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Terrorism News Archive

$2.5 million bail sought for Columbus terrorism suspect

Read Story here 2/15


Anarchist Ohio bridge bombing plot

Read story here.

The Ohio bridge targeted by the bombers.

An OJJPAC.org photo.

 U.S. Attorney NDO Press Release     Update (5-13-12):Read story here.

 Update (5-17-12): Read story here.   Update 6-19-12  Read story here.

Update (7-25-12): One Occupy Cleveland defendant pleads guilty in Ohio bridge bombing plot

Update (9-6-2)  Three anarchists plead guilty to Ohio bridge-bombing plot

Update (11-21-12) Three in failed Ohio bridge bombing plot sentenced to prison



Immigrant Pakistanis' Arrested

 in Alleged Terrorism Plot

Living in Florida, Planning NYC Attack

Read story here.


Is Toledo Ohio a center for terrorist support?

Toledo immigrant couple plead guilty to Hezbollah funding scheme

Read  story here.


Congressional Hearings:

Rep. Peter King takes on issue of radicalized Islam inside U.S.

Read story here.





Afghan illegal alien found in suitcase by Italian border guards

Read story here.


Canadian  [Ivory Coast immigrant] arrested for smuggling stolen Ebola and HIV research vials into U.S.  Read story here. 


U.S. DOJ has known that terrorists have been crossing into the U.S. for years

Read PMJ Exclusive story here.


The Iman that's reportedly behind the "Ground Zero" Mosque: Feisal Abdul Rauf

Here are two interesting links to articles and information about Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf and the proposed mosque at ground zero in New York City. The reports raise serious allegations concerning the Iman and the proposed mosque. 

A Discover the Networks report.

A Family Security Matters report.

OJJPAC.org has not independently verified the accuracy of the information on these links.  Do your own follow-up research and decide for yourself. 


Islamic News:

The First Accredited Muslim College in the United States

Zaytuna College opens; will it teach and preach Sharia Law?

Read college press release here

OJJPAC commentary:  Some people argue that a U.S. based Muslim College is a good thing (serve as a counter to radical Islam).  Some people argue that it's a bad thing (will result in expanding radical Islam/Sharia law).

In my opinion, Islamic law and U.S. law are fundamentally incompatible--and will lead to inevitable conflict if Muslim influence in the U.S. grows to a point in can challenge existing cultural and legal norms in the U.S.  To some degree, that legal conflict is already being debated in U.S. courts.  It has been inferred that some U.S. courts (judges) may be open to the creation of "Muslim tribunals" for cases involving family law of Muslims.   Since our law is based on English Common Law, perhaps we should review how the Sharia courts in Britain, a/k/a Islamic Sharia Council are affecting our mother country.

The Sun Times reported in 2008 that the UK authorized the first binding Muslim Sharia courts in Britain.   In 2010, there is a political and religious battle going on in the UK between groups who want to expand Sharia law and those who want to end the practice.  An article published in the Daily Mail reports that some (not necessarily a large majority or even a minority) want the UK to allow punishments to include stoning and mutilation (e.g., chop off a hand), as is practiced in some Muslim countries like Iran.  Even if a few Muslim judges are calling for such powers in Britain, it should give us in the U.S.A. pause.

A reality check question for Americans is the following: What Muslim nation would any non-Muslim American choose to live today? Here is a list from Wikipedia to choose from. My guess: None.  Perhaps we should act accordingly as we are encouraged by groups, individuals, and governments, to accept what is fundamentally unacceptable to our very American, and liberty oriented physical constitutions.  If we wouldn't want to move to a Muslim nation and be subject to Sharia law--why would we want to encourage the expansion of Islam and Sharia law here?   ~ Steve Salvi

Caution:  Links in this commentary are of unknown validity and are used as a starting point for OJJPAC readers own further research and fact finding.


Beheadings R Us

Australian Muslim cleric Feiz Muhammad reportedly wants Dutch politician Geert Wilders head chopped off.

Why?  Because Wilders has been sounding the radical Islam alarm in Holland which has also got him in trouble with the Dutch thought police--who evidently think Geert needs to be quiet and accept radical Islam (as if it will then go away).   Read story here.


Dry run for terror attack?

Two Yemeni immigrants flying from Chicago (a sanctuary city) to Amsterdam,  arrested in alleged dry run for future terrorist attack

Read Chicago-Sun article here.

Osama Bin Laden killed in U.S. Action!

U.S. has body...DNA verification

Read Fox News story here

Read AP story here

Read Reuters story here


What do we know about Faisal Shahzad, the alleged Time Square bomber's life in the US?

This Center of Immigration Studies' Report summarizes how Pakistani-born immigrant Faisal Shahzad used the U.S. immigration system to enter the U.S. as a student and leave as an alleged terrorist.   Read the report here.


Bombing attempt in NYC (U.S.'s largest illegal alien sanctuary  city), luckily fizzled...this time

 Pakistani turned naturalized U.S. citizen arrested during flight to Dubai

Read AP story here.

From the article...

"More than a dozen people with U.S. citizenship [naturalized citizens] or residency [legal residency], like Shahzad, have been accused in the past two years of supporting, attempting or carrying out attacks on U.S. soil, illustrating the threat of violent extremism from within the U.S. ..."

Is it a surprise to anyone that terrorists and other groups opposed to the U.S. would use our generous immigration system--the most generous system in the world, against us?   Once any immigrant obtains citizenship they can apply and obtain taxpayer funded entitlements and even use that money to help pay for the cost of their terrorist actions or anti-US initiatives.  A sweet deal for the people determined to kill us or destroy our society.  What the above new story quote emphasizes is the failure of naturalization background checks to sufficiently identify dangerous people seeking permanent access to the U.S.. 


Attempted bomber Shahzad admits to Times Square terrorist plot; pleads guilty

MBA grad a self-proclaimed "Muslim soldier"

Read Wall Street Journal story here.

How did Shahzad become a naturalized citizens?  A question that has yet to be answered by the crack crew at the Obama White House.


More suspects in Times Square bomb plot apprehended in Boston, another "Sanctuary City."

Those arrested are allegedly illegal aliens

Read Associated Press story here.

Here is another related AP story.

Another Pakistani suspect also arrested in Maine

Read story here.

Suspects may have been involved in marriage fraud to establish legal status in U.S.

Read Boston Globe story here


Toledo's leftist political climate spawning ground for terrorists?

Dual citizenship Lebanese-American couple from Toledo Ohio charged with conspiring to provide support to a foreign terrorist organization, bankruptcy fraud, and much more

Read the outrageous and sickening allegations here.

Time to stop dual citizenship?


Five American Muslims allegedly planning jihad arrested in Pakistan

Read story here.

They may technically be U.S. citizens but they are not Americans.  This is why immigrants need to be better screened prior to granting entry into the U.S. and why a desire to assimilate is essential for anyone seeking permanent residency or citizenship. 


Ohio based Islamic terrorist gets 20 years in prison

U.S. District Judge Gregory L. Frost sentenced Worthington, Ohio native Paul Kenyatta (who later changed his name to Adbul Malek and then Christopher Paul),  to 20 years in prison for conspiring to attack targets in the U.S. and Europe with weapons of mass destruction.

  Read a Columbus Dispatch story here.


More Suspects Indicted in Toledo Ohio Terrorism Case

Chicago residents Zubair Ahmed and Khaleel Ahmed indicted

Zubair Ahmed and Khaleel Ahmed are indicted for conspiring with others to kill, kidnap or maim persons outside of the United States, to include U.S. armed forces personnel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Read the full story here.


Nigerian terrorist attempts to blow up airline in Christmas day terror attack on Detroit flight

Read story here


Somali national living in Columbus, Ohio gets 7-10 years for supporting terrorism

Nuradin M. Abdi, 35, a Somali national living in Columbus, Ohio, was sentenced to 7-10 years in prison for supporting terrorism.  Abdi was named in a four-count indictment returned under seal in the U.S. District Court in Columbus on June 10, 2004. On July 31, 2007, Abdi pleaded guilty in federal court to Count One of the indictment, which charged him with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists.  Read story here.  


Nuradin Abdi pleads guilty.

 Ohio Shopping Mall Bomb Plotter will stay in jail.

The Somali terrorist living in Columbus, Ohio, will remain in prison.  But have other terrorists involved in the plot escaped justice?

  Read this Columbus Dispatch article.



A U.S. Border Patrol boat off Middle Bass Island, Ohio (Lake Erie) last Saturday.  The crew of 3-4 people were likely monitoring boat traffic between Canadian and Ohio (US) waters. Photo courtesy of  DJ, a OJJPAC reader.


Terrorists in Toledo, Ohio?

Read about the indictments in the Toledo terrorists case

Click Here!


Test your knowledge of terrorists plotting to blow up things in Ohio 

Question: Who is Nuradin M. Abdi?

  Click here for the answer  


Founder of Cleveland Islamic Mosque headed to prison in RICO case

Others may be deported for their crimes [we hope so!]

Read about it here


Muslims utilizing Democratic freedoms to destroy Western society?

Shocking photos here.


Do Communist countries and groups utilize US universities as cover for spying?


Read story here.


OJJPAC war on terror special:

Iranian President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

 writes 11/29/06 open letter to the American people

What propaganda does the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran have to share with us?  Here is your chance to be the first person in your city to read the entire text!

Read full text here


Iran's Islamic Government has Reportedly Recruited 50,000 Suicide Bombers

In addition to Iran's nuclear program, Iran's President is encouraging Iranians to become martyrs [suicide bombers]. Expect some of reported 50,000 Iranian suicide bombers to infiltrate the US through our porous border with Mexico. Some suicide bombers are likely already in the US, awaiting orders to attack.  


Flight 93 Crash Site

Article here.