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Mexican drug cartels and US politics

Are Mexican drug cartels infiltrating federal, state and local government offices?  One retired L.A. Sheriff believes they have been successful in taking over city governments in some California towns.

OJJPAC has had an interest in researching how Mexican drug lords have attempted to protect and insulate their multi billion dollar illegal US drug operations by co-opting, bribing or placing their minions' in political, administrative, and or law enforcement positions. 

With at least 12 million Mexican illegal aliens now moving at-will around the country, the cartels are able to set up operations in virtually any community in the US.



Pres. Obama pushes for Nightmarish Dream Act and Amnesty in State of the Union

Washington, D.C. -- President Obama asked Congress to grant an Illegal Aliens Amnesty and pass the nightmarish DREAM Act in Tuesday's State of the Union speech on Capitol Hill.

Pres. Obama claimed to put more "boots" on the border then ever before. He also alleged that there are fewer illegal crossings since he took office.  This is nonsense.   In fact, the Border Patrol's own Union has little confidence in the Obama administration desire to give them the support they need to do their job. 

In fact, Obama recently OKed a plan to deport only the worst of worst criminals.  So most of these criminals who are not deported will remain in the U.S. to commit more crimes until they murder someone--if the president thinks that a serious enough crime to actually punish and deport them.


Will Communist China sell-off much of it's estimated $1 Trillion in US currency?  It has been reported that 10% China's cash reserves are now in US dollars--$1 trillion of them!  But since the US dollar has slid in value (costing China an estimated $300 billion), rumors are circulating that the Chinese want to sell-off much of its reserve in US greenbacks and buy Euros instead.  

The tricky part for the Chinese is how to sell a big block of USD's without causing a world-wide currency panic that would further devaluate the US dollar--before they could unload the lot.  If the Chinese do dump a lot of US dollars on the market, the implications for the US could be severe.  6-10-11 UPDATE:  This article was first posted in 2009.  Over the past year, China has dumped a significant amount of U.S. Treasury bonds.  I suspect the Chinese are putting their money into gold now.


Steve Salvi, Founder of OJJPAC.org

Blogging from Maryland:

It is time to hold the President's and Congress' Feet to the Fire!

This week the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) will be holding its annual "Feet to the Fire" lobby days event on Capitol Hill.  The purpose of the event is to help educate and influence members of Congress on the dire need to change the federal government's longstanding unwritten policy of not enforcing U.S. immigration laws--and then claiming the immigration system is broken.  

As an organization, FAIR has been often unfairly maligned and vilified by its opponents, claiming that it is a "racist" organization or people involved in the organization are racist.  I believe much of the unfair attacks are the result of FAIR's successes in addressing the issue of illegal immigration with facts, figures, and the rule of law.  Other groups that oppose illegal immigration but support legal immigration have been unfairly attacked too--when they become too successful in the eyes of the "open-border lobby."

 As someone who has risked my life and limb for civil rights, my research of FAIR found no basis in fact for the despicable claims.   It is time to debate the issue of illegal immigration on the merits of one's arguments-- not by fabricating lies about opponents--mixing vicious half-truths with destructive innuendos with the intent of undermining a person's or group's public credibility and thereby silencing their voice in the debate.

If an organization can convince the public that someone or group is a "hate monger" or "racist", even if they are not, the victim can be significantly silenced or even excluded from the debate. 

With the President and congressional leaders desiring to resurrect a known policy failure of the past (the 1980's Amnesty for illegal aliens) as a solution for today's illegal immigration crisis, we need more reasoned voices and choices in the debate, not less.

It's not a coincidence that those groups who scream racism also oppose every common sense and effective program devised to stop illegal migration and the enforcement of our immigration laws.  The fact is they don't want immigration controls nor a sovereign nation.

It may be wishful thinking that the race card will no longer be pulled from the illegal immigration debate deck--because when one player has a decidedly bad hand, all they can do is attempt to distract and bluff their way through the game.


Russian spy ring wake up call

Perhaps one spy was successful

By Steve Salvi, Founder, OJJPAC.org

While the Obama administration is busy suing the governor of the State of Arizona for trying to stop the 500,000 illegal aliens that cross from Mexico in Arizona each year, the Obama political machine is also encouraging congress to pass a mass amnesty that would legalize millions of illegal foreign nationals now in the U.S.  

One advocate of the Obama plan was none other than Spanish language newspaper journalist Vicky Pelaez, a Peruvain-born naturalized U.S. citizen--and now found out spy for the Russian government.  Her and her Russian-born husband Mikhail Vasenkov, reportedly lived in Yonkers, New York (near NYC, still a sanctuary city for illegal aliens).

Pelaez wrote for El Dario La Prensa, a Spanish language newspaper published by ImpreMedia, which claims to be the largest Hispanic print and online information and news company in the U.S., reaching over 60% percent of all Hispanics in the nation. 

What was Pelaez feeding her Hispanic readership in El Dario La Pensa?  Here is an editorial written by Pelaez in El Dario that was translated from Spanish into English by the New York Community Media Alliance (a project of the Fund for the City of New York) in February, 2009.    The title of her writing:  "Undocumented immigrants: Organize or die."

Another one of Pelaez's articlespublished in El Dario The prison industry in the United States: big business or a new form of slavery?  could also be found in a number of left-wing websites, including one run by the Communist Party of the USA, Political  Affairs.net, a self described site offering "Marxist thought online."

A google search of The prison industry in the United States: big business or a new form of slavery? returned over 1,800 hits.  If If the Russians wanted Pelaez's writing to ferment anti-capitalism and racial and ethnic division in the U.S., perhaps they succeeded.  If you visit websites where Pelaez's article was republished, you can find anti-capitalist and ethnic/race based commentary.

Interestingly, this Russian spy's article was even cited on an Asian Wikipedia site as evidence that U.S. prisons are rooted in slavery and are basically operate no differently than Chinese labor camps.  Could beliefs like this ferment distrust and hatred of the U.S. by around the globe?  Might that be something that Russia's external foreign intelligence services (GRU and SVR) might want to do to help destabilize their cold war opponent?  I think so.  In fact, it's been going on for decades and it has a name: Active measures or Service A.  There has also been some conjecture that the Russians were involved in active measures to stir up Muslims against the West by influencing the publication of the cartoon depicting the Prophet Mohammad. 

Pelaez and her husband reportedly were flown to Moscow last week in an apparent spy-trade deal.  Pelaez is said to eventually return to her native Peru.

Caution:  Information found on Wikipedia pages are not always accurate nor authoritative.  Links to Wikipedia are sometimes provided to assist you in beginning your own research on a subject. 

More to come on this story.


Did President Obama Lie?

  At best he doesn't know what he's talking about. 

By Steve Salvi

When President Obama gave his televised speech to the country on September 9th, he told the public that health care reform that he wants passed does not include coverage for the 12-20 million illegal aliens now living illegally in the United States.  After hearing Obama's assertion, a Congressman named Wilson yelled out "that's a lie" or words to that affect.  

As someone (me) who has studied the issue, I can say that the President is wrong--illegal aliens will be covered if health care reform passes as currently written.  Why?  Because in a party line vote some weeks ago Democrats killed an amendment to the bill that would have required the verification of citizenship.  Since there is now no method of verification of citizenship in any of the bills being advanced by the Congressional leadership, Obama's assertion is either a bold face lie or he doesn't understand the real outcomes of the legislative proposals he supports.  The non-partisan Congressional Research Service's research also came to the conclusion that illegal aliens won't be excluded because although it says illegals are not to be covered, it does not provide any mechanism to exclude them.  So as long as illegal aliens don't say they are illegals, they will enjoy the same benefits of the health care plan as legal citizens. 


Obama's ethnocentric Labor Secretary Hilda Solis is undermining American Labor to help her illegal alien backers.

 Hilda Solis 


to the





Obama's pick of Ethnocentric Hispanic to lead U.S. Department of Labor turning out be be a disaster for American workers

By Steve Salvi

It hasn't taken long for U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis' Hispanic/Latino ethnocentrism to undermine the mission of  the U.S. Department of  Labor.

Rather than working for the welfare of all legal American wage earners (and legal alien workers), Secretary Solis is using her position as Labor Secretary to advocate for an amnesty for the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens already in the United States. 

Secretary Solis ignores the fact that millions of legal American workers are losing their construction jobs, manufacturing jobs, and service jobs due to illegal foreign workers.  Solis has shown no desire to stop illegal immigration or demonstrate empathy for displaced American workers.  Solis  only offers false hope that if illegal aliens are given amnesty under the euphemism of "comprehensive immigration reform," somehow displaced American workers would benefit too. 

America's unemployed should not hold their breath.  A similar "comprehensive immigration reform" amnesty scheme was passed by Congress in the 1980's.  That amnesty gave legal status to  millions of illegal alien Hispanics  too and  promised to end illegal immigration.  The outcome was just the opposite.  Illegal immigration into the U.S. increased  from three  million to a conservative 12-20 million illegal aliens, most of which migrated  from Mexico and Latin America.  

Promises of aggressive enforcement of U.S. immigration laws evaporated soon after Congress passed the 1986 amnesty, allowing  millions of illegal aliens to continued to flow into the U.S..  The passage of the 1986 amnesty also gave hope to illegal immigration supporters that they could get future amnesties passed through Congress.  Some people would argue that since 1986 a number of limited de facto amnesties have passed.   Certainly over the past few years grand amnesties have been attempted and only failed due to overwhelming public opposition rallied by a growing number of civic-minded public policy groups, including OJJPAC.org.  One of the most intense amnesty battles of  recent years was the so-called Kennedy-McCain bill which was thankfully defeated.

Now Secretary Solis, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and the Obama administration are scheming again to repeat the amnesty folly of 1986.  Their intent is not to stop illegal migration but transform millions of illegal alien into voters.  To Hispanic politicians that means more votes, more tax dollars for their districts and increased political clout.  President Obama's payoff is likely wide Hispanic support for his re-election in four years.  What does the average U.S. citizen taxpayer get?  Screwed.

By legalizing millions of illegal aliens, the aliens not only get  to live legally in the U.S. but becomes legally  entitled to a myriad of other taxpayer funded benefits.  The cost of these benefits will quickly add up to billions and  trillions of dollars--that will have to be paid for by you--the taxpayer.   Furthermore, I would argue that it is not in the interests of the United States to legalize a population that has already demonstrated their contempt for our country's laws and sovereignty, and are unlikely to assimilate as past legal immigrants have done. 

Legalizing millions of illegal aliens will also likely spark massive chain migration since millions of families once legalized can petition the U.S. government to admit other family members into the U.S..  Once those new arrivals enter the U.S., they can  petition the government to allow their spouses relatives to live the U.S.-- creating a chain of migration which will add additional millions of poor, uneducated, and unemployable people to the U.S. population and welfare rolls. 

Secretary Solis, the Hispanic Congressional Caucus, nor the Obama administration are concerned about the consequences their amnesty boondoggle will have on ALL Americans.  This gang is  not concerned what negative effects an amnesty  will have on America's existing legal workforce, the current 13 million unemployed Americans, or the working poor who will have to compete for work with the newly legalized aliens,  Secretary Solis' and her co-conspirators are also not concerned about  the massive financial burden an amnesty will undoubtedly place on American taxpayers and our already near bankrupt government.   Solis' and her pro-amnesty ilk are only concerned about keeping and expanding their  political power in order to advance their ethnocentric and socialistic objectives.   Legislation, executive orders, taxation and spending are their criminal tools to get the job done.  Did I mention government currency printing presses?

Since the vast majority of these migrants will be poor and uneducated, the burden on local, state, and federal government budgets will be enormous.  Even without Congress passing an amnesty since 1986, California's current  illegal alien population has already helped bankrupt the state, forced  hospitals to close, increased education costs, turned safe neighborhoods into gang war zones.  Because of quality of life issues, some  Californians are now fleeing the state.

With polls consistently demonstrating  voters' overwhelming opposition to illegal immigration and amnesty, pro amnesty forces in Congress and in the Obama administration (such as Solis) are once again attempting to pass an amnesty to seal a political deal that will displace millions of Americans from their jobs and ultimately cost taxpayers tens of billions of dollars each year to subsidize millions of illiterate illegal aliens.  It also explains the Obama administrations full court press to undermine Arizona's legislative attempt to deal with the 500,000 illegal aliens that cross over its border from Mexico each year.




U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy dead at 77

By Steve Salvi

Condolences to the Kennedy family and friends upon the death of U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy.  I met the Senator several times when he ran for POTUS in 1980.  I think it was in 2007 that OJJPAC fought (along with many other groups) to defeat the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty for illegal aliens.  

The truth is that Senator Kennedy is responsible for many of the problems we now have with illegal immigration.  His support for a number of initiatives during his long tenure in  the U.S. Senate undermined America's national security and our citizens' ability to find work.  How?  The  so-called "Senate Lion" supported initiatives that worked indirectly but significantly to advance jobs being siphoned off little by little to illegal aliens smuggled into the country from South of our border by organized crime.   

His "good intentions" have resulted in hurting the poor and lower middle class-- the very Americans he claimed to represent in Congress.  His support for illegal aliens has helped displace millions of American workers and helped establish illegal alien neighborhoods around the U.S..  Those "illegal"  neighborhoods now centers for identity theft, document fraud, human smuggling, the child sex trade, and bases of operation for Mexican/Latin American drug cartels.   The Senator was blind to see how his initiatives could result in so much corruption and bring so much despair to Americans displaced by people who are not even legally in the U.S..

Undoubtedly Senator Kennedy had an impact on the U.S. Senate.  While he may have fought for some commendable legislation, he also used his power to advance reckless legislative proposals that did not serve the interests of our nation or people.  It's time to take off the Rose colored legacy glasses and view Senator Kennedy's record in light of actual  results, not lines of expected outcome taken from floor speeches he likely did not even write.  


 Senate Democratic Leadership Undermining U.S. Border Security? Senate Democrats continue to play politics with the national security of the United States.  The latest ploy to fool the American people is one we have seen before.  It involves the Senate voting to fund border security so it looks like they are serious about border security but then gutting border security financing quietly in a committee.  

In this case, the Senate had voted 95-1 to spend $3 billion on border security.  The amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill would have bolstered U.S. border security, including a much needed hiring of another 5,000 border patrol agents, money for a security fence, and additional detention beds so illegal alien criminals would not be caught and released back into the U.S..  However, in a conference committee, the $3 billion dollars was cut from the Defense Appropriations Bill by Senate Democrats all but ensuring that the Department of Homeland Security won't get the money for border security.  Why?  Because the Democrats added the money to a bill that President Bush plans to veto--killing the bill and the money for border security. 

Why would Democrats do this?  The Democrats have had a national political strategy of getting illegal aliens to join the Democratic Party.  To do that, they need to make illegal aliens citizens.  That is why they have been supporting Amnesty for illegal aliens (what they call "comprehensive immigration reform").  Since border security is the last thing illegal aliens want (since it prevents them and their relatives from illegally entering the U.S.) the Democrats are fighting any program that supports the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws, including U.S. border security. However, they will publicly pretend that they are strong supporters of border security. 


While Americans wonder if they will have a job tomorrow, Pres. Obama's illegal alien auntie is reportedly partying with Democratic bigwigs in Washington, D.C.


Amazing.  This story is fit for Ripley's Believe It or Not.  Although ordered deported over four years ago, President Barack Obama's aunt Zeituni Onyango, an illegal alien from Kenya,  was seen this week in the nation's capital partying with Ohio's top Democrats at the exclusive Mayflower Hotel. 

Last October, the Associated Press published a story about Onyango who had been living in public housing for at least several years (how much did this cost taxpayers?) but evidently wasn't so poor since she made illegal campaign contributions to the Obama political campaign.

Onyango, who is now believed to live in Cleveland, Ohio, has hired Cleveland immigration attorney Margaret Wong to fight her deportation.  An interesting question: where did Ms. Onyango get the money to hire Wong or party in one of Washington DC's swankiest hotels since she's reportedly been living on public assistance?  (Did I mentioned she was already ordered to be deported in 2004 for being in the U.S. illegally?)  President Obama's mantra over the past year has been "CHANGE."  Well, his first order of business should be to change George Bush's lax immigration enforcement policy which as allowed Onyango a five-year holiday at taxpayer expense. 

Obama's talk about the importance of the rule-of-law is cheap if he supports a two-tiered system that allows known foreign fugitives to roam free while American taxpayers get to pay for their illegal stay--which may include housing, food, education, and medical care.  American citizens go to jail for evading taxes (taxes the IRS collects  to pay for public services for illegal aliens).  Does this seem fair to you?  Is there any need to wonder why the country is going bankrupt?  Common sense has been replaced by corruption in many sectors other than banking and the rule of law seems to have taken a holiday with Ms. Onyango.  - By Steve Salvi, OJJPAC.org

How would Martin Luther King, Jr. judge Onyango's content of her character?

 Probably not well.  Onyango has violated the pillars of character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. She entered the country under false pretenses, did not leave when required, and is taking public benefits that others must work and suffer to earn.


Who proposed  regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and who opposed it?

  The answer is surprising based on what Nancy Pelosi is telling the public

OJJPAC found a New York Times article by Stephen LaBaton from September, 2003 that discusses a proposal from the Bush administration to more closely regulate and manage the risks of the rapid growth of  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's portfolios. Members of Congress fought the regulation, including someone who is now blaming others for his own foolishness.  Read the article here.  Draw your own conclusions about who is now lying to the American people.  10-13-08 Update:  In the last presidential debate John McCain said he warned about Fannie May and Freddie Mac years ago.  Here is a letter that substantiates his claim.  McCain's signature is on the letter, but President-Elect Obama's is not. 


 White House will continue to drag its feet on enforcing existing immigration laws.  

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff signaled on Sunday's Fox News morning program that the White House will continue to drag its feet on enforcing existing immigration laws while at the same time claiming that they are aggressively enforcing immigration laws.  Chertoff said it was unfortunate that the Kennedy-McCain immigration reform [Amnesty bill] didn't pass because he claimed that DHS needed enforcement tools included in the bill.

 However, when asked if the White House would ask Congress to pass these enforcement measures without any amnesty attached, Chertoff said no, clearly signaling that the White House want Amnesty, not real enforcement.  And when Fox News asked Chertoff why not just enforce existing immigration laws, Chertoff claimed they are aggressively enforcing immigration laws, citing  700 enforcement actions taken this year.

"Chertoff's claim that DHS is aggressively enforcing existing immigration laws is ludicrous," said Steve Salvi, founder of OJJPAC.org.  Salvi said that 700 actions would equal only 14 actions per state.  "That's not even a drop in the enforcement bucket--and I'm not even so sure I believe that number."   Salvi also cited the case of Elvira Arellano, an illegal alien in Chicago who has committed ID fraud and faces felony immigration charges but remains free and even conducts  regular new conferences, yet is  never arrested by ICE.

"If the DHS Secretary believes the enforcement tools that were in the Amnesty bill are important to national security, why won't he and the President ask Congress for them now?  The answer is clear--real enforcement of US immigration laws was never the purpose of President Bush's "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" initiative--the only purpose was to achieve an Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens," concluded Salvi.

What is one reason we still have millions of illegal aliens in our villages, towns, and cities?

Michael Chertoff

US Secretary of Homeland Security 


OJJPAC.ORG urges caution in proposed $700 BILLION WALL STREET BAILOUT.

Cleveland, OH-- OJJPAC.org urged Congress not to rush the passage of the Bush Administration's $700 billion Wall Street bailout.  "Members of Congress are going to be voting on legislation that they have not read or understand.  That is foolish," said Steve Salvi, founder of OJJPAC.org and someone who has studied the mortgage market prior to it meltdown. 

Salvi believes that the proposed bailout will make little difference to settle the financial markets. "If you want sound financial markets, you need to make sound loans.  What happened here is that there was massive mortgage fraud and bad loans being made involving real estate companies, appraisers, loan officers, brokers, and borrowers."  As an example, Salvi points to an illegal alien living in California who got a $600,000 loan even though he only had a sixth grade education and earned $9.00 an hour.

"This bad paper was knowingly packaged and sold up the chain to investors, eventually into the portfolios of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac-- who should have known they were buying garbage.  The loans aren't worth the paper their written on--and now Congress wants U.S. taxpayers to spend $700 billion to buy this mostly worthless paper," said Salvi. 

Salvi said the proposed bailout is more about  failed politics and corruption than a solution. "This is only the beginning of the bailout requests--they will be asking for billions more, including pressure from foreign governments (like Communist China) that have been financing the U.S. debt for years.  The credit card industry is also ripe for a meltdown.  It's been loose in granting credit and the day of reckoning may be coming soon."  


Presidential candidate Mike "Mr. Chicken" Huckabee

A bad choice for America

Editorial by Steve Salvi

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has started to talk tough on the issue of illegal immigration.  He has even released what he calls "The Secure America Plan" (which is in fact nothing more than a smoke and mirrors Amnesty for illegal aliens).  Huckabees recent tough talk doesn't jive with his undisputable illegal immigration record--which is abysmal--like every Democratic presidential candidate.. 

As Arkansas Governor, Huckabee complained about  Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids which resulted in the arrest of over 100 illegal alien criminals.  If this is how Huckabee acts as governor, what will he do as president to protect his illegal alien hiring corporate benefactors, disband ICE?

Governor Huckabee has also supported a plan which would allow illegal aliens to attend U.S. colleges and universities at less cost than American citizens.  Why should hard working American families be forced to pay higher tuition so people whom have entered the US illegally can pay less?  It makes not sense--unless you are Mike Huckabee or an illegal alien criminal.

Mike Huckabee's actions speak louder than his misleading words and plans.  Don't let him take the U.S. down a path that Americans resoundingly oppose.  The U.S. is much safer with Mike Huckabee isolated in Arkansas with his corporate backers at Tyson Foods, Inc. [Tyson plants have been raided a number of time by ICE].  We already have too many pandering chickens in D.C.-- politicians too corrupt or afraid to do the right thing.

When considering the issue of illegal immigration, the only presidential candidates who have historically and consistent opposed illegal immigration are Tom Tancredo (who recently dropped out of the race), Duncan Hunter, and to a lesser extent, Ron Paul.  


Mexicans' remove US flag, attack Americans

Fly Mexico's flag over California US Post Office

The issue of illegal immigration led to reported violence, vandalism, threats, and intimidation in Maywood, California this week.

Peaceful community activists came to Maywood to protest the city's policy of providing sanctuary to illegal aliens.

The protestors' asked the City of  Maywood to end its policy of providing a safe haven for illegal aliens.  The activists' contend that the city's sanctuary policy is a threat to all of California's citizens because it give criminals a place to live in the US without fear of being reported to federal immigration authorities. 

The activists' protest was interrupted soon after it started by the very criminals they were protesting against.  Fearful of losing their safe haven, illegal Mexicans began showing up at the protest site to scream obscenities and spit on the Americans who dared to enter Maywood, which they consider de facto Mexican territory.  

To make their point, the Mexicans took down a US flag from a Post Office flagpole and raised Mexico's flag instead--a show of defiance and repudiation of US sovereignty.  Some also held racist signs, demanding the "Europeans" (i.e., US citizens of European decent) to go back to Europe.

The illegal Mexican nationals also became violent, reportedly roughing-up US citizen.  In addition to attacks and threats, some of the activists' vehicles were severely vandalized--including broken windows, scratched paint, and the spray painting of obscenities.

Note: Photos will be added when they become available.


President Bush's 12/20/06 news conference

 More poison is his cure for US's illegal immigration woes

By Steve Salvi

I figured President Bush would begin pushing for his 2007 immigration Amnesty scheme at his news conference today--and he did.  After mentioning his desire to work with the Democratic leaders (Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid) he brought up the need for "Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR), or as I call it, AMNESTY.  The president's characterization of the type of immigration reform that is needed is nothing less than fraudulent.  

The president once again characterized illegal aliens as victims, only "doing jobs that Americans won't do."  [I'm really growing tired of this line of propaganda.]  The president's even used the example of recent ICE raids at Swift & Co. processing plants to support his argument. 

But the facts point to a different conclusion.  Fact one: American workers  used to work at Swift & Co. until they were displaced by illegal workers.  Fact two: Some American workers are suing Swift & Co. for unfair labor practices, which they say favor illegal workers.  

And how does President Bush resolve the discrepancy between his continued public assertions that illegals only do jobs Americans won't do when new reports detail the fact that unemployed AMERICAN workers are applying for the now vacant jobs at Swift & Co. plants? 

Are we to believe that the president is unaware that Americans who used to work at that plant are suing Swift & Co. for $23 million for their anti-American worker labor practices?  Is it possible the President also missed the newspaper story about how unemployed American workers were lined up to fill positions vacated by fleeing or arrested illegal workers?  I doubt it.

The only thing the President wanted to talk about the Swift & Co. raid was that the illegals were only doing jobs that Americans wouldn't do--and how illegals are forced to use the services of smugglers and forgers. [The President seemed to imply that we should be grateful that the illegals are willing to break our laws, steal our identities and come here to work.]  His talking points are similar to those often used by other illegal alien support groups

It was absurd for the President to try to sell the American people on Amnesty by alluding that weaker immigration laws would lead to less human smuggling and document fraud.  What kind of warped logic is this?  Shall we stop counterfeiting by giving counterfeiters' free money; stop robberies by giving up any property demanded by robbers; or happily invite home invaders to stay in our guestrooms?  That seems to be Mr. Bush's approach to illegal immigration.  While the President's identity, home, job, and bank account are safely protected by a literal army, 280 million Americans are made unnecessarily vulnerable to job loss, crime, ID theft, public corruption, and taxes due to illegal immigration. 

Human smuggling and forgery have not blossomed because of aggressive immigration law enforcement. These "illegal markets" were created and have grown by the failure of President Bush and several of his predecessors to comprehensively enforce immigration laws.  Since the first AMNESTY  passed during the Regan years [which was supposed to end illegal immigration], the number of illegal aliens has jumped from an estimated 3 million to up to estimates of 20 million today (the government acknowledges 11-13 million).   During this period, there has been virtually no serious interior immigration law enforcement (even after 9-11).  [In fact, even after the World Trade Center disaster, New York City remains a sanctuary city for illegals with no complaint by the head of the Department of Homeland Security.]

After decades of political pandering to illegal alien special interest groups (e.g., NCLR and LULAC)--the same or similar players in the Administration and Congress plan to address the problem [fool the public] by repackaging the same policy mistakes of the past, and declare victory.  But the remedy they want the public to swallow is just another poisonous AMNESTY pill.  I'll call it AMNESTY II.  Amnesty II  is euphemistically sugar coated as bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform and branded as an illegal immigration cure-all.  [Laugh or cry now.]  All that the CIR proposal will accomplish is increased illegal immigration, ID theft, and human trafficking--as other aliens illegally cross our border and wait for AMNESTY III.

The only time Americans should want to hear President Bush, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John McCain, or Ted Kennedy mention the word comprehensive is in the phrase " we support comprehensive immigration law enforcement" and actually implement it.   Comprehensive immigration law enforcement worked successfully for years--and will work now if the President just gives the order and fires all the obstructionists in his administration. °SŪ, se puede!"  Yes, it can be done!


Great News!

by Steve Salvi  12-9-06

When I spoke to a nurse today and told her I thought we (all the great people who phoned and faxed members of Congress this week) had stopped the increase in visas for foreign workers. Afterwards, I hoped that I didn't give her false hope.

But Roy Beck with NumbersUSA (who's organization deserves much of the credit) said he believes Congress adjourned without passing any of the last minute give-aways of American jobs.

Sen. Coryn (R-TX) was carrying water for  Microsoft  which wanted to flood the American market with more foreign tech workers while American tech workers are losing their jobs. 

Sen. Hutchison (R-TX) sponsored legislation which would have increased the number of foreign nurses by 100,000.  Why are these jobs not going to American workers?

I understand that the two major hospital systems in Cleveland, OH already hire many foreign nurses and will hire more if they can.  I was told that patient care suffers because many foreign nurses are not fluent in English.

Americans owe the unsung heroes of this campaign a big THANK YOU.  Your calls and faxes turned these visa increase requests into "too hot to hold potatoes" so they were dropped for now.

The next big threat 

The next big threat may come in January when Nancy Pelosi's crew will work with the Senate to push through an Amnesty for illegal aliens.  All you need to know is the euphemism they will use for Amnesty is:  "comprehensive immigration reform."   The bottom line is that their "comprehensive immigration reform" will INCREASE TAXES, INCREASE CRIME, INCREASE POVERTY, AND INCREASE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, not stop it. When any member of Congress says: "we need comprehensive immigration reform." it means they support Amnesty for illegal aliens.

The last time Congress passed "comprehensive immigration reform" the number of illegals increased from three million to 20 million! And then the illegals who became citizens just encouraged more illegals to come to the US, expecting another amnesty to be passed.  That is why enforcement of immigration laws and eliminating financial incentives is the only and best solution.  The problem wasn't created in a year and it won't be solved in a year.  But the solution is not to give up control of who can enter the US.

Call members of Congress and state that you want to see substantial progress in ENFORCEMENT of immigration laws, not amnesty (a.k.a. comprehensive immigration reform).  If they say enforcement won't work, tell them that enforcement will work if it is applied over time, especially if financial incentives are eliminated.  If you begin to enforce the law and eliminate the incentives of being in the US,  the illegals will leave the same way they came--on their own.  


OJJPAC Editorial  

 Are journalists dropping the news ball?

 By Steve Salvi 

Another disturbing story about some of the "news" the American public gets from Iraq.  Michelle Malkin's article [read here] tells how some mainstream media journalists [and editors by default] have failed to properly verify sources and the supposed facts.

For example, the recent news story about Iraqis' burned alive may have never happened.  Nosy bloggers checking the facts of the compelling story found that the attack was never confirmed.  The story critics' claim that the mainstream media giants who aired the story aren't answering questions about the now fishy smelling tale--I mean "news story."

It is time for the Associated Press and other news organizations that mindlessly reported the story to either apologize for publishing a story that never happened or defend it by detailing sources and facts for critical evaluation. The public has a right to know if this Iraqi on Iraqi crime actually happened, since the news out of Iraq certainly affects how Americans view US foreign policy. Just remember, garbage in, garbage out.



The "nice guy" terror threat

by Steve Salvi, OJJPAC.org

The US government's war on terrorism at home faces a dilemma that US military troops faced in Vietnam (and face in Iraq).  What is the problem?  It's determining who the terrorists are before they attack.

When your enemy doesn't wear a uniform (or carry a rocket-launcher) and can easily blend into a community, you don't really know who they are.  People who smile at you during the day may use the cover of night to kill you. This was common during the conflict in Vietnam.

I think Americans tend to believe that people who are nice, courteous, helpful and friendly couldn't possibly be a threat to America.  We want to stereotype terrorists as people who are social outcasts, discerningly mean, discourteous, and unhelpful--and obviously threatening.  Bad guys wear black hats, right?

But the "bad guy" stereotype is just not true.  A case in point is the recent indictment and guilty plea by Kobie Williams, a Muslim who worked at Rice University.

Students at Rice University described William's as a very nice guy--always willing to help.  It was said that Mr. Williams wouldn't hurt a fly.  One student wouldn't even believe the charges, even though William's has already pleaded guilty.

According to the indictment, William's is very different from what his friends and acquaintances believed or want to accept post indictment and plea.

The guy whom some thought was harmless, had plans to travel to the Middle East and kill American troops.  William's had already engaged in weapons training and given money to the Taliban. 

William's also allegedly conspired with Adnan Mirza, a Pakistani national (who gained legal entry into the US via a student visa) to carry out the plan.  Both men are now in custody.

A related story in the Huston Chronicle (read story here) also discusses another alleged accomplice, 19-year-old Syed Maaz Shah.  Shah reportedly entered the US on a student visa and was a "A" student University of Texas at Dallas (UTD).  The only problem is that the FBI now says that he  was also plotting against the US and remained in the US after his visa was revoked.  Even after Shah was ordered to leave the US, he was able to continue to go to school at UTD [Why?].  To add insult to injury, Shah was able to get a scholarship to pay for tuition and living expenses--which financed his continued illegal presence in the US and his plot against the US government.

If Americans want to ensure the viability of the United States thirty years from now, citizens and government officials need to develop a far more sophisticated understanding of the social, economic and political threats we face inside and outside the USA.  Better understanding must be followed with timely implementation of effective solutions.  The US can otherwise expect catastrophic consequences likely worse than we experienced on September 11, 2001.

The William's story identifies specific threats--the existence of Muslim religious extremism in the US, student visa abuse, and denial by a segment of the American public that "nice and helpful" people can pose national security threats.  These are lessons that should have been learned after the "nice and helpful" fellows flew two jets into the World Trade Center five years ago.   

You can email Steve with your comments at Salvi@ojjpac.org  12-9-06




What will Democrats do about illegal immigration?

Now that the Democrats will control Congress next January, what will the Democratic leadership do about illegal immigration?  Or should that read: What will Democrats do to America and Americans?

Democrats have the opportunity to do what the majority of Americans want--stop illegal immigration and enforce existing immigration laws.  Immigration enforcement would prevent illegals from killing, raping, robbing, and defrauding, tens of thousands of our citizens AND save American taxpayers tens of billions of dollars.  

But many people are concerned that the Democrat leadership under Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi will just make the problem worse. How?  Politics makes strange bedfellows--and this is very evident when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration.   While the Democratic Party's strategy this mid-term election was focused on bashing President Bush, the Democratic leadership actually supports Bush's illegal alien amnesty scheme [a.k.a. "comprehensive immigration legislation"].  

Just remember this. When you read or hear the word "COMPREHENSIVE," in conjunction with IMMIGRATION, think AMNESTY--that is what it is all about.  Politicians just use the code phrase "comprehensive immigration legislation" to fool the public into thinking that Congress is getting serious about stopping illegal immigration.  It is just a big lie.  That is why anti-illegal immigration proponents in Congress demanded that the government actually enforce existing immigration laws BEFORE any other so called "guest worker" or "pathways to citizenship" giveaways are considered.

Americans are right to believe that foreign nationals who illegally enter the US, break our laws and engage in ID theft should not be given citizenship, let alone be given the key to our country and the taxpayers' treasury.  Those Democrats [and remaining Republicans] who want to make millions of lawbreakers US citizens in order to pander for their future votes, need to be reminded that they can be voted out of office  too.   


Propaganda machines with great sounding names...mixing facts and fiction in order to achieve self-serving political objectives...


Project of the Center for Media & Democracy:

[From its web site]

"Illegal immigration is another political issue designed and carried out explicitly to distract and divide the United States -- citizens and non-citizens alike -- so that "the people" will not rise up together against the criminals running the country." 

OJJPAC reply:

To the people at the Project of the Center for Media & Democracy:

Who wrote this BS about the issue of illegal immigration?  Does the Center for Media & Democracy believe that 12-30 million illegal aliens within the sovereign borders of the US is not an important national issue?

It is "the people" [US citizens] who are "rising up" against illegal immigration and the politicians who support it.   Spend 30 minutes reading the information available on OJJPAC and you will learn why Americans are demanding that their public officials stop illegal immigration.

It is self-serving propaganda coming from organizations like Center for Media & Democracy [who have hidden political agendas] who work to distract and divide Americans.


The disgraceful attack at Columbia University

Jim Gilchrist was invited to Columbia University to talk about his recent book "Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders".
But before Gilchrist could begin his talk about the book he co-authored with Jerome Corsi, a number of students in the audience rushed the auditorium's stage.

The student mob not only rushed the stage but also began throwing kicks and punches in the direction of invited guests and organizers of the event. The Columbia University Television station (CUT) caught some of the obviously planned storming of the stage on tape. 

The tactics utilized by these militant students have been used before to quash free speech--in Nazi Germany by Hitler's Brown Shirts--and today by al Queda and the Taliban--who also attack anyone who utters a contrary opinion.

Furthermore, the students peppered their chants and jeers with inflammatory and spurious accusations (i.e., Gilchrist is associated with the KKK, which he is clearly not) in order to justify their violence and encourage others to join in the mayhem.  What if someone in the audience would have pulled a gun and shot Gilchrist, thinking he was a KKK supporter?   What would the students have said, we're sorry?  [ I'm sorry to say that these students' political thinking is so delusional, some would have believed Gilchrist's murder a political victory to dance and chant about.] 

The student malcontents also attacked the "Minutemen," who are actually men and women of every race, age (most are probably AARP age), class and ethnicity--and harmless unarmed "bird watchers" who sit in lawn chairs sipping ice tea looking for illegal human traffickers and illegal drug running over the US border.   [Perhaps this is why the students are so angry--could it be that they are upset that illegal narcotic distribution networks are being interrupted by these vigilant senior citizens?] 

Who made these students the judges of appropriate speech anyway?   Aren't universities supposed to be models of free speech tolerance?  And what is so wrong to question and discuss the implications of illegal immigration in the USA?  That is what OJJPAC does. [And that's why I've been followed by illegal alien goons as if I was in Communist China or the former Soviet Union.]

These students seem to think Gilchrist, a retired CPA, and the other speakers' (an author and a minister) thoughts are so intolerable and dangerous they had to stop the speakers from speaking and then blame the victims for causing the chaos [typical].  

What happened at Columbia University was a disgrace.  The University should review video of the event and expel and file criminal charges against those who instigated and participated the violence.  The University should also review what it's students are being taught about free speech and civility--it's clear at least some of its students could use refresher courses.


Journalist Michelle Malkin tells it like it is.


Here's an appropriate quote from Michelle Malkin's web site about how some "journalists" reported on the deportation of  illegal alien criminals.  Malkin writes in part:

"Hard for me to decide which takes the cake--the reporter's failure to corroborate the criminal deportees' anecdotes, the downplaying of the violent nature of the crimes committed by nearly half of those on the plane, the alarmism over mass deportations that will never happen under the Bush administration, or the foolish belief that the criminal deportees are on a journey of "no return."

Malkin is correct. Too many reporters (not all) are failing to do their job. I know the difference between a PR news release version of a story versus good independent reporting.  And the public is being fed an awful lot of PR news these days -- all of which downplays or ignores the real economic, social, and political costs of illegal immigration.  

Is it just bad journalism?  Political bias?  Ethnic bias? (Or am I wrong?)  The questions deserve independent academic study and published answers.  

Another issue that should get more attention is the ethics of journalists joining ethnicity based journalism associations that advocate political agendas.  What better method could there be to incubate and disseminate propaganda across the US?  

The Press plays a vital role in our country -- keeping watch on the government and reporting facts, not fiction.  Has the Press ever been perfect in reporting the facts?--No...but that should be the goal.  It's largely up to the media itself to purge itself of those people and ideas (like ethnic based associations) that may threaten fact based balanced reporting.  Recent revelations of a number of prominent reporter scandals suggests there is room for improvement.


Tom Brokaw's very disputable points in the immigration debate 

 Tom Brokaw's Tuesday "Report" on illegal immigration was disappointing and less than balanced. In fact, 95% of the "report" gave the microphone to the very people who profit from illegal immigration--employers of illegals and illegal aliens.  And the illegal aliens chosen to be interviewed were likely selected for their model behavior-- for which Americans could be more sympathetic.   [The report failed to mention this illegal alien story--click here to read.]

The report was heavy on showing the one out of 1,000 illegals who actually pays some tax, and illegal Mexicans working, dancing, going to church, and raising children.  It didn't show the Illegals involved in human trafficking, drug trafficking, DUI accidents, prostitution, gang violence, or the protest signs demands that "European gringos" leave the US and go back to Europe.  I guess those visuals wouldn't fit well into this well choreographed propaganda "report."  

Perhaps the most outrageous aspect of the report is that it repeated the damaging myth that illegals are only doing jobs Americans won't do.  Brokaw said American workers won't do hard work anymore. [ I invite Mr. Brokaw to come to Cleveland where thousands of  hard working Americans would disagree with him--and happily work for $14+ an hour.]  NBC needs to dump this report and start over, perhaps with Tom Tancredo as the producer.  You can read  Tom Brokaw's 7 "indisputable" points here.  Here is just one of a thousand similar stories Brokaw's report ignored: Read this story about an illegal alien.


Elvira Arellano: Poor immigrant or illegal Mexican con artist?

Elvira Arellano is a good example why Congress needs to secure our borders.  First, Arellano is able to illegally enter the US from Mexico.  Arellano gets caught in the US illegally (under what circumstances OJJPAC doesn't know).  Arellano is then deported and told not to return under penalty of law.  But Arellano thumbs her nose at the Judge and once again breaks federal law and enters the US illegally.

Once in the US again, Arellano has a child  [likely at taxpayer expense] by an unknown father.  Arellano then steals someone's social security number, using it to gain unauthorized employment--a job that thousands of unemployed American would love to have.  Then when Arellano gets caught in her own lies by the Department of Homeland Security, she refuses to abide by the laws of the US.

Let's not forget that Arellano also arrogantly starts up an organization called "United Latino Family" in order to manipulate American immigration policy to suit here needs. How arrogant can you be to break a country's laws, multiple times, and then demand they be changed?  Mexicans and any other foreign national, legal or illegal, have no business protesting on US soil, or being involved in US internal politics.]  If Arellano wants to protest US policy, let her do it in a Mexican public square, not on Main Street USA.  And her claim that if she is deported that her family will be separated is nonsense.  She can take her child  with her.  

Arellano now sits in a Methodist church using her son as a media tool.  Arellano and her misguided supporters want  to whip up enough sympathy  to get Arellano out of  the trouble she created.   ICE is smart not to fall into the media trap Arellano has set for them.  Arellano probably wants ICE to bust down the church's doors and create such a media spectacle, that she will win the PR war, and force the government to cut a deal allowing her to stay in the US.

All that Arellano's "sanctuary" stunt is going to prove is that illegal aliens believe they are above US law.  Some Americans may feel somewhat sympathetic towards Arellano when they see photos of mother and son.  However, when they learn the details of Arellano's prior deportation and social security ID fraud, the sympathy will fade fast.

Arellano will be deported. [An actual  jail sentence of a few months may also dissuade her from illegally entering the US for a third time.]  But don't worry about Arellano or her son  living in Mexico.  Mexican's are more likely to suffer obesity than starvation. Most Mexicans may not have flat screen TV's but that may be a plus.  Mexicans also have a long lifespan, almost identical to Americans.  Mexico's unemployment rate is low too so Arellano will be able to work and support here son, who can attend schools which are better suited to teach him anyway.


Ohio Voters want action on Illegal Immigration

Ohio House and Senate Republican Leaders announce planned Legislation

Ohio House and Senate Republican Leadership has announced plans to support legislation aimed at curbing illegal immigration in Ohio -- the Ohio Workforce Protection and Illegal Alien Enforcement Act.  House and Senate leaders stated that Ohio voters want the state to do something about illegal immigration since the Bush Administration won't. 

The Ohio House and Senate Democratic leadership has attacked the plan, dismissing it as a political ploy.  Democrats may regret attacking the proposed legislation since a majority of voters, including registered Democratic voters, overwhelmingly support border security and interior enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.

If the Democrats were smart they would come up with their own bill to address voters' concerns about billions of their Ohio and federal tax dollars being spent on delivering free and subsidized services to foreign nationals illegally on U.S. soil, while voters are deep in debt (average credit card debt alone is about $8,000 per family). 

Right now the Democratic leadership says immigration enforcement is the federal government's job -- but as we know, the federal government hasn't done its job for over 20 years -- and the crime and costs are LOCAL, not in Washington, D.C..  That's why the Democrats' message doesn't wash with voters.   When voters lose their jobs to illegal aliens, or have their identity stolen by illegals, or have a family member murdered -- the phrase: "It's not my responsibility," is not what voters want to hear from their Democratic or Republican representatives. 

And let's be honest, the Democratic Party doesn't want the immigration laws enforced -- they want the illegals to become citizens who will vote for Democrats.  That's the same game plan US Senator McCain and the RNC has -- but the Republicans want to trade millions of American citizenships for Republican votes. 

It's vile and corrupt politics.  It's profit too for lazy unethical "slave trade" corporations and individuals who grow rich by breaking US laws, knowingly hiring illegals while ignoring US workers. They expect taxpayers to pick up the trillion dollar bill and ignore all the unnecessary crime. 

The Democratic Party's virtual de facto support of illegal immigration may prove to be its Achilles' heel this November.  The Party is hunting Republicans, but once again taking aim at its own foot, eager to pull the trigger -- snatching defeat from victory.  

For details, read the official news release here!

 Note: OJJPAC estimates that there are at least 250,000 illegal aliens in Ohio, and perhaps over 450,000.   OJJPAC will post a draft any immigration bills as soon as they are introduced into the General Assembly.



A recent news broadcast informed viewers about two deaths and hundreds of people made severely ill after eating bagged lettuce.

The "experts" don't know how the E. Coli 0157 contamination is happening.  Could it be that the lettuce industry is too PC to consider that the E. Coli is the result of the unsanitary handling of the lettuce by their illegal alien laborers?

Physician Dr. Madeline Cosman, who recently passed away, had been ringing the alarm for years about the public health threat that illegal aliens' pose to US citizens.  She reported that diseases virtually eradicated from the US were now returning via smuggled illegal aliens.  TB and hepatitis cases in the US are also on the rise because millions of illegal aliens live in our country.

Common sense suggests that if illegal migrants are willing to disregard US federal law, how likely are they to follow a "please wash your hands" sign posted in the factory bathroom or field port-a-potty?  Or perhaps soap and water aren't even provided for the workers to wash their hands.

The government needs to check into the relationship between illegal alien labor and the sometimes deadly E. Coli 0157 contamination.  In the meantime, lettuce eaters should be sure to thoroughly wash their lettuce before eating.



Ohio Political Commercial Wars: US Senate race

Sherrod Brown vs. Mike DeWine

Senator Mike DeWine's recent commercials portraying Congressman Sherrod Brown (his Democratic opponent in November) as weak on national security is amusing since Senator DeWine's own record is open to criticism.

Both candidates get failing grades when it comes to protecting US borders.  Both have been in public office for years -- and during their time in public office over 10 million illegal aliens have been smuggled into the US. 

Many of those illegal aliens steal identities of Americans and commit a number of other crimes.  Some are terrorists, drug dealers, child molesters, and killers. Many also drain the budgets of local communities by utilizing subsidized housing, food stamps, utilities, healthcare, and education, legally or through fraud. American taxpayers, already in debt up to their ears,  pick up the bill.  Both DeWine and Brown,  seem content with the status quo. 

The truth is that both Brown and DeWine continue to vote against legislation that would likely help solve the problem.  Why?  Brown doesn't want to isolate his left-wing base, which supports illegal immigration. DeWine on the other hand doesn't want to isolate his business supporters (including Ohio's agricultural interests) who have grown addicted to the larger profits a cheap illegal labor pool can provide.  

Brown would run away with the election if he made the end of illegal immigration one of his key policy changes.  Will he do it?  Probably not -- which will likely lead to the narrow re-election of Senator DeWine next November.


 A Disappointing Reply from Fifth Third Bank 

Fifth Third accepts "Mickey Mouse" Mexican Matricula Consular ID


OJJPAC was disappointed by Fifth Third Bank's May 2nd response to our April 14th inquiry regarding its policy concerning the Mexican Matricula Consular ID card (MMC).

OJJPAC opposes the acceptance of the MCC by government agencies and private businesses because it considers the MMC an unverifiable form of identification and is subject to fraud.

 OJJPAC's conclusion is supported by an assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), who testified before a US Congressional committee that the MMC was unverifiable.  [An unverifiable ID is a worthless form of ID.] 

Despite federal law enforcement's belief that the MMC should not be used for identification, Fifth Third Bank wrote OJJPAC, stating in part:

"...please be assured that the Mexican Matricula Card is an acceptable piece of identification..."   -Fifth Third Bank

OJJPAC wants to know what is acceptable about an ID that is easily counterfeited and cannot be verified? Does Fifth Third Bank really care about the true identity of its customers?  What's preventing terrorists and other criminals from using easily obtainable  MMC's to open accounts using alias?  Armed with one or more alias's, banking services can be manipulated to advance criminal enterprises and terrorist operations.  

In OJJPAC's opinion, if Fifth Third was truly concerned about properly verifying a prospective client's identity, it would immediately stop accepting the MMC as a valid ID and ask foreign nationals for a valid passport for identification purposes.  Any foreign national legally in the US has to have a valid passport  anyway.  Although passports are not foolproof, they are much more reliable as a valid form of ID than an MMC.


President Bush's Dog and Pony Show

No Beef, just more Baloney

By Steve Salvi

May 15, 2006  -- President George Bush announced  a plan Monday night to send National Guard troops to the US / Mexican border. The President's plan is a last ditch attempt to gain support for his other plan to make US citizens out of the 12 million plus illegal aliens already in the US.  The President marketed his plan as a "middle ground" solution to the problem of illegal immigration.  But what the President is actually selling the public is baloney -- straight from one of the meat packing plants that used to pay American workers $19.00 an hour but now hire illegals at $9.00 an hour, leaving Americans unemployed and out in the cold.

Public opinion polls indicate overwhelming support for enforcement-heavy "immigration reform."  That's why the president is pretending to be taking enforcement seriously.  But his tough talk is just talk. The President has made plenty of promises of enforcement before.  But we have all learned that his promises are empty.   Also, the number of troops he wants to place on the border may be enough to protect it from 9am-5pm but illegals come at night too.  Mr. President, where are the guardsmen to cover the second and third shifts?  You see -- the Bush plan has holes big enough to drive a truck through, just as Mexican drug-lords drive into the US through miles of open border now.  

The public wants comprehensive enforcement of its immigration laws, not comprehensive citizenship for people who have no respect for our borders, flag, personal identities, or our civil rights.  US taxpayers cringe at the thought of the government taking any more money from federal, state, or local treasuries or their own already strained  home budgets to give to anyone who hires a smuggler to get them over the Rio Grande.  And that is exactly what is happening now.  US taxpayers are being sheered liked sheep to the tune of billions annually.  And to make matters worse, working  illegals displace millions of already low income Americans,  who lose their meager savings, cars, and homes.  

The fact is that President Bush has purposely not enforced US immigration laws for years.  He knows it, we know it.  That's why his Monday night "revelation" was just a dog and pony show.  Unfortunately due to his malfeasance in office, he has forced otherwise proud American citizens into church sponsored soup kitchens.  And ironically, many churches have contributed to the displaced low-wage American workers by enabling illegals to establish themselves in a community -- long enough to force American workers out of their jobs. 

 How can an American worker even afford to take the same wage as an illegal alien who shares the cost of  a two or three bedroom house or apartment with  20 other illegal migrants?  They can't!  Also, illegal aliens don't care about housing codes, and don't blink an eye at stealing an American's identity in order to obtain US taxpayer funded benefits, to subsidize their wages.

Thanks to President Bush and certain members of the US Senate and House, American wages are  now in a  rapid race to the bottom.   The US Chamber of Commerce and the multi-national corporations couldn't be happier.  They can readily outsource or in-source millions of jobs previously done by Americans.   And labor unions, who you would think would be fighting for America's workers, have been complicit in the destruction -- by their benign neglect -- fence sitting -- and in some cases, like the SEIU, parading with the very illegal aliens who have displaced America's poorest citizen workers.


Post Boycott Assessment

Boycott goes Bust.

The US based "Hispanic-Latino-Chicano-Aztlander" illegal alien political movement hit the streets in the US May 1st to make renewed demands for amnesty and citizenship for 12-20 million illegal aliens in the US.  Their immediate objective is to pressure the US Congress to pass an amnesty and citizenship bill this month. 

The only significant events occurred in a handful of cities with large "immigrant" [this means cities with lots of illegals] populations, such as L.A., Huston, and NYC.  This is perhaps why there seemed to be a disconnect between what Americans experienced in their daily life (no change) and what they saw on national TV news, with video of large protests.

Since the major news stations broadcast out of large cities, like NYC, their perception of the impact of the boycott  is skewed.  And while the average American doesn't have an illegal house maid, or landscaper, or nanny, the talking heads on TV probably do.  So if Raul didn't show up to clean Katie's pool Monday morning, or the lawn guy didn't show up, or the nanny was out protesting, the news personalities will believe the illegals have brought the US to its knees.

As we know, life didn't stop on the "day without immigrants." Not even close.  We just don't have the microphone to broadcast the obvious on national TV.  Unfortunately, Geraldo does.

AOL Poll

According to an AOL poll of over 100,000 participants, about 90% of Americans said they were not affected by the boycott, and only a few percent of the remaining respondents said the boycott significantly affected them [and they were probably illegals or the employers of illegals].

Residents from Los Angeles even reported that shopping centers were as busy as ever, indicating that the boycott had little to no effect even in cities with large illegal populations.

Some Americans' reported that life was better, because illegals were not blocking access to sidewalks, street corners, or Home Depot parking lots, waiting for day labor work.  Some Americans even had a chance to get hired for construction jobs that were previously done by illegal migrant labor.

Related MEChA treachery in California Legislature

Since MEChA alumni are now elected members of the California Legislature, the California State Senate voted last week in favor of a Resolution in support of Monday's "Great American Boycott."  [It was a party-line vote: Democrats supported the resolution, Republicans opposed it.]


U.S. National Anthem  vs. "Nuestro Himno"

by Steve Salvi

The cultural and political chasm between "Hispanic" political activists demanding amnesty and citizenship for millions of illegal aliens and mainstream Americans became  more evident Friday due to the release of "Nuestro Himno," which means "Our Anthem" in Spanish.

The lyrics of Nuestro Himno are similar to the Star-Spangled Banner, the US national anthem, but some lyrics have been changed.  Nuestro Himno is also recorded in Spanish, not English.

The production of Nuestro Himno to some people may seem to be harmless, and in some ways it is. It is just a song, right?  But song are also symbols.  That's why the Star-Spangled Banner was elevated by the US Congress in 1931 from a patriotic song to the nation's anthem, an iconic national symbol.  

So it's not surprising that many Americans are responding harshly to the release of Nuestro Himno.  The national release of the song a few day before millions of illegal aliens are expected to take to America's streets to protest will likely prompt average Americans to respond.  What that backlash will be (or how intense it will be) is yet unknown.  If the illegal alien mob and their supporters keep poking the American public in the eye, they will only have succeeded in sparking a major American voter revolt against public officials currently supporting various legislative initiatives which give de facto amnesty and citizenship to millions of  illegal migrants.

Time will tell if Nuestro Himno becomes more than a song.  I expect some members in the Aztlan movement might consider adopting it as their own "Aztlan National Anthem."  The name of the song "Our Anthem" sure suits it for a separatist movement, which seems to reflect the objective of the M.E.Ch.A. Aztlanders' manifesto, "El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan."  

I understand that in some areas of California you cannot find an American flag on display. Will the same fate befall the US national anthem? -- Or has it already? 

Click here for information about the Star-Spangled Banner, the US National Anthem



The Qualified Need Not Apply

Itís been four years since 9-11 and President Bush and Congress are still playing politics with U.S. national security. (Some of their decisions are so bizarre, you might think they are on Al-Qaeda's payroll.) Hereís an example. The Bush Administration recently appointed Julie Myers to head the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Myers now heads the agency that you and I largely rely on to stop another terrorist attack.

Unfortunately for us, this 36 year-old attorney has NO experience for this particular job. It seems that her primary credentials are political connections to the Bush administration. Her connections include being the wife of an aide to the head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the niece to Air Force General Richard Myers, a recent chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

At least Myers was honest about her lack of experience at her Senate hearing--where she declared that she would ask more experienced people what to do. I like Myers candid response, and I think sheís cute, but the U.S. does have 297,931,711 citizens to protect. (Yes, I checked my population figure with the Census Bureau -- but I didn't subtract the 11-20 million illegals in the US).

If there were a lack of qualified candidates for this key leadership position, perhaps the selection of Ms. Myers could be rationalized. However, vastly more qualified in-house ICE agents are plentiful--certainly enough to fill a respectable short-list.

Unfortunately Myers appointment is just another nail in the coffin of ICEís law enforcement mission. Terrorists can continue to easily cross our borders (along with other illegal aliens) with scant chance of capture. Since Myers has chosen to continue her predecessors policy of not conducting any meaningful interior enforcement, terrorists, smugglers, and their cargo are relatively safe from capture. The strand or two of barbed-wire that protects most of our southern border doesn't provide much of a obstacle.

ICE agents even face termination for conducting surprise raids because of Myers no-interior-enforcement policy. Lawbreakers love this passive policy becase they can flaunt U.S. immigration laws with impunity. Few employers ever face fines and virtually knowone goes to jail even though the law provides for potentially stiff penalties. Lawbreaking employers and their illegal cohorts can thank the President and Congress for placing a virtual straight-jacket on ICEís effectiveness.

Mexicoís President Fox and the Latin American drug lords are also happy about the U.S.ís lack of border securitiy. ICE managementís inept policies assures the continued flow of vast amounts of illegal aliens and their illegal drug contraband. Americans end up paying the cost in higher taxes, unemployment, crime and broken families. Mexico and a number of other corrupt countries grab the billions of dollars in drug money (and remittances) that flow back over our southern border.

Word on the street is that ICE agents are demoralized. Can you blame them? ICE's new leader has no law enforcement training, isnít interested in law enforcement, and she heads one of our nation's most critical national security positions. Al-Qaeda couldn't have hand-picked a worse candidate.

How many US based terrorist attacks will it take before DHS appointees are qualified and actually enforce the law they are swon to uphold? When will Northern Ohioís members of Congress finally side with the vast majority of Americans (including former Congresswoman Barbara Jordan), and support the enforcement of existing immigration laws? The answer is not until they feel the heat of voters' breathing down their necks -- and I predict that tipping point is not far off. I just hope it is not too late.


Archived News

p More Illegal Alien Arrests, Convictions, and Sentencings  p

  • Polish national and naturalized citizen to be sentenced this week for running nationwide employee-leasing conspiracy that used hundreds of illegal aliens to make millions for themselves.  Read story here!

  • Want to know how Muslim terrorists can enter the US through Mexico?  Here is a story that describes how Iraqi-born naturalized U.S. citizens ran an alleged Middle East smuggling scheme that operated for years until arrests were made this year. Read story here.  [OJJPAC note: Surprise, surprise...the alleged scheme was operating out of Sterling Heights Michigan]

  • Gee...another scheme for Muslim terrorists the enter the US through Mexico thanks to an Egyptian and "do anything for money Mexicans." Read story here. 

  • Want proof that illegal workers harm fair competition among businesses?  Read this story about a Romanian illegal alien who hired other illegals in order to make millions [and put Americans out of work]  Read story here!

  • Braddock Park Rapist [an illegal alien from Guatemala] sentenced.  Read Story here.


 Main street USA begins to defend itself against illegal alien invasion

11-12-06  City council members in Texas and Maryland made history yesterday.  Farmers Branch, Texas and Tayneytown, MD both passed their respective states first city ordinances aimed at protecting the civil rights of Americans and stopping the infiltration of illegal alien law-breakers into their home communities.  

In Farmers Branch, Texas, Americans packed the city council chambers and broke out in applause after the city  council passed two measures they overwhelmingly supported.  One resolution recognized the fundamental importance of the English language in maintaining a unified America.  Backing up their words with action, the city council voted 6-0 to make English the official language of the city.

The city council also passed ordinances making it illegal for landlords to rent to illegal aliens and allow law enforcement to check the immigration status of suspected criminals.  These measures also passed 6-0.

 Tayneytown, MD also passed a English Language Unity Resolution.  

Some ethnocentric groups who support illegal immigration were upset over the passage of the initiatives.  The measures were supported by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) who view the passage of these measures as a step forward in the fight against illegal immigration.


The latest news on illegal alien fugitive Elvira Arellano 

4 months in church: 'I'll stay' by Esther J. Cepeda, Chicago Sun-Times 12-15-06

[Time for Arellano to go where she belongs--jail.]

Chicago boy lobbies in Mexico to stop mom's deportation from U.S., by Julie Watson, AP, 11-13-06  [Arellano again uses her child as a pawn to avoid facing responsibility for her crimes.]



Washington, DC, May 17, 2006 --US Senate votes to delay another border security initiative, delaying new passport requirements for Mexico and Canada until '09.


Saddam Hussein Executed

  Read story here


OJJPAC supports U.S. Attorney White's 

 National Methamphetamine Awareness Day

Drug lords want to addict your kids to their poison.  Fight back!  Learn how here:

Read and access support links here


US Supreme Court vacates 9th Circuit order

The U.S. Supreme Court recently vacated the 9th District Circuit Court of Appeals order enjoining the state of Arizona from implementing Proposition 200.  Arizona voters' passed Proposition 200 in 2004.  The intent of the new Arizona law was to prevent voter fraud by foreign aliens. The initiative required prospective voters to show proof of citizenship when registering to vote and present a valid form of identification when voting.  

To read the US Supreme Court's decision, click here.


School district sued in alleged 14-year-old student's rape 

Illegal Alien from Mexico working at school arrested

September 3, 2006

An illegal alien who was supposed to have been deported back to Mexico is now facing rape charges. 

A 14-year-old student told police she was raped in a school classroom by school janitor Roberto Lemus-Retana.  Lemus-Retana, 26, a Mexican citizen [with a US criminal record, illegally living and working in the US] was arrested in August.  

Lemus-Retana defended himself by telling  police the sex he had with the 14-year-old girl was consensual, which the victim denies.  The student said Lemus-Retana was pursuing her at school and when she denied his sexual advances, he forcibly raped her.

The Scottsdale Unified School District now faces a lawsuit for not performing a background check on Roberto Lemus-Retana who had a prior record and was living and working in the US illegally.  Lemus-Retana reportedly was hired by ABM Janitorial Services, which has a contract with the school district.

The school now plans to require subcontractor's working in the school to undergo independent background checks. 

Lemus-Retana now sits in jail awaiting trial.

Note:  OJJPAC wonders why Lemus-Retana  who was reportedly arrested last May for DUI, wasn't deported by ICE after they discovered his illegal residency status.   Also, whomever hired Lemus-Retana should be criminally charged with aiding and abetting an illegal alien under the US Code.


More Miami Vice...

Humberto Romero of Miami Beach was recently arrested by federal agents and charged with multiple crimes. 

Romero was charged with the sale of counterfeit Social Security cards; aggravated identity theft; fraud and misuse of visas, permits, and other documents; and possession with intent to transfer five or more false identification documents.

According to a press release,  if Romero is convicted he will spend at least  two years in prison.                 More information here.


Anti-amnesty candidate Randy Graff defeats US Chamber of Commerce/RNC backed candidate in key Congressional race


Ohio Rep. Bob Ney admits guilt, will be going to Prison 


Al-Queda leader Matiur Rehman said to be captured in Pakistan

A report from Pakistan says that Matiur Rehman, a major al-Queda leader, has been arrested by the Pakistani government.  If it is Rehman, will he cough up some valuable intelligence about other terrorists or al-Queda operations?  Time will tell.  


NATO Security Forces Inflict Hundreds of Taliban Casualties in Afghanistan offensive

September 2, 2006--A NATO-led International Security Assistance Force inflicted heavy casualties on Taliban guerrillas in a offensive to quell resistance in a southern Afghanistan province near Kandahar.  It was reported but not confirmed that over 200 Taliban fighters were killed.  The NATO force reportedly lost four troops.


Mayor & Council Members Are Voted Out of Office

Defeated for Supporting tax-funded Illegal Alien Day Labor Center 

Not many people have heard of  Herndon, Virginia.  But Tuesday's election in Herndon may have been the first measurable indicator of a still largely undetected political tsunami whose ripples may eventually touch many other communities and politicians in America.

What happened in Herndon?  Incumbent politicians were thrown out of office after supporting a tax-funded illegal alien day labor center over the objections of  voters.

The town's Mayor, Michael O'Reilly, and several council members were stunned over their election defeat in Tuesday's election.  Mayor O'Reilly's lost his re-election bid to Steve DeBenedittis, an opponent to the illegal alien day labor center.  Only one incumbent council member supporting the day labor center was re-elected..

Critics of the Mayor and council stated that the incumbents' election defeat was the result of arrogant pandering to Hispanic special interest groups and failing to listen to Herndon citizens.  Voters were unhappy with not only the tax-funded day labor site, but also residential overcrowding, increased crime, and deteriorating quality of life, problems resulting from illegal aliens setting up shop in local neighborhoods.

One Herndon resident said the vote was in part a voter response to public officials' support of  illegal immigration and the recent illegal alien boycott.

The organizers of the election victories hope they will inspire other citizens to take back control of their cities from pandering government officials.  

  The Illegal Alien Lobby Targets Strickland

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that the so-called "Coalition of Latino Pastors of Northeast Ohio" organized a demonstration against Congressman Ted Strickland at his Cleveland "Strickland for Governor" office. The demonstrators didnít like that Strickland voted for HR 4437, a bill that would crack down on illegal immigration, fraud, and help secure the USís Southern border. If you would like to read the article, click here:

Read Strickland article here!


President George W. Bush Ranch Protest

Rumbles of Impeachement in Crawford, TX

May 6, 2006 Crawford, Texas Ė  Hundreds of American's tired of the federal government's lack of border enforcement and immigration law enforcement rallied today near President Bush's Texas ranch in Crawford, Texas.  The protestors traveled to Crawford to bring attention to what they see is a need for tighter border security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to step up interior enforcement.  The government estimates that there are approximately 12 million illegal immigrants already in the US.

Traveling from Los Angeles, California, Frank Jorge of Latino Americans for Immigration Reform, reportedly called for President Bush's impeachment. Jorge believes the president has placed politics before the rights and security of US citizens. 

 Other protesters argued that uncontrolled  illegal immigration has hurt schools, healthcare, and resulted in America's working poor being displaced from their jobs and forced to work for less money. President George W. Bush Ranch Protest Details!

Lupe Moreno, President of Latino Americans for Immigration Reform




 The US  Senate  voted  39-60 against invoking cloture on the so called  "Hagel-Martinez Border Security Bill" which was really an illegal alien amnesty bill.

Thank you OJJPAC supporters for calling, emailing, and faxing the US Senate in order to help stop this Illegal Alien Amnesty scheme.  Thanks to you, this bill which would have  displaced more of America's working poor and middle class, went down in defeat!

Click here to see the Senate Roll Call Vote Here

But the fight is not over.

Stay tuned.  Amnesty proponents in the Senate may try to push some other Amnesty bill through the Senate.

Keep calling your US Senators.   America's future depends on it!


Corrupt Border Patrol Agent sentenced to 5 years for human smuggling
July 30, 2006 -- U.S. District Judge John A. Houston sentenced 29-year-old Oscar Antonio Ortiz, a US Border Patrol Agent to 5 years in Prison for smuggling over 100 illegal aliens into the US.  

The investigation uncovered that that agent Ortiz was an illegal alien himself.  His mother, an illegal immigrant, brought him into the US as a child.   Ortiz used a fraudulent birth certificate to apply for a job with the US Border Patrol. Ortiz reportedly even used government vehicles in order to smuggle illegal aliens from Mexico into the US.

Note: How Ortiz ever became a Border Patrol Agent deserves investigation since just prior to becoming an agent he was a suspected human trafficker. OJJPAC wonders how expansive the corruption in the agency actually is if an illegal alien can become a US Border Patrol Agent.  This certainly proves the US border is far from secure.


Top News for 4/25/2006

Gregg Amendment Passes 59-39, Bush Threatens Veto!

  by Steve Salvi

U.S. Senator Judd Gregg, R-N.H., offered Senate Amendment 3594 today to H.R. 4939, the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Hurricane Recovery, 2006.

Senator Gregg's Amendment provided for emergency funding for border security initiatives, including those to help stem the flow of illegal aliens over the US border.  The Amendment passed the Senate 59-39 (2 not voting), and President Bush is now reportedly threatening a veto, which would be his first since taking office.

Click here to read how your US Senators' voted!


FAIR Responds to Bush's State of the Union Speech

Click here -- FAIR Press Release




Thanks John Walsh!  The popular crime fighting TV show America's Most Wanted now identifies which criminals are illegal aliens. Previously, the immigration status of criminals was not made public.  Now TV viewers will be made aware that a significant amount of crime in the US is being perpetrated by illegal aliens -- a fact that illegal alien supporters have been largely successful in covering up for years.  

If Congress and the President would do their job, the illegals wouldn't be in the US in the first place (certainly not 12-20 million of them).  To find out how your representatives actually voted on illegal immigration legislation, take a look at their Immigration Report Cards (see hyperlink above).

To view the AMW web site, go to the OJJPAC link page. 


Trend Watch:  OJJPAC expects the number of suburban governments considering ordinances addressing illegal immigration to skyrocket in 2007.  Tight budgets and increased citizen advocacy at the local level will move local governments to step in to fill the void left by the federal government's lackluster enforcement of US immigration laws. 


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