Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC ----------------------PRINTER FRIENDLY SAMPLE PHONE SCRIPT

Call your public officials and say:

1. YES to Immigration Law Enforcement and timely deportation of immigration law violators!

2. YES to Rep. Gowdy's SAFE Act.

3. YES to HR 5272 to cut funding and expansion of Obama's DACA amnesty executive order.  HR 5272 has passed the House and now you need to tell your U.S. Senators to pass it.

4. NO to resettling illegal aliens in the U.S.

5. NO Amnesty!

Call the U.S. Capitol  toll free: 1-866-220-0044 and feel free to use this sample phone script:  

"My name is __________. I'm calling from (your state).  I do NOT support the Gang of 8's Illegal Alien Amnesty bill or any similar bill in Congress.

I also do NOT support any so-called DREAM Act Amnesty allegedly supported by Speaker Boehner either, because it is impossible to verify the claims of foreign nationals whom by their own admission are "undocumented" and have no proof of their real identity or date they illegally entered the U.S. 

 Furthermore, it makes NO sense to give amnesty to people who are hostile to U.S. immigration enforcement, hostile to laws that protect American workers, and in some cases outwardly hostile to Americans, documented by the Victims of Illegal Alien Memorial.

Having unauthorized aliens return to their native homelands gives them the opportunity to reconnect with their ethnic and cultural roots, work to improve the lives of their fellow citizens, reunite with their families, and prosper in their own nations. 

As we learned from the 1986 amnesty, Amnesty only rewards Illegal Alien law breakers, begets more illegal migration, harms poor Americans, cost U.S. taxpayers trillions of dollars, and threatens public safety.

I want Representative (or Senator) __________ to do everything possible to stop any amnesty bills (a.k.a. comprehensive immigration bills) and any so-called DREAM Act bills.   What we need is aggressive IMMIGRATION LAW ENFORCEMENT, NOT AMNESTY.  That is why I would like you to also support Rep. Gowdy's SAFE ACT and my U.S. Senators to support HR 5272 instead.  Thank you."

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