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Note:  Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC (OJJPAC ) does not control the content or accuracy of the links below.  The views and opinions found on these web sites may not be shared by OJJPAC.

National Immigration Links

9-11 Families For A Secure America Foundation (911FSA)

American Patrol Report  (Archive)

Americans for Legal Immigration (



Center for Immigration Studies

Desert Visions

Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) 

FIRE Coalition

Latino Americans for Immigration Reform

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO)

Team America PAC


Regional Immigration Links

Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration

State Immigration Links

CampoMinutemen (CA)

Save Our State  (CA)  (MD)

Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (IN)

New Yorkers for Immigration Control & Enforcement (


Oregonians for Immigration Reform (OR)

Small Town Defenders  (PA)

Respect Washington (WA)

Private Immigration Links: Projects (In memory of Crime victim Dominic Durden

Michael Cutler's website

Citizens for Legal Communities (In memory of Kevin Barnhill-Crime victim) (In memory of Drew Rosenberg-Crime victim)

"Drug Wars" the movie by Rusty Fleming

Immigration Blogs

 Conservative Observer AZ

 Izzy Lyman's The Castillo Chronicles

New Mexico

Immigration Blog Talk Radio

The Michael Cutler Hour

Jamiel Shaw, Sr Radio Hour.

The Andy Ramirez Show

Immigration Books

Breach Of Faith by James C. Russell, PH.D

Books by Bill Federer, American Minute

Ohio Citizen Advocacy groups

(Tea Party, 9-12, etc.)


Akron/Fairlawn 9-12 Meetup

Ashland Tea Party

Ashtabula Tea Party GOOOH Meetup (Link checked 2-24-13: Closed)

Athens 9-12 We Surround Them Group (ning site)

Beavercreek Liberty group (Inactive?)

Central Ohio 9-12 Group

Canton Tea Party (Closed)

Cincinnati Tea Party

Cleveland Tea Party

Dayton Tea Party

Fremont Patriots (Inactive?)

Fulton County Tea Party

Holmes County Liberty Coalition

Mansfield Tea Party  (Closed)

Medina County Friends And Neighbors

Medina Tea Party

Norwalk If You Believe

Perrysburg Tea Party 

Perrysburg Tea Party Blog

Portage County Tea Party

Van Wert Tea Party (Inactive?)

Zanesville Patriots(Inactive website?)

Government Links: National

Find out how your member of Congress voted here!

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

DHS's SAVE Program

Read the 9-11 Commission Report here

US Attorney, Northern District of Ohio

US Attorney, Southern District of Ohio

US Marshal's Office

US Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics

U$ National Debt (updated daily)

U$ Bankruptcy Statistics

Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE)


Government Links: Ohio

Ohio Homeland Security

Ohio Supreme Court

Ohio Governor

Ohio House of Representatives

Ohio Senate

Ohio Legislative Service Commission

Find out who voted "Yea" or "Nay" here

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones

Offender Search (Ohio Dept. of Rehabilitation & Corrections)

OCHLA 2010 Annual Report

OCHLA  2008 Testimony against HB477

Government Links: Arizona

Maricopa County Attorney's Office (Immigration Journal)

Law Enforcement Union Links

National Border Patrol Council (AFL-CIO)

Business Immigration Help Links

NumbersUSA's Smart Business Practices

Victims Rights Organizations

Marsy's Law

Crime Fighting Links

John Walsh's America's Most Wanted TV Show

Gang Information Links (not sure who runs this MS-13 gang site)

  Campaign Contribution Research Resources

Open Secrets

Immigration Issue Research Resources

TRAC DHS  (Claims to be non-partisan but funded by left of center foundations)

U.S. Code Criminal Statutes Reference (Specific TRAC DHS page)

Investigative Reporting & Writing Research Resources

Illinois College of Media

 Other Resources

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