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The Golden Pork Barrel Waste Award goes to:

 The Ohio Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs (OCHLA)!

Q.) What Ohio Commission is using your tax dollars to support illegal aliens?

A.) The Ohio Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs (OCHLA).

It's time to de-fund and sunset this rogue ethnocentric commission that uses your tax $$$ to advocate for illegal aliens and work against Ohio's citizens!

In Ohio, the waste of tax dollars on pork barrel politics is not limited to state projects.  Wasteful state commissions are also created for political reasons--one of the best examples is the Ohio Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs (OCHLA).

How does OCHLA spend your tax dollars?  OCHLA advocates for illegal aliens and oppose common sense law enforcement that would help protect your family's physical and economic security as well as the financial stability of local and state governments.

Example #1: Encouraging public officials to defy federal immigration law.

 In 2009, OCHLA commissioners sent its attorney/liaison to Oberlin Ohio, to encourage the Oberlin city council to pass a sanctuary resolution which would help shield illegal aliens from arrest by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  OCHLA supported the sanctuary resolution even though it knew or should have known that it violated the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act ( IIRIRA ) of 1996.  This federal law requires local governments to cooperate with Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  OCHLA was encouraging Oberlin's public officials not to cooperate.  In addition, much of the testimony by the OCHLA liaison was based on half-truths if not purposeful misinformation. The testimony was video recorded and cannot be disputed. 

OCHLA's Testimony in support of  a Sanctuary Resolution in Oberlin, Ohio.

Example #2:  Supporting amnesty for millions of illegal aliens knowing that it will only induce more illegal migration into the U.S. with the expectation of future amnesties.

OCHLA's Resolution supporting Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens (so-called 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform')

During the 1980's a similar "comprehensive immigration reform amnesty passed Congress.  Proponents promised that if congress approved the amnesty legislation, the federal government would aggressively enforce U.S. immigration laws--and the illegal immigration problem would be solved.

However, the 1986 amnesty had the opposite effect--it created the expectation in the minds of other illegal migrants that the U.S. would eventually pass additional amnesties--so millions more crossed illegally into the U.S. each year.  Furthermore, the promised crackdown on illegal immigration never happened and the illegal alien population in the U.S. rose from an estimated 3 million in 1986 to  11-20 million today.  Many of the illegal aliens that got amnesty in the 1980's encouraged more family and friends to migrate illegally, compounding the illegal immigration problem.  Although this history is well known in the Hispanic/Latino community, OCHLA continues to support this failed policy which undermines the rule of law and U.S. sovereignty. 

Example #3:  Opposing common sense immigration law enforcement.  

OCHLA has passed resolutions opposing every immigration enforcement related bill introduced in the Ohio House or Senate, including testifying against legislation in House and Senate committee hearings.  Below are links to resolutions that OCHLA passed that oppose Ohio law enforcement from protecting Ohio citizens from illegal alien criminals.  As a result, Ohioans continue to be injured, killed, or displaced from their jobs by the tens of thousands of illegal alien criminals illegally living in Ohio.

OCHLA's Resolution 2010-02 opposing enforcement of immigration laws by Ohio law enforcement

OCHLA has consistently opposed any attempt to stop illegal immigration--even 6 years ago it unanimously passed a Resolution in opposition to the H.B. 654, known as the "Illegal Alien Act."

OCHLA's 2006 Resolution opposing H.B. No. 654 Illegal Alien Enforcement Act


Example #4:  Opposed SB 238 which prohibited illegal aliens from receiving money from the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation. 

See OCHLA testimony in opposition to SB 238.  (When time permits we'll point out the problems with this clever testimony.)

Example #5: In 2008, OCHLA passed a Resolution and testified in opposition to HB 477, which required the use of the English language by state and local government entities in official actions and proceedings (subject to certain exceptions). 

OCHLA Resolution in opposition to the use of the English Language requirement

Note: OCHLA removed text of its testimony from its website. A link to the testimony used to be here but was removed since the hyperlink became "dead."

Example #6: In 2010, OCHLA involves itself in the debate over Arizona's crackdown on illegal aliens.  How does that benefit Ohio taxpayers?

Example #7: In 2010,  OCHLA produced what it called a "Latino Community Report on Ohio's Global Diversity" in order to positively influence the Ohio's Legislature and public about Ohio illegal alien population. 

In the report, OCHLA's ethnocentric loyalties appear to lead to distorting the truth in much of the report.   One example is OCHLA's claim that illegally entering the United States is not a violation of federal law.  However, this is what the federal law says:

"...for the first commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than 6 months, or both, and, for a subsequent commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18, or imprisoned not more than 2 years, or both."

You can read the full text here: U.S.C. § 1325 : US Code - Section 1325: Improper entry by alien

 Clearly, if you enter the U.S. illegally, aliens are subject to both civil and criminal penalties--something OCHLA fails to disclose.

Example #8: On May 7, 2013,  OCHLA passed Resolution No. 2013-01, to benefit Illegal Aliens who benefited from Pres. Obama's executive order, better known as the Deferred Arrivals for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) directive.  OJJPAC believes that DACA was payback for primarily Hispanic/Latino groups who got the Hispanic vote out for President Obama. The DACA directive's constitutionality has been challenged in federal court by Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents.  The federal judge is expected to rule DACA unconstitutional.  However, that hasn't stopped OCHLA from continuing its long history of advocating for illegal aliens at Ohio taxpayers' expense.

Quid pro quo? Hispanic votes for President Obama = Demand for Amnesty

OCHLA... Myths vs. Facts

 Myth:  OCHLA is needed to advise the governor and legislature regarding Hispanic/Latino concerns because otherwise public officials won't learn of their concerns.  False!

Truth: A plethora of non-profit organizations and associations already represent so-called "Hispanic/Latino" interests in Ohio.  These groups already have officers and members that meet and lobby local, county, and state officials regarding issues of particular concern to them.  Here is an example of when two non-profits, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDF) and the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), lobbied against an Ohio legislator's immigration enforcement bill.  There are even multiple Hispanic chambers of commerce organizations in Ohio, such as the Northeast Ohio Chamber of Commerce.  In addition, all citizens of any ethnicity can voice their concerns by calling or writing the governor or legislative representatives.

OCHLA... Advancing racism; Inhibiting Assimilation?

OCHLA advances cross-cultural racism; inhibits assimilation into American society

It is important to note that there is considerable confusion and world-wide controversy regarding the government's classification of people as "Hispanic" and "Latino."  Some people believe such practices continue and promote cross-cultural racism and inhibits healthy assimilation into and acceptance of American society. 

OCHLA's activities also represent the worst in ethnocentric based identity politics.  By adopting political programs, issue positions, and code words to advance the interests of a specific ethnic group, it reinforces the already "us against them mentality" of identity politics and distorts honest public discourse.  OCHLA representatives like to fan the flames of resentment and solidify their base support groups by inciting feelings of fear and anger.  For example, OCHLA representatives use phrases such as "anti-immigrant" or "xenophobe" to describe people who believes U.S. immigration laws should be enforced and amnesty opposed, even if that person is supportive of legal emigration.


OCHLA's commissioners' work to advance narrow ethnocentric interests that are incompatible with the general interests of the citizens of Ohio.  In the examples above, OCHLA is clearly working against the safety and security of Ohio citizens in order to protect illegal aliens in Ohio.

It is time to de-fund OCHLA and sunset the Commission.  With Ohio's severe economic problems, what better time for the governor and Ohio Legislature to de-fund and abolish the Commission, saving Ohio taxpayers scarce tax resources and preventing the continued displacement of thousands of jobs of Ohio's working poor. 

Not convinced that illegal migration is relevant to Ohioans? 

Examples of illegal alien crime in Ohio

 Here are over two hundred article links that prove otherwise.

Ask Ohio Governor Mike DeWine to de-fund OCHLA now!

Call: 614-644-4357

Governor Mike DeWine's mailing address:
Riffe Center, 30th Floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, Oh 43215-6117

Contact your Ohio state representative and state senator too!

Ohio House of Representatives:


133rd Ohio House of Representatives Directory 

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 133rd Ohio State Senate Directory


A staunch opponent to Immigration Law Enforcement...

OCHLA Commissioner Rev. Max Rodas

(Former Illegal Alien?)

      According to a 2007 La Prensa article titled Law of God and Law of Land, written by La Prensa correspondent Arooj Ashraf, OCHLA Commissioner Max Rodas at one time was "undocumented."

From the 2007 La Prensa article:

"Max Rodas, Executive Director, Nueva Luz, said the immigration debate is one of proximity, “People don’t feel it is their issue, we must force ourselves to empathize with the immigrant,” he said. Rodas was undocumented for several years. “It was an interesting experience,” he said." [Emphasis added by OJJPAC]

 Evidently Rodas, a native of Guatemala, had lived in the U.S. illegally prior to his appointment by former Ohio governor Ted Strickland (D) to the Ohio Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs as documented in the Ohio Senate Journal:

"Max Rodas, Independent, from North Olmstead, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, as a Member of the Commission on Hispanic-Latino Affairs for a term beginning August 11, 2010 and ending at the close of business October 7, 2011, replacing Chris Rodriguez, whose term expired."

After Rodas' term expired, this staunch opponent to immigration law enforcement was  re-appointed by Ohio Governor John Kasich (R), as reported in the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Max Rodas of North Olmsted and Andres E. Gonzalez of Cleveland were reappointed to the Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs for a term from March 5 through Oct. 7, 2014. The appointments were announced by Gov. John Kasich.

      Should we be surprised why OCHLA works against the interests of Ohio's citizens and attempts to undermine immigration law enforcement in Ohio and the U.S.?

OCHLA's shady characters and history:

Henry Guzman Illegal Alien Registration Scandal

OCHLA has been a questionable political creation from its inception.  Perhaps that's because  OCHLA's first director was none other than Henry Guzman, who also lobbied to create the commission. 

Guzman's name may sound familiar because as Ohio's Public Safety Director under Ohio's former Governor Ted Strickland, Guzman got caught protecting the drivers' licenses of thousands of illegal aliens.  You can read about the Guzman scandal in this Columbus Dispatch news article.

From the Ohio Inspector General's Report:

"... former DPS Director Henry Guzman unnecessarily delayed implementation of new POA procedures. This was in spite of repeated warnings from the Registrar, BMV investigators and law-enforcement officials about how the delays were undermining the integrity of vehicle registrations, facilitating illegal activity and raising identity theft and homeland security concerns."

You can no longer read the entire Ohio Inspector General's report here because the OIG's office deleted it from its' website.

Guzman eventually lost his job but how much damage to U.S. national security was already done? 

Hispanic ethnocentric Henry Guzman put his loyalty of ethnicity above loyalty to not only the State of Ohio but the United States.  His actions placed the public safety of citizens of the U.S. at risk in order to protect Hispanic/Latino illegal aliens and Hispanic/Latino businesses that made money off illegal migrants in Ohio.

Who is Joseph L. Mas, Esq.?

A better question is what was the politically connected Columbus lawyer Joseph L. Mas doing when he attended a meeting of primarily Hispanics at the Ohio Department of Public Safety on July 31, 2008?

The Ohio Inspector General's (OIG) office was certainly curious in its scathing report of misconduct by former Ohio Public Safety Director Henry Guzman.  According to the OIG's report, Guzman was dragging his feet for over a year in approving and implementing important drivers' registration security procedures after fraudulent Ohio registrations were popping up in the hands of illegal aliens and criminal investigations in Ohio and elsewhere.

The curious thing is that after a July meeting with Mas and other prominent Hispanics concerned about how the security crackdown would affect Hispanic businesses and the "undocumented," Guzman put the security changes on hold indefinitely (although at the time it was to be for two weeks according to the OIG report).

In 2009, Mas was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Franklin County Board of Elections by former Democrat and Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner.

OJJPAC got its last glimpse of Brunner around the same time, when she spoke to a group of illegal alien supporters at a May Day Rally in downtown Cleveland that year.

 A May 8, 2009 Columbus Dispatch article stated that Mas has run for judge (Franklin County?) in 2002 and 2007.  He is also credited as being a past chair of the Ohio Hispanic Coalition. The Mas story is stay tuned. 

What is the Ohio Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs practicing to the detriment of all of Ohio's citizens?

Identity Politics

Defined by:  The Free Dictionary

n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)

Political attitudes or positions that focus on the concerns of social groups identified mainly on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

"OCHLA Speak" Dictionary

 The Ohio Commission on Hispanic & Latino Affairs (OCHLA) statements often include vague or misleading terminology and phrases.  They use these confusing terms to protect their illegal alien friends and cloak their true agenda.  This "OCHLA Speak" dictionary will help you figure out what they are really saying and trying to accomplish.

OCHLA's [deceptive] Terms

Undocumented -  "Undocumented" really means that the person or persons are illegally in the united states and subject to prosecution and deportation.

Undocumented immigrant-  "Undocumented immigrant" really means that the person or persons are illegally in the united states and subject to prosecution and deportation.  Same as "undocumented."

Immigrant-   "Immigrant" really means someone who has legally emigrated to the U.S.. However, OCHLA and other illegal alien support groups refer to illegal aliens as "immigrants." This is a communication ploy they use successfully to hide the illegitimacy of their advocacy.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform -  Comprehensive Immigration Reform is the phrase illegal alien support groups like OCHLA use to hide their goal of a general Amnesty for the millions of  illegal aliens in the U.S.

Tuition Equity -  "Tuition Equity" has nothing to do with equity. It's about robbing American taxpayers-to give to foreign would-be students in  the U.S. illegally!   "Tuition Equity" seeks to allow illegal aliens to pay discounted in-state college tuition rates.  However,  out-of-state American students must pay higher out-of-state tuition rates.  Does that sound equitable to you?  Why illegal aliens are allowed to attend college in the U.S. when they are in the country illegally, makes no sense.


Oklahoma dissolved its Advisory Council on Latin American and Hispanic Affairs...why hasn't Ohio?

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin dissolved Oklahoma's Latin American and Hispanic Affairs Advisory Council in April, 2011.  It's time for Governor Kasich and the Ohio Legislature to defund and abolish Ohio's Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs--and end its focus on identity and ethnocentric politics within and outside state government.

What can you do today to end OCHLA?

Call members of the Ohio Legislature and tell them you want OCHLA de-funded and abolished this budget cycle.  The Legislature has the power to do just currently lacks the will...because voters are not demanding OCHLA's end.  That is why your phone calls, office visits, and letters are important to make it happen! Contact inf.:

             Members of the Ohio Senate                    Members of the Ohio House of Representatives

Sample script:  Hello, I am calling today to request that you ask Governor DeWine and your legislative party leaders to support the de-funding an the abolishment of the Ohio Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs.  I do not believe that this this Commission should be using my scarce tax dollars to advocate for illegal aliens in Ohio and encourage communities in Ohio to violate federal immigration laws.  Thank you.


Q)  Who is the hero of  Illegal Aliens?    

 Hint: It's not George Washington, Abe Lincoln, FDR, or even the Clinton's. 

A) It's Marxist-Leninist Revolutionary Che Guevara!

Read about Communist "El Che" here.


Oberlin City Council Passes Illegal Alien Sanctuary Resolution

January 20,2009 

Oberlin, OH -- The Oberlin city council met last Tuesday to vote on the third reading of the amended version of its illegal alien "don't ask don't tell" sanctuary resolution.  The controversial resolution which was first discussed by city council in December, was in response to last year's Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid on a local Mexican restaurant in which several illegal alien fugitives were captured. 

Despite concerns that the resolution was unconstitutional, violated the civil rights of the city's employees, and would provide a safe haven for criminal aliens, the resolution easily passed in a 6-1 vote.  The majority of council sided with the proponents of the proposal who argued that the immigration system is broken and that the sanctuary resolution is necessary for good for the community.  Opponents argued that the system would work if  existing laws were enforced, and the city of Oberlin has no right to violate federal law nor the rights of all Ohioans based on its perceived notion of an unjust law.

Over the past three city council meeting, supporters and opponents of the measure continued to trade charges and submit conflicting testimony.  Now that the resolution has passed, opponents which include Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC, are considering challenging the city's action in court on the grounds that the resolution may violate federal law.  The mayor of nearby Kipton, Ohio, is also planning additional action.  The mayor is considering the adoption of anti-sanctuary legislation in Kipton and encourage other public officials to adopt similar anti-sanctuary resolutions in their communities.  Members of the  Rally Team, an anti-illegal immigration group in Painesville, will meet in February to discuss its response. Several of its members traveled to Oberlin each week to testify to its opposition to the resolution.

"The City of Oberlin has foolishly chosen arbitrary governance over the rule of law. It may find it necessary to defend itself in two courts -- a court of law and of public opinion."   - Steve Salvi,

Oberlin City Council seemingly ignores the U.S. Constitution, the Civil Rights of its City employees -- to provide a safe haven for illegal aliens

Oberlin, OH--The Oberlin City council voted 6-1 in favor of passage a city Resolution that would codify Oberlin's now de facto sanctuary policy, in direct conflict with federal law. To the City Council's credit,  members listened to an equal number of supporters and opponents to the Resolution.   Despite significant testimony against the measure from local residents, the City's chief of police, OJJPAC, and members of the Grassroots Rally Team, the council voted to approve the measure on its 1st reading.  1-20-09 Update: The resolution passed on its final reading.  See updated story.

Oberlin City Council members

Steve Salvi, OJJPAC founder & members of the Grass Roots Rally Team.