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Religion & Illegal Immigration

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Religious groups supporting illegal immigration: Why?  

By Steve Salvi, Founder,  

     Despite federal legal prohibitions aiding and abetting illegal aliens, some "faith" or if you prefer "religious" groups and or leaders are seemingly doing just that to the frustration of many of their parishioners and other Americans.  This "Religion & Illegal Immigration" page is not an attack on anyone's belief in God (which I share) but challenge some of the common beliefs that the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws, and the sovereignty of the United States, is inconsistent with Biblical teaching.   I am not a biblical scholar but I have studied the illegal migration issue for almost a decade.  That is one advantage I have over those with significant biblical training--since many in the faith community are ignorant of the many corrupting and tragic consequences of illegal migration.

"What would Jesus do?"

Many religious denominations in the U.S. have written policies regarding immigration.  Some have adopted immigration statements that encourage the United States to give legal status to the millions of  illegal aliens currently is the U.S.. These denominations base their support for legalization on selective Bible passages and secondarily on supposed social and economic reasons. 

As I have written before, clergy often quote the Bible in order to convince their flocks and others that Jesus would want them to embrace the illegal aliens among them.  Some even claim  Jesus himself was an illegal alien--in my opinion a factually erroneous conclusion. 

If the U.S. did not allow any aliens to legally enter the U.S., perhaps these religious leaders would have a point.  But the fact is that the U.S. accepts and welcomes more legal aliens each year than any country in the world!  Not only do these people from foreign lands get to come to the U.S. legally, more than half sign up for benefits worth billions of dollars complements of U.S. taxpayers! 

"Forced un-cheerful giving?"

It is the U.S. taxpayer who bears the brunt of the cost of "welcoming" new immigrants, not religious groups.  In fact, Catholic Charities gets much of its money from the U.S. government (taxpayers), not from its parishioners.  U.S. taxpayers are basically forced  to pay for legal and illegal immigration.  If a taxpayer decides to protest by not paying his or her taxes, the Department of the Treasury can have the U.S. Attorney prosecute them and send them to prison--and seize their assets too.

 Will the churches who help bring the aliens to the U.S. intercede on behalf of the taxpayer to help pay these taxes?  No.   In addition, religious institution are tax exempt--so they can increase the taxpayers' tax burden while avoiding any tax themselves.  Is this fair?  is it equitable?  I will leave this question for you to decide.

It is my understanding that the Bible opposes forced giving.   Yet, are not the "faith" leaders who demand that the U.S. accept millions of illegal aliens (and the associated trillions of dollars in cost to U.S. taxpayers) doing?  Consider also that these same religious groups are not responsible for any of the expense, let alone the protection of  Americans from criminal elements known to exist in this population, already predispositioned to ignore U.S. laws.

 Tithes and offerings should be spirit led and cheerful right?  What would happen if religious groups threatened their flocks with imprisonment for not tithing?--their pews would be empty! 

My point is that forcing people to accept millions of people who violated U.S. law and then expect them to pay for it doesn't sit well with most Americans--and even many legal immigrants.  When Americans read that the "faith community" is advocating for this seemingly unfairness, do you think it drives people to God or away?   In my opinion it drives people away--because people think the "faith" leaders are more interested in filling their pews and offering plates than the financial yoke it places on the American tax payer or the jobs lost by displaced native U.S. workers.  If you want to drive someone away from God, just have your church help establish an illegal alien who then takes the job of a native U.S. worker.  It happens.


"How welcoming are Americans supposed to be to foreigners?"

The Bible says you should welcome respect the rights of foreigners.  What is a foreigner?  What is meant by "rights?"  Ask 10 people and you will get ten different answers.

It's my belief that the Bible's discussion of "foreigners" and "aliens" is not written as a "manual" for state authorities but for the individual.  In other words, if you see or meet someone from another nation, be nice!  Treat them as you would like to be treated.   If the alien has a green card  and you are an employer that hires them, pay a fair wage and follow U.S. labor laws.

If you come upon a foreigner make a special effort to talk with them.  If they are lost, direct them to their destination. If they are mildly hurt, get them bandaged.  If they are seriously hurt, call 911.   If they need a quarter for a parking meter, and you have an extra quarter, give it to them.  If they are hungry and without a sandwich, treat them to lunch if you have the resources to feed your family and them. These things will make the alien feel welcome in a strange land, and that is good.

"Is a person's alien status a get out of jail free card?" NO!

I believe that nations have a general sovereign right to rule themselves, defend themselves, and control their borders as they deem appropriate.  To rule, there must be rules--laws if you will, and consequences for the violation of those rules.  The Bible's Books of Law I understand are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, numbers, and Deuteronomy. 

The Bible doesn't say that a foreign alien has the right to illegally enter the United States! (Although if you listen to some ministers you would think it does!)

The Books of Law of the Old Testament testify for the necessity of laws.  It says that some laws were unique to certain people.

But what about laws for nations?  God appears to give his blessing for the creation of separate nations.  In fact, the Bible says God favors the nation of Israel, and mentions the existence of other kingdoms. 

For the nation of Israel to exist as a sovereign nation, would it not have to be self-governing, which implies laws and administrative rules that would include ultimate authority over the territory within its borders?  Of course it would!

If the United States is to remain a sovereign nation, it must also have ultimate authority over its territory and border.  That means the federal government must control who is allowed into the U.S., who legally is permitted to remain, and who must leave when their visa's expire.  

If anyone could freely cross our border (as Disney wonderful as that sounds) how long would the U.S. remain a free and prosperous nation?   Not long.   It took less than a dozen people to hijack three planes and plummet our nation into crisis.   The vicious and powerful Latin American drug cartels already have a tight grip on illegal drug distribution in the U.S. thanks to illegal aliens who bring in the drugs and distribute them throughout the U.S..  Is that the future you want for the U.S.?  

Enforcing U.S. immigration laws are not a choice, it is a necessity.  Lax immigration laws and or enforcement is a recipe for disaster.

"Are supporters of immigration law enforcement un-Christian?"

Fellow Christians, it is not a sin to want our local, state, or federal governments to protect our families and nation's border, or expel those persons, strangers, newcomers, the undocumented, illegal aliens--whatever you choose to call them--as long as they are in the U.S. illegally.   It doesn't make a difference if the illegal alien is non-religious, a Christian, Jew, Muslim, or other-- everyone is, or should be, subject to the rule of law.

The leadership of some religious groups equate the enforcement of U.S. immigration law with immorality and inhumanity--and seem to believe the only moral and human solution to the problem of illegal immigration is to accept every alien that finds their way over our border. 

Most of us instinctively know that although such a solution sounds welcoming--as most people want to be-- it's not a realistic solution when the problem includes millions of people involved in illegal acts. 

To be continued...

Note:  This is a new page as of 6-25-11 and will be developed in the coming weeks.  The articles below used to be posted on the OJJPAC homepage, however that page became so large, it was decided to create a separate page for information regarding immigration issues and religious groups.


Articles,  Documents, Photos

Alabama News:

Churches oppose crackdown on illegal aliens in Alabama

Church leader say the law makes it: "...impossible to love and be hospitable to our neighbors..."

Hogwash! People who illegally enter the U.S. are not "neighbors"...they are drug mules, identity thieves, illegal laborers who displace millions of U.S. workers, drunks, government benefit theives, and people who commit a variety of other crimes--including murder!

Illegal aliens don't need our hospitality, they need to be prosecuted according to our law and held accountable for their crimes.

Visit the Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial to see what these illegal alien "neighbors" have done to their American victims and victims' families--people who are REAL neighbors.

Read story here.



The Methodist Church demands that the U.S. give amnesty to millions to illegal aliens--adding billions if not trillion to the U.S. debt.  However, if you need to use the church bathroom, you can't according to this Methodist church's sign: "No Public Restrooms."


More hypocrisy.

This Methodist Church preaches that millions of illegal aliens are just strangers that Americans should accept.  The church references biblical passages to support its position.  However, if you dare park in this Methodist church's empty parking lot, the church will have your car towed. 


To all Clergy and parishioners who think it's O.K. to break U.S. law by aiding and abetting illegal aliens, and creating so-called "sanctuaries" based on your misinterpretation of Bible passages: 

Jesus said, "I tell you the truth.  The man who does not enter the sheepfold by the door, but climbs in some other way, is a thief and a robber.  John 10:1  

Illegal alien translation:  Jesus said, "I tell you the truth.  The man [alien] who does not enter the sheepfold [USA] by the door [legally], but climbs in some other way [smuggled into the US or overstays a visa], is a thief [a thief] and a robber [a robber.] John 10:1  

Jesus said to all the people there [in the temple], "It is written in the Scriptures, 'My Temple will be a house where people will pray.'  But you are changing God's house into a 'hideout for robbers.'" [Emphasis added by OJJPAC editor.]


IFIRE's Christian response to the issue of illegal migration:

Read story here.

Note: IFIRE is an acronym for the Indiana Federation of Immigration Reforms.


Criminal Pulpit News:

Pastor Samuel Chai Cho Oh Sentenced to Prison for Money Laundering and Visa Fraud

Read story here.


Liberation theology corner:

Pastor Luis Angel Tovar Cisneros, 28, admits to manufacturing and selling fake Green Cards in U.S.

Read story here.

How many U.S. citizens have lost their jobs, homes, and futures due to this pastor's illegal actions?  How many terrorists have Pastor Cisneros sold false documents too?  We may never know.



Many churches have been aiding and abetting illegal aliens in the U.S..  Some church pastors will now pay the price for their illegal behavior which included a visa scam.

It is time for Churches stop making a mockery of Biblical principles to justify their misguided and illegal actions.    Read story here.

Church officials need to learn that they are not above the law!



Selling snake-oil from the Pulpit in the name of God

Did your Ohio church or denomination sign off in support of the 2010 Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens?

Check out this propaganda piece and those who signed-off on it here.

This letter in support of Amnesty and the eventual granting of U.S. citizenship to the millions of  illegal aliens in the U.S. bases it position on the following:

The "heart of God" -- "to love and care for the stranger in our midst."

Most of us know that loving and caring for strangers doesn't mean you must overlook a strangers lawlessness, protect them from lawful acts of the authorities--, or encourage their illegal presence. 

Using the term "stranger" is really a misnomer when you consider that the so-called "stranger" or "strangers" knowingly enter a nation illegally--and number in the millions of people.

What did Jesus say about a stranger entering another's property without permission?  Jesus referred to the stranger as a THIEF and ROBBER. (See John 10:1).  Jesus didn't suggest that the eventual removal of the thief or robber was immoral or inhumane.

Catholic Priest Father Patrick Bascio who authored the book On The Immorality of Illegal Immigration argues that not supporting the enforcing U.S. immigration law is immoral.  - Steve Salvi


The Catholic Collaborator Corner

What has the Catholic Conference of Ohio been doing for years?


 Raising money to aid illegal aliens.

Read the notes from its Ad Hoc Immigration Committee from 2009 here.

Hasn't the Catholic Church learn from its child sex scandal experiences?  Now, while the vast majority of Catholics and Americans of other denominations oppose illegal migration, much of the Catholic church leadership seem hell-bent on fighting to keep millions of  illegal aliens in the U.S.


Threats from the Presbyterian Pulpit:

Presbyterian Church threatens Kentucky with economic loss if Legislature attempts to combat illegal immigration

Read the letter from the Office of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian (USA) church here.

Presbyterians... Fight back!  Stop donating to the Presbyterian church!


The manipulation of religion:

Ethnocentrics use churches to battle jail screenings for illegal aliens at Rikers

Read story here.


The KGB Useful Idiot ...

Presbyterian Church (USA) votes to boycott Arizona

Read Presbyterian Church (USA) policy here.

Note: Latin American Drug Lords must be quite happy that the Presbyterians are helping them stop a law in Arizona that would help stop the flow of their illegal narcotics into Arizona as well as the drug lords' child prostitutes and other human cargo. 

Perhaps the Presbyterians want some of the media limelight that the Catholic church has enjoyed with its pedophile priests' scandals over the past decade?


Gutiérrez Fudges on Truth during Amnesty Rally in Cleveland

By Steve Salvi

Cleveland -- Chicago area Congressman and ethnocentric huckster Luis Gutiérrez came to Cleveland on Columbus Day to help rally Northern Ohio Latinos (and convince blacks) to support amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.  Gutiérrez was invited by Congresswoman Marcia Fudge (D-OH) who also spoke in favor of amnesty at the Mt. Sinai Church on Cleveland's eastside. 

Gutiérrez took the opportunity to attack Republicans for blocking the so-called DREAM Act, but what Gutiérrez failed to tell his audience was that three Democrats also voted with the Republican minority, killing the DREAM Act amendment in September.  This amendment should have been stopped too.

What Gutiérrez and Fudge failed to tell the African-Americans in the audience is how an amnesty for millions of  illegal aliens would negatively impact all U.S. citizens--some would argue that it would harm African-Americans the most.   Gutiérrez and Fudge made no mention of the current cost of providing K-12 education to just illegal alien children (over $2 trillion dollars each decade) while many Cleveland area schools (many with predominately black enrollment) allege that they lack money for the basics--- pencils, paper, and books.

Gutiérrez and Fudge never mentioned how illegal aliens are displacing millions of U.S. workers in construction, manufacturing, and service jobs, some in Fudge's own district.  I guess that information would be embarrassing..

The dynamic socialist duo also completely ignored an important historic lesson regarding amnesties, or if you prefer, 'comprehensive immigration reform'--it doesn't work!  A similar reform measure granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens during the 1980's--it never achieved what the proponents said it would and was a complete failure.  In fact, it only encouraged more illegal immigration and resulted in more American job losses, increased the costs to  U.S. taxpayers by trillions of dollars, and increased the spread of  identity theft, Latino gang violence, and allowed Latin American drug cartels to  take over illegal narcotics distribution in the U.S..

The evidence is clear--amnesty is a bad idea--so why do Gutiérrez's and Fudge continue to support a bad bill that will do harm to American families?  It's simple--they play the game of racist ethnocentric politics--and on this day they played it in the sanctuary of the Mt. Sinai church. 

Editor's Note:  This article was updated and edited to correct an error on 10-21-10.

Here is an article written by the chief local illegal alien cheerleader and  apologist writer for The Plain Dealer.

Right:  Congresswoman Marcia Fudge (D-OH)

Center:  Congressman Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) 

 Photo © 2010 Salvi Communications.