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Archived National Illegal Alien Crime News

A sampling of the thousands of crimes committed by illegal aliens in the U.S. every year.

For Ohio specific illegal alien crime news, click here.


Alleged Illegal Aliens arrested for selling cocaine

Alleged Illegal Alien escapee capture in Oregon

Alleged illegal alien steals L.A. Fire Dept. Jacket off Firetruck


Illegal Aliens bring drugs into the U.S. to sell and buy weapons to expand their control in the U.S. and Latin America.   Read story here!


U.S. Law enforcement intercepts tie Mexican Cartels to discussions of cross-border BP & ICE assassinations

Read story here.

Should we be surprised?


ICE Agent killed in Mexico; another wounded

Read story here.


Some Federal prosecutors begin to charge illegal alien multiple offenders with felonies in effort to prevent return

Unsecured U.S. border allowed illegal alien to reenter the U.S. 9 times and commit crimes

Read story here.


A minister can't admit to the folly of her own false beliefs--even after her own child is murdered

This is a sad story from Huntsville Alabama.  The Huntsville Times ran a story written by Kay Campbell in the paper's Living section November 14, 2008.  The headline read Local film 'Desconocida' explores the immigration crisis.  It was a story about a film described as a documentary that deacon and ordained Baptist minister Ellin Jimmerson was producing about the U.S. immigration crisis.  The documentary is named Desconocida.

Jimmerson also reportedly helped found the Huntsville Immigrant  Initiative which opposed The Secure America through Verification and Enforcement Act in 2007Jimmerson evidently thought it was her Christian mission to help illegal aliens for whom she has been quoted as describing as "being crucified" by Americans which tells you something about her sense of justice in the United States.  Perhaps her study of liberation theology blinds her capacity to reason.  I cannot find a single word of compassion or acknowledgement in  Jimmerson's words for the thousands of American killed and murdered by illegal aliens over the past 20 years.  

In a twist of fate, Jimmerson hired one of her "crucified" illegal alien's named Felix Ortega to help translate the many interviews Jimmerson conducted with illegal aliens and others in Alabama and elsewhere.   Jimmerson had no idea how Felix Ortega would change her family's life and that of the entire city of Huntsville five months later.

On April 17, 2009 Ellin Jimmerson's 16-year-old daughter Leigh Anna was killed along with her boyfriend in a horrific car crash.  The person arrested for causing the high-speed drunken crash was an illegal alien-- with an arrest record that included multiple DUI convictions and multiple false identities.  Who was the alleged drunk driver police claim caused the double homicide?  It was Felix Ortega, or whatever his real name is--Minister Jimmerson's own illegal alien interpreter.

Even after the death of her daughter, Ellin Jimmerson still holds onto her false belief that illegal aliens like Felix Ortega are being "crucified" and oppressed by our country's rules.   This is the folly that so many supporters of illegal aliens seem unable to escape-- and is so dangerous to American families and U.S. national security.

Unfortunately, as naive people like Jimmerson continue to pursue their brand of "social justice" by aiding and abetting illegal aliens (and indirectly the Mexican drug cartels that dominate drug distribution in the U.S.), many more Americans will continue to die and our nation will become increasingly lawless, corrupt, and broke.

Steve Salvi is founder of Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC and Editor of OJJPAC.org.

Editorial by Steve Salvi

Murder victim

Leigh Anna Jimmerson, 16

Alleged murderer Felix Ortega


Illegal Alien Drug Smugglers get "caught" on attempt to cross U.S. Border barrier 

Drug smugglers build home made ramps to navigate low vehicle barriers on the U.S. Mexico border.  This dope smuggler's attempt to drive over the barrier didn't work but many attempts do succeed which is why  secure barriers and fencing are necessary on the border.  Read story here.


Can you answer this question?

If Illegal aliens are "hiding in the shadows" as the Obama administration, Republican Senator John McCain,  and the Democratic Congressional leadership keep telling us...why are illegal aliens at public water-parks sticking their hands down the pants of children?    Read this story.


 Victim's of Illegal Aliens Memorial Spotlight:

Jamiel "Jas" Shaw, 17

Son, nephew, good student, high school athlete, Christian

Allegedly killed by

Pedro Espinosa

Visit OJJPAC's Victim's of Illegal Aliens Memorial and learn more about what happened to Jamiel "Jas" Shaw and many other Americans needlessly killed and murdered by illegal aliens.

Visit the Victims of Illegal Alien Memorial by clicking here.



What is a life of an American citizen worth?

Ignorant Judge allows house arrest and work privileges for illegal alien charged with motor vehicle homicide!

Pending her trial, an illegal alien from Portugal charged with motor vehicle homicide will get to go home thanks to a ruling by Milford MA District Court Judge Robert B. Calagione. 

The Portuguese defendant, Maria T. Leite, 41, has reportedly been in the U.S. illegally for over 3 years.  She is accused of driving her husband's SUV without a license and failing to stop last September 12th, resulting in a fatal two-car crash, killing Milford resident Richard Grossi.  Leite pleaded not guilty with the help of a Portuguese interpreter.

Leite's husband was also charged with allowing his unlicensed wife to drive his vehicle.

Read Milford Daily News story here.

Doesn't this judge know that illegal aliens cannot legally work in the U.S.?

District Court Judge Robert B. Calagione's office: (508) 473-1260 x111


L.A. shooting of Guatemalan [illegal?] migrant (allegedly threatening police with knife) results in protests and rioting

Leftist radicals call it murder

Read the leftist perspective on shooting here via an Indymedia website.

Note:  Some interesting photos of the protest on this Indymedia website, including banners asking for justice and that "revolution is the solution."  The protestors have already decided that the police are murderers.  This is a foretaste of the feast to come from liberation theology mixed with Communist revolutionary theory.

9-12-10 Update:  Surprise, surprise (not really)...the knife wielding suspect had multiple aliases

Read a L.A. Times story here.


Note: Story links below have not yet been checked to see if they still work. Please report "dead" links.


Axis of evil:

D.E.A. reports that terrorists and Hispanic/Latino drug cartels working together against U.S.

Read Washington Times story here.


 Cowardly Illegal Alien from Honduras arrested in hit-and-run crash that seriously injures young boy

Marvin Rogelio Martinez, 19, an illegal alien from Honduras has been arrested in the hit-and-run crash that has left an 8-year-old San Jose boy in a coma.  Martinez was arrested at Suvianda Market where he was also illegally working.  read story here.

When will U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown start protecting Americans and their jobs from illegal alien criminals?

Call and ask Sen. Brown: 1-800-828-0498

Illegal alien Marvin Rogelio Martinez is just one of millions of foreign nationals in the U.S. illegally because President Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress refuse  to secure the U.S. border.


Alleged Murderer

The U.S. Congress wastes no time to bail out Wall Street with your money...

But Congress ignores thousands of Americans being murdered by illegal aliens on Main Street every year...  To read about Jennifer Hampton's murder, click here.

Visit the Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial by clicking here.   Photo credit (left): J. Miles Cary

 Murder Victim

Valentino Vasquez Miranda

Jennifer Lee Hampton, 21


Humane Society secretly tapes Illegal Alien abusing animals; results in U.S.'s largest beef recall

Read story here.




Judge Dismisses Rape Charge against Illegal Alien

Something is wrong with this story in which Tuscarawas County Common Pleas Judge Edward O'Farrell recently dismissed a rape charge against an illegal alien.  Just because the alleged rapist  Andres P. Pedro was turned over to ICE doesn't make the issue of the alleged rape to an Ohio woman inconsequential.  If the rape charge is true, the victim deserves justice.  If  ICE merely deports this criminal illegal alien, the illegal will likely be able to sneak back into the U.S. within days of his deportation (thanks to lax U.S. border enforcement). Here's the story, draw your own conclusion.  OJJPAC would like to hear Judge O'Farrell's explanation.


Stupid woman defies U.S. law and rents room to an illegal alien; illegal pleads guilty this week to beating her two children to death with a hammer.

Read story here.  Was it worth it Ms. Gonzalez?


Thanks to Congressional Democrats, an 11 year old girl was raped by an Illegal Alien from Mexico!

And Democrats wanted to make rapist and law breaker Salvador Aguilera Aguirre a citizen of the United States!  Read Story Here.



  Gahnian illegal alien living in PA sentenced in 2009 homicide of wife

Did he marry in attempt to stay in the U.S.?

Read story here.


Mexican illegal aliens arrested in brutal murder of female Utah police officer

Arrested for murder:

 Roberto Miramontes Roman

 Ruben Chavez Reyes

Read story here.


Romanian fugitive arrested at WPB Denny's

Charged with being in U.S. illegally, read story here.  


Alex Perez-Escalante of Mexico entered the U.S. illegally and  now faces manslaughter and DUI charges.

Unemployed Mexican Illegal Alien charged in hit-and-run death after late night of entertainment at Tampa Strip Club

 Another American citizen left to die in street

 Read story here

Senator Sherrod Brown wants the public to believe that illegal aliens are "hiding in the shadows." Well perhaps if the shadow is cast by a strip club door.  Tell Sen. Brown to pull the plug on his support for the Amnesty for illegal aliens bill in Congress (S.B. 9)!


Think the use of fraudulent ID's by illegal aliens is a victimless crime?

Illegal alien Aaron Lopez Garcia has been convicted of rape, burglary, theft, assault, possession of narcotics, and unlawful possession of a weapon. 

Garcia is now wanted for escape.  Using fraudulent ID's, including a fraudulent "Permanent Resident Card," (to your left) he has been able to live in the U.S. and may now be working today in your neighborhood as a landscaper, construction laborer or day laborer.  


Mother  [illegal alien from Mexico] lets her boyfriend  [also an illegal alien from Mexico] allegedly rape her 14-year old daughter  Read story here.


Latina Granny guilty of leading large criminal marriage fraud organization

Prepared fraudulent Social Security cards, birth certificates, tax returns, divorce decrees, and fraudulent driver's licenses.

1-1-10  Read story here.

Culture of criminality


Illegal aliens not only burn U.S. flags, they evidently set people on fire too

Read story here.


Evidently some illegal aliens have the stomach to destroy American families with heroin.

Jaime Sanchez-Ospina, a Columbian national illegally living in Stamford, Connecticut, was sentenced in December to 33 months in prison for reentering the United States after twice being deported.

According to court documents, on March 18, 1994, Sanchez-Ospina was arrested  for possession of approximately 2.5 pounds of heroin that he was hiding in his stomach.  Read story here. 1-3-07

Connecting the dots: How illegal alien drug smugglers' heroin creates more crime and destroys American families

Here is a story about American heroin addicts who need a heroin fix so badly they trade guns for the drugs. [Their guns end up in the hands of criminals, and they go to prison.] Read story here. 1-3-06

Here is a true story about how  heroin killed a young man from Southern Ohio, and devastated another American family.  Read the Cincinnati Post story here.  1-5-07


Outrageous crimes against Americans!

Illegal Alien Mexican caught taking nude photos of unconscious surgical patient. 

And corrupt Hospital hired him! 

Read story here.

Criminal Mexican pervert allowed back into U.S.!


The D.C. sniper

 executed in Virginia

Former U.S. soldier John Allen Muhammad was executed yesterday evening at the Greenville Correction Center in Virginia.  Muhammad was convicted of murdering 10 people and injuring others before his capture in 2002.

Read story here.

John Allen Muhammad


Another illegal alien arrested for child rape

Thank your Democratic member of Congress for cutting border security funding and opposing the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.  In Ohio you can thank Dennis Kucinich, Sherrod Brown, and others. Read story here.


While Congressional Democrats continue to plot to grant a Comprehensive Immigration Reform [Amnesty] to 20 million illegal alien criminals illegally in the U.S. [the Democrats assume the illegals  will vote for Democratic candidates] ...

 MEXICAN ILLEGALS CONTINUE TO MIX DEADLY METH IN THE USA AND DISTRIBUTE IT TO AMERICAN CHILDREN.  Is there any wonder why we have a massive drug problem in the US when we have millions of illegal alien drug dealers free on our streets thanks to Congressional Democrats and President Bush who are more interested in winning the so-called Hispanic vote than protecting Americans?   READ THIS STORY HERE.  



Others are indicted and face trial.  Read the story here.


Mexican national arrested with fraudulent U.S. Department of Homeland Security documents and other miscellaneous false identity documents

Pedro Altatenco-Luna was charged Tuesday with producing and selling illegal fraudulent immigration documents, including U.S. Department of Homeland Security documents!   Read story here. 


Another Illegal Alien pervert sentenced for fondling two helpless 8 year-old girls

Read story here.


Illegal Alien school janitor arrested for sexually assaulting 14-year old student

Read story here.

How are illegal aliens getting jobs at public schools?


Immigration Attorney indicted for asylum fraud Scheme

The indicted:

 Attorney Shelly Winn, 40

Assistant Honglian Feng, 49

Assistant Elizabeth Tsai, 50

 The law firm allegedly instructed clients to falsely claim religious persecution in order to obtain asylum in the United States.  The firm also allegedly provided their clients with false written statements as part of their asylum application.  Read story here!



U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized a truck entering the U.S. from Mexico with nearly 9 tons of marijuana hidden inside. According to CBP officials, the Friday afternoon bust was the largest marijuana seizure ever at the port of Calexico.

The 25-year-old Mexicali truck driver was arrested.  The driver was reportedly registered with the U.S. Free and Secure Trade (FAST) program. It makes one wonder how may unchecked FAST trucks are hauling tons of illegal drugs into the U.S. every week.

Read Story Here.

What is the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) program?  It is a commercial  initiative offered to pre-approved importers, carriers, and registered drivers involving the transportation of pre-approved eligible goods across the U.S. border more quickly and verifying trade compliance away from the border.  That doesn't explain how a "registered driver" was able to load and haul over $65 million in marijuana with so many supposed security measures in place.


You can't stop drugs from entering the US when those sworn to uphold the law let them in.

US Customs officer arrested.  Read story here.


Elvira Arellano Arrested in Los Angeles

Illegal Alien Fugitive Finally in Custody after Trip to California

Click here for story: ChicagoTribune


Illegal Aliens Arrested in Beheading Murder

Source:  KFLT TV 10, Louisiana

Three Mexican illegal aliens with possible gang ties have been arrested in the murder and kidnapping of  Mario Lopez, also a Mexican national, who was shot, beheaded, and dumped in the Atchafalaya River in Louisiana. 

Arrested on charges of 1st degree murder and 2nd degree kidnapping are::  Gustavio Acosta, 19, Julio Rodriguez, 22,  and Jose Acosta, 34.

Also arrested is Nelson Rivero Jr., 41,  who is charged with 2nd degree kidnapping and an accessory to murder.  Rivero may have American citizenship.


Illegal Alien arrested in Casino attempting to pass $100.00 Counterfeit U.S. bills

This illegal alien allegedly was caught by casino staff attempting to pass counterfeit $100.00 U.S. bills. [And if Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, or John McCain get elected, they will give him and 20 million other criminal illegal aliens Amnesty and U.S. citizenship.]   Read story here.


Brazilian Illegal Alien is alleged Serial Rapist living in the U.S. thanks to Bush and Democrats

Read story here.


Illegal Alien from El Salvador arrested for beating frail 78 year-old woman with pipe

If Congressional Democrats (including all Democratic candidates for president) would have been successful in passing their amnesty plans for illegal aliens in 2007, this scum would have gotten U.S. citizenship.  That's not the type of "change" that Americans want.  Read story here.   And I'm tired of Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown saying illegals are victims.  The only victims are American crime victims and taxpayers.

Illegal Alien thug


Lithuanian Illegal Alien gets 15 years for kidnapping and murder

When illegal aliens aren't killing Americans they kill legal immigrants.   In this story a Lithuanian illegal alien named Aleksejus Markovskis, 34 is found guilty of kidnapping and killing wealthy Russian immigrants in the United States.

Thanks to President Bush and Congressional Democrats, more innocent people are dead because they won't secure the U.S. Border or support aggressive interior enforcement of immigration laws.  Read story here.


Illegal Alien High School Student [and likely gang member] arrested in stabbing at school

Read story here.

How many illegals are in your school?  

Who in Congress sponsored a law that makes it illegal for schools to ask if students are in the U.S. illegally?  Someone did--and we plan to find out who.


Illegal Alien arrested for passing counterfeit U.S. $100.00 bills at McDonald's

Read story here.


Drunk Polish immigrant arrested after daughter calls 911 to end Florida joyride

Read story here.


Illegal Alien arrested for triple murder in Washington D.C.

Illegal alien Anastacio Sanchez-Miranda was arrested this week in a triple murder.  Sanchez-Miranda allegedly has been arrested before for drunk driving and malicious wounding but was never deported.  Read story here. 12-10-07


Illegal aliens aren't so innocent.

  Just ask this 2 year old.

Thanks to an illegal alien, this innocent American citizen now has over $15,000 in credit card debt at age two.  To make matters worse, your public officials plan to give her perpetrator amnesty and US citizenship!

Call your public officials.  Tell them: NO AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS! 

Identity theft... As simple as taking credit from a baby!



SHAM MARRIAGE PUTS ARMENIAN ILLEGAL ALIEN IN PRISON             Read about this common scam.



Landscape company owner forfeits $147,000.00 and pays $24,000.00; Company pays $48,000.00

Thanks to an angry employee who called authorities, Dean A. Hedges, owner of Hedges Landscape Specialists, Inc., will be held accountable for illegally hiring illlegal aliens [a felony]. OJJPAC hopes the judge also sends him to jail. 

 Read story here.


Thousands of alleged Illegal Alien Sex offenders Arrested in Operation Predator

Approximately 85% of those arrested were foreign nationals in the US according to the Department of Homeland Security.  Read story here.


Illegal Aliens turning thousands of American kids into Drug Addicts

 Mexican national living in Raleigh, N.C. caught with 10 pounds of heroin

Read story here.


So far 2 Suspects in vicious Schoolyard Murder of New Jersey Students appear to be Illegal Aliens

Suspects have prior arrests but remained in the US thanks to lax enforcement of immigration laws

 One suspect is a known criminal from Peru, illegally living in NJ... Read about him here: Fox News Story Here

Another suspect is believed to be a long time criminal from Nicaragua Rodolfo Godinez, 24.  Godinez has been reportedly living in NJ too, despite a deportation order from 1993.  Read about him here.


More corrupt businessmen going to prison for hiring illegal aliens -- Fines total $210,000.00

Pleading guilty: 

Bob Eisel Powder Coatings Inc.
Bob Eisel, owner and president.
Kenric “Butch” Steinert, 60,  general manager.

Read about it here.

They  ignored OJJPAC's warnings...

Now they are going to Prison!

Please send the judge an email  requesting the maximum jail time for these pathetic criminals.


Company Executives Sentenced to Prison for Hiring Illegal Aliens

 Sentenced to Federal Prison:

Karen Sue Rowell, President, Midwest Airport Services

Edward John Pitre, former Operations Manager, MAS

Silvia Castillo, Office Manager, Midwest Airport Services  



Read story here.

OJJPAC NOTE:  NYC is a sanctuary city for illegal aliens thanks to Mayor Bloomberg and former Mayor, now Republican presidential Candidate, Rudy Guliani.  Death is a high price to pay for an employer of illegal alien labor. 


Corrupt Motel Owners sentenced for harboring Illegal Aliens

Feds seize $540,000.00 in assets

Read story here. 


Legal Hispanics and their buddy Hispanic Illegal Aliens arrested in theft of $100,000 in construction equipment.

Read story here.

El Stupido.


Another Illegal Alien on trial for raping a 10 year old girl.

Read story here.

Update: Illegal Alien sentenced to 3 life terms. Read story here.


Marine Murder Suspect likely hiding out with his family in his native corrupt Mexico!

Read story here.

How did this alleged Murderer get to become a U.S. citizen let alone a U.S. Marine?


Sur-13 gang members indicted in Florida Read story here.


NC Grand Jury Indicts Four in alleged Gang Rape

A North Carolina paper has reported that four men from Pitt County, NC were indicted on first-degree kidnapping and first-degree rape charges this week.  A woman, 20,  has alleged that the men, two whom were acquaintances, drove her to a remote location and raped her.  The victim stated that she thought they were driving to a store to get change.

Charged left to right, Walter Morales Ramires, 26,  Luis Mateo Morales, 24, Pedro Vasquez, 27, and Fernando Cruz, 41.

The NC based immigration reform group, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), believes the indicted men are in the US illegally and that important fact is being ignored by the media. [If US borders were secure, the alleged attackers would have been prevented from entering the US, therefore they wouldn't have had the opportunity to kidnap and rape the woman.]

ALIPAC president William Gheen states that the national media reported extensively of the alleged rape at Duke University but the media has ignored several other gang rapes attributed to illegal aliens in NC.  

Note:  Indictments aren't convictions.  OJJPAC will report on the eventual verdicts of guilt or innocence for each defendant. 


Illegal Alien arrested over 8 times; now suspect in 3 rapes




Help John Walsh catch these illegal aliens wanted in the death of a 12-year-old.

See fugitive profiles here.



Read story here. 1-3-07



 A New Haven Connecticut federal grand jury retuned a 15-count Indictment this week, charging lawyer Jose L. Del Castillo, 47, with 14 counts of document fraud and one count of making false statements. Del Castillo is principal of Del Castillo & Associates, LLC, of Hartford.

Read story here. 1-3-07


Corrupt ICE & Border agents go to prison 

Criminal: Nora Alvarado  Read story here 12-13-06

   Criminal: David Duque, Jr. Read story here 12-13-06



Another scandal at the US Citizenship & Immigration Services (CIS)...

Government employees arrested for giving illegal aliens US citizenship in exchange for bribes:

  • Jimmie Ortega, former Supervisory District Adjudications Officer
  • Oscar Fabregas, Supervisory District Adjudications Officer
  • Rafaelina Pichardo
  • Jamlet Garcia
  • Andrea Peguero Santillana
  • Alberto Colon
  • Bilerca Santana
  • Jose Almonte

Remaining at-large and 


Blas Israel Diaz,  Jose Lora,  and Diaulicia Caba



Read entire story here...


Corruption at its worst...

US military pilot gets 17 years for smuggling 200,000 ecstasy pills on US Air Force plane 

Read about this bum and his buddy here...

Note: Did you know Latino gang members are joining the US military in order to obtain military training (how to kill, shoot, ambush, etc.) so they can utilize those skills against the police and citizens of the US?  


 Illegal alien child sex offenders' busted in US
Some face federal prosecution for re-entry after deportation

[Remember to thank your member of Congress  for allowing these criminals easy access to your children.]

Read about it here!



Initial indictment story here.   Guilty plea story here.  1-4-06


Corrupt veteran police officer found guilty

Hired and armed illegal foreign nationals in USA for profit


Huston, TX-- Veteran Houston police officer David Rodriguez pleaded guilty Monday to federal charges of conspiring to employ and arm illegal aliens.

Rodriguez, who employed illegal aliens as armed guards for his security firm, was indicted last summer after authorities found out about his illegal activities.  The US Attorney's office charged that Rodriguez's security firm used the illegal aliens to provide security at bars where illegal drugs sales and child prostitution took place.  

Rodriquez is now in jail awaiting his January sentencing which could put him in prison for up to five years and result in a $250,000 fine.  Rodriguez's father was also involved in the scheme and is awaiting trial.

Read more here!

Note: It is time for the U.S. Department of Justice to stop the public corruption in illegal alien "sanctuary cities" like Huston.   



How much crime, unemployment, medical expense, family break-ups would this much cocaine cause?  The government needs to put a price on it so we really know the true human and financial costs of illegal immigration. 

Read story here. 1-6-07



Illegal arrested for child molestation jumps bail...Duh!

1-7-06 A judge's decision to set an alleged Mexican illegal alien molester's bail at $5K was a stupid decision.  After being released on bail, the defendant didn't show up to court...duh!  OJJPAC would like to know why there wasn't an Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold on the illegal which would have prevented the defendant from being released.  Read story here.  


Haitian-American community health organization's  former director sentenced to 8 years in prison

Gomez Accime submitted 10,000 fraudulent immigration docs

Gomez Accime, the former executive director of The Haitian-American Community Health Organization of South Florida, Inc., has been sentenced to eight years in prison after being convicted of submitting fraudulent immigration documents and applications for thousands of immigrants. [Were the "immigrants" legally or illegally in the US?  Why would legal immigrants need fraudulent documents?]

Accime reportedly charged each "client" $450 for the fraudulent documents, earning in excess of $3 million.  [Why the government only fined Accime $50,000 doesn't make sense to OJJPAC.]

Note: What reports don't discuss too is how much this massive fraud has cost taxpayers, since it sounds like the "applications" were to federal agencies--perhaps those handing out taxpayer funded benefits.


Temporary employment agency employed illegal aliens at several jobsites across northern Ohio

HV Connect operator Trung Q. Nguygen sentenced to 30 months in prison

11-2-07  Trung Q. Nguyen, 46, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was sentenced to 30 months in prison after pleading guilty to a number of charges stemming from an illegal alien hiring scheme.  Nguyen was convicted of conspiracy to transport and harbor aliens, conspiracy to commit money laundering, conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud, harboring aliens, employing ten or more aliens, and money laundering.   Read story here.


Civil Rights Hate Crime News

Latino gang members allegedly murder 14-year-old girl because she was black  Read story here. 1-6-07


Border Patrol agents that shot drug trafficker may go to prison 

Campaign to pardon agents gets support  Read story here. 1-5-07

Note: The shot drug trafficker, who allegedly was illegally transporting over 200 pounds of illegal drugs into the US, was given immunity by a US prosecutor to testify against the border patrol agents.  Is prosecutorial injustice taking place here?  It certainly sounds suspicious and deserves review before these agents are locked up for something most Americans would have done themselves--defend themselves.

Update: The Bush Justice Department sent the two Border Agents to prison.  They gave the drug smuggler a few million dollars too (our tax dollars--going to a Mexican criminal--shot while bringing drugs into the US to sell to our children).  Many people and groups (including OJJPAC), think this is insane and are demanding that the Border Agents (who were doing their job) should be pardoned.   Needless to say, the convictions have had a chilling effect on other Border Agents.  Another way the Bush administration is trying to prevent border enforcement.



Princess cuts deal with prosecutors-- will accept deportation after six months home confinement for medieval treatment of servants and US immigration law violations.

Read story here. 12-22-06


Weird but true: Dead illegal alien calls authorities from grave

A story about crime, corruption, document fraud and an illegal alien and her bail bondsman. A story every judge and law enforcement agent should read.  Read here!  12-9-06



How do you explain the gun and cocaine?  Tools of his trade?

Read story here!  Posted 11-28-06


 Illegal alien invader Raul Gomez-Garcia finally on trial for allegedly killing police officer in 2005

Gomez-Garcia allegedly shot and killed Young who was providing security at a private party in Denver, CO in 2005.  Click here for story.

[Note: Officer Young's murder is listed in OJJPAC's "Victims of Illegal Immigration Memorial" above.]


Mexican National Sentenced to Life in Prison after Meth Bust G

Mexican Drug Operation in Virginia Responsible for Ruining Thousands of American Families 

Verdugo-Munoz, a Mexican national with four prior drug felony convictions, was finally sentenced after his last November, 2003 arrest.  Verdugo-Munoz was arrested nearly three years ago with two pounds of methamphetamine, equivalent to 14,528 meth user doses. The street value of the methamphetamine was estimated to be $581,120.  More information here.


Illegal alien arrested in September, 2006 murder of Huston police officer

Juan Leonardo Quintero allegedly shot officer Rodney Johnson four times in head during traffic stop.

Click here for story


Two Mexican nationals allegedly caught "improving their lives" by destroying the lives of America's children and families with drugs.  Click here for story.

Will one of your family members have to die before you take a stand against illegal immigration? 


More drug arrests...

Two more likely illegals, Eduardo Mariscal, 31, and Leobardo Vega, 31, were arrested after Police raided a $6 Million marijuana-growing operation in a US forest.  Other suspects escaped.    Click here for story.

[Luckily for the escapees, there are plenty of major US cities that provide sanctuary for illegals thanks to  pandering city councils and mayors.]


Fugitive captured after 'drive-by" spitting incident against civil rights activists

 September 2, 2006--   Hugo Maldonado, 24 was arrested in Lake Forest, California, after spitting at civil rights activists protesting against illegal immigration corruption.  Maldonado allegedly drove past the civil rights activists and spit on them.  Police stopped Maldonado who then tried to flee but was captured on foot.

Police checked Maldonado for warrants and found out that he had an outstanding felony arrest warrant.  Maldonado  now faces charges of assault and resisting arrest too.  It is currently unknown if Maldonado is in the US legally. 


DEA, U.S. Coast Guard Apprehend Cartel Leader off Coast of Southern California

Click here for story.


 Illegal alien arrested in FL rape case 

10/5/06   According to the Orlando Sentinel, Joaquin Monrroy, 28, an illegal alien, was arrested October 5th for allegedly raping a 16-year-old girl in Orlando, Florida.

Monrroy reportedly was previously deported to Mexico in 1994, reentered the US, obtained a Florida state ID in 1997, and got a work visa in 2004. 

Please remember to thank your local, state and federal public officials for allowing this to happen.


Another illegal alien going to prison for raping girl at knifepoint

Read about it here


Alleged Illegal Alien Mortgage Fraud Ring Busted!

Arrested for allegedly stealing from Americans were:

Edgar De La Rosa, 28; Adela Hernandez, 37; Ventura Moreno, 39; Arturo Flores, 41; Manuel Barron, 43; Ruben Martinez, 26; Manuel Jilenez-Galindo, 29, and Inocencio Landa-Madera, 33.

Read more here


Illegals growing rich by addicting America's children to drugs?

Over 1 million dollars, guns, and cocaine seized in illegal alien drug bust in TN

Arrested: (1) Edgar RAYO-NAVARRO, a/k/a Arturo; (2) Luis MONDRAGON-VIVIANO, a/k/a Chaparro; (3) Jorge URQUIZA-FERNANDEZ; (4) Oscar TORRES-NAVARRO, a/k/a Chaparrito; (5) Javier LUVIANO; (6) Jesus PINEDA-CAMACHO, a/k/a Chuy; (7) Luis Alonso MUNOZ-RODRIGUEZ; (8) Mario Alberto SILVA-QUINTANILLA; and (9) Fransisco PINEDA-DIAZ, a/k/a PANCHO

More illegals allegedly improving their lives by corrupting America....

Read more here!  10/27/06


Twice deported Illegal alien convicted in death of college dean

Marcos Ramos Medina was in the US illegally and used multiple identities

Read story here


Illegal alien teens with AK-47's arrested in Texas

Previously deported Mexican teen nationals were arrested this week in Texas but not until after they allegedly perpetrated several home invasions, a drive-by shooting, and a sexual assault.

One of the criminals attempted to identify himself as a 16-year-old juvenile in order to confuse law enforcement and avoid adult charges.  However, a finger print check identified him as a twice deported 19-year-old Mexican national.  The other suspect is believed to be a 16-year-old.

The Mexican suspects are facing charges of attempted murder, aggravated robbery, aggravated sexual assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

  [Note: What prevents these criminals from entering Ohio?  Virtually nothing.  That is why OJJPAC has been encouraging increased interior enforcement of existing immigration laws and the elimination of sanctuary city protections.]


Illegal alien charged with first-degree murder

Woman's dragged body left mile long bloody trail 

Read a news account with photo here


Illegal alien admits to recent murder of NYC actress!

Movie star Adrienne Shelly, 40, murdered in her home by illegal alien laborer

Read a New York Post article here  11-7-06 


Smell of pot lead cop to illegal alien with loaded .45 gun

Read story here!  Posted 11-28-06


Mexican woman claimed she wanted to enter the US to shop

Customs agents find 8.5 kilos of cocaine in her car.

The only shopping Elizabeth Cristina Alvarez-Gallardo, 36 will now do is in a prison gift shop.               Read story here. 12-21-06

Note:  I expect that 8 kilos of cocaine could ruin thousands of American lives and cost taxpayers millions due to the effects of drug addiction: job loss, divorce, bankruptcy, domestic violence, crime, and expensive medical and rehabilitation services. 

This demonstrates how much damage one Mexican criminal (Elizabeth Cristina Alvarez-Gallardo) can do to the US--and we have well over 11 million illegals now  roaming the US.  Is it any wonder why the US is still fighting the "drug war?"  


"Undocumented immigrant" [Illegal Alien] with long criminal history gets 127 years for latest crimes

Read story here 12-12-06



Read more here!

Note: Not surprisingly these crimes are taking place in Huston, Texas, an official  illegal alien "sanctuary city."  To learn about sanctuary cities, go back to the home page and click on the "Sanctuary City, USA" page hyperlink.            10/25/06


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