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Scroll down for laws and proposed legislation concerning illegal immigration.  This is NOT a comprehensive list of laws and legislation.  If you know of a House or Senate bill not listed here, send an email and it will be add to the list as time allows.

Notes: If you find an error(s) please send an email so the information can be corrected. This page has not been recently updated.



 Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act HB 56 Text (as enrolled)


Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act

 HB 56 Text (as enrolled)

Is Alabama law encouraging Illegal Aliens to leave schools and state?

 Read story here.

 Alabama implements new law focusing on illegal aliens in state

 Read story here.

Opponents ask courts to void Alabama illegal alien law

Fed Judge OK's some enforcement provisions, blocks others

  Read story here.

Obama Administration sues Alabama over illegal aliens law; DHS won't help state implement plan

  Read AP story here. 10-26-11


Legal Arizona Workers Act (House Bill 2779): Imposes sanctions on employers that hire illegal aliens. Becomes law January 1, 2008.


Copy of the Escondido Illegal Immigration Resolution  Click here.


   Los Angeles to stop seizing cars of illegal aliens; U.S. citizens cars only to be seized

Read article here.


Read story here.


Georgia's HB 87 constitutionality challenged. The ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, and other illegal alien rights groups are challenging Georgia's new illegal immigration enforcement law.  Read story here.

Corrupt Mexico and other south of border nations file briefs against Georgia's illegal alien law.  Lawsuit says Georgia's HB 87 unconstitutional  Read story here.

 Enforcement News:

 Georgia Campaign

Clinton Judge appointee puts hold on parts of GA Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011 (HB87)


Georgia Latino Alliance For Human Rights, et al.

 vs. Nathan Deal, Governor of the State of Georgia, et al.

Read U.S. District Court Judge Thrash's order here.

Who else is suing Georgia over this law?  Here is a complete list of the plaintiffs:

Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights; Service Employees International Union; Southern Regional Joint Board of Workers' United; DREAM Activist.org; Task Force for the Homeless; Asian American Legal Advocacy Center; Alterna; Coalition of Latino Leaders; Instituto de Mexico, Inc. of Atlanta; Coalition for the People's Agenda; Paul Bridges; Benjamin Speight; Everitt Howe; Paul J. Edwards; Sharon Gruner; Jane Doe # I; Jaypaul Singh; Ernesto Pinon; John Doe # I; John Doe #2; and Jane Doe #2

Illegals Rally at Georgia State House in protest of HB87

Read story here.




1st Amendment corner:

Michigan's Coldwater City Council bans Tea Party signs in city park

Read  story here.

OJJPAC Note:  We suspect that such a ban violates the 1st Amendment.




Obama Justice Dept. may sue Indiana over immigration enforcement law. Read story here.




Kentucky Senate passes bill cracking down on Illegal Aliens

Read what SB 6 does here.

Illegal alien supporters' plan strategy to defeat enforcement bill in Kentucky House

Read story here.

No surprise: Kentucky Newspaper Editorial attacks enforcement bill; says too expensive to enforce law

Read editorial here.

(Note: The usual excuse--but the editorial doesn't consider the greater cost of not enforcing the law, not to mention that illegal immigration seriously erodes U.S. sovereignty and our right to self-determination. )


 North Carolina Passes Legislation to Protect its Citizens from Illegal Aliens

The North Carolina Legislature passed several pieces of legislation this week to remedy serious fiscal and law enforcement problems caused by a massive influx of illegal aliens into the state.  Feeling the heat of victimized constituents and organizations (e.g.,  Americans for Legal Immigration), the state legislature passed several bills in the final days of its legislative session.  

The changes:  

NC had an infamous reputation for its lax drivers license registration application process -- so hundreds of thousands of illegals would travel to NC just to obtain a driver's license, even though they didn't live there. [Now you know why you see so many Mexicans and Central Americans driving vehicles with NC plates].  NC license applications now require a valid social security number.  It is hoped the new rules with reduce the significant number of NC citizens killed by intoxicated illegal aliens and make it more difficult for them to commit fraud and plan acts of terrorism.

Applicants for state jobs beginning January 1, 2007, will have to prove legal presence or citizenship.  School systems have until March to implement the new rule.  

One of the most significant changes will be that NC local and state police agencies will now enforce immigration laws, including its new state human trafficking laws.




  Battle for the Borough of Hightstown, NJ

Hightstown, NJ-- Public concern over a controversial illegal alien sanctuary Resolution passed by the Borough of Hightstown Council in March, 2005 has sparked renewed debate at a recent Borough council meeting.   

The Times article here.

Will Hightstown support the rule of law or continue down the low road of race card politics and the aiding and abetting of lawlessness and corruption?




Judge Sarah Singleton blocks New Mexico's crackdown on illegal alien drivers license loophole

 Read story here.

OJJPAC note:  Once an illegal alien or terrorist obtains a valid U.S. drivers license, that license can be use to obtain other valid ID which can be used to establish themselves in a community and carry out additional illegal activities, such as illegal narcotics distribution and ID theft.  Read story here.


State of New Mexico:

Dems block bill to stop illegal aliens from getting New Mexico drivers licenses

Read El Paso Times story here.

Governor Martinez supported bill to block illegal aliens driving privileges

Read story here.


Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act of 2007


Oregon's Democratic Governor Pushes for Drivers Licenses for Illegals

Read story here.


Illegal Immigration Relief Act, Passed by Hazelton City Council, Hazelton, PA


Rhode Island Governor signs Executive Order cracking down on Illegal Immigration

Read executive order here.

R Good!


State of South Dakota

Bills introduced to crack down on Illegal Aliens

Read story here.


Legislation in Texas:

Legislator introduces bill to require schools to count enrolled illegal aliens

Read story here.


  Texas Dems protect illegal alien sanctuaries; kill prohibition bill in TX House

Read story here.



Citizens in Washington State gathering signatures to bypass illegal alien pandering legislature

Good luck to Craig Keller, Co-founder of Respect Washington which has launched an initiative petition drive called "Respect for Law." It makes sanctuaries for illegal aliens a state crime, mandates E-Verify, and requires verification of citizenship to vote and legal presence to obtain a driver's license.

Respect Washington

If you would like to help, click above


State of Washington

Bills introduced to stop out-of-state residents from getting WA drivers licenses

Read story here.


  Dems defeat bill to stop illegal aliens from driving in Washington state

Read story here.



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