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Legal Disclaimer

The content of the Ohio Jobs & Justice (OJJPAC.ORG) Web site is for general information purposes only. All other uses are prohibited. Any use of this web site is for personal use only. It does not constitute legal advice or contractual relationship. Contacting OJJPAC at this e-mail address does not establish any contractual or client relationship. The use or duplication of this web site's content is prohibited without express permission. The content of this website, including images, are protected by copyright. All rights are reserved.

Fair Use Notice

This site asserts the Fair Use doctrine (17 U.S.C. 107), where another's copyrighted material has been used without the copyright owner's specific permission. All works serve the purpose of educating and advancing public understanding and knowledge of important political, social, and economic issues--including democracy, civil rights, human rights, and social justice.  Copyright owners of any work used on this site under a Fair Use claim, may submit questions, objections or requests for removal by emailing salvi@ojjpac.org or sending written correspondence to Steve Salvi, OJJPAC, P.O. Box 46219, Bedford, OH 44146.  Warning: Anyone who wishes to use copyrighted material located on this site must obtain permission from the work's copyright owner prior to use.