced Roofers & Laborers
needed for Commercial Roofing
Co. in the Twinsburg OH. area.
Must have own tools, reliable
transportation and pass drug
test. Driver License & Sheet
Metal exp. a +. Competitive pay
+ benefits.
Call for immediate interview
at: 1-888-212-7558
Or apply in person at:
9221 Ravenna Road, Suite .
Twinsburg, OH. 44087
Necesito trabajadores para instalar
techos comerciales, con o
sin experiencia para Compania
en el area de Twinsburg, OH.
Debe tener propias herramientas
de mano, transporte y pasar test
de drogas. Preferible con licencia
de manejo y experiencia
en metales. Buen sueldo y beneficios.
Llamar para entrevista a:
Aplocar en persona en:
9221 Ravenna Road, Suite D5
Twinsburg, OH. 44087
EOE  330-688-3389


OJJPAC's founder Steve Salvi, investigating corporate corruption at IFCO Systems in Rittman, Ohio in 2006.

IFCO Investigation Continues

Rittman, OH -- OJJPAC traveled to Rittman, Ohio, two years ago to investigate IFCO Systems, an international logistics service provider.  IFCO was raided by federal law enforcement for hiring over 1,100 illegal aliens at a number of  its U.S. based plants.

IFCO has a number of  pallet services facilities in the U.S., including its Rittman, Ohio facility [near Akron].  OJJPAC spoke with a number of people in Rittman.  Some citizens OJJPAC spoke with were neighbors to some of  the illegal Guatemalan workers allegedly hired by IFCO. 

After the raid, the illegal Guatemalan workers were replaced by American workers, some of whom had been displaced by the illegal alien workers brought in by IFCO.  Here's what an industry trade article wrote recently about additional IFCO management indictments.  OJJPAC's founder, Steve Salvi, says the corrupt managers deserve long prison sentences if found guilty.


Coalition of Ohio builders want ABC Precision Masonry & Concrete barred from public contracts for hiring illegal aliens

 Read story here. 

R Good!


Why are workers [illegal aliens?] from ABC Professional Tree Service based in Huston, TX  driving utility trucks to Cleveland to trim trees for local Utility Companies while many Clevelanders are jobless?                             [photos courtesy of K. Smith]

Something stinks!


Incompetent Feds allows Illegal Alien to work for FBI & CIA and steal sensitive information

If it's not bad enough that nitwit Governor Elliot Spitzer, D-NY, wants to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens, an illegal alien is able to get jobs with both the FBI and CIA--and steal investigation files.   Read story here.


Pathetic whining panderers!

Traitors in the Democratic Party and corrupt Catholic Church continue to whine about illegal alien employment checks. Read story here.

Who are the ethnocentric crybabies in this story?

  • Councilman Eric Gioia (Democrat)

  • New York City Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr. (Democrat)

  • Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York

  • Ed Ott, Executive Director of the New York City Central Labor Council.

  • Congress member Nydia Velazquez (D-New York)




DC March for Jobs!

Not Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Monday, July 15, 2013 



Citizens came to march as far away as Los Angeles too where many black workers have already been displaced from their jobs by illegal alien labor migrating from Mexico and Latin America.



The purpose of the march was to bring attention to Congress' recent attempts to flood the U.S. labor market with 11-30 million illegal aliens who would then compete for jobs with millions of already unemployed American citizens and legal immigrant workers. 


Some leftist political groups (e.g., Media Matters) and news organizations falsely portrayed the marchers as racists (in order to discourage march participation by minorities and whites). However, that false press narrative was proven false as blacks, whites, and Latinos marched happily together to the capitol.  Their message to members of Congress was clear--Do not give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens so they can compete for scarce jobs desperately needed by American citizens and legal immigrants.