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Celebrating U.S. Cultural Diversity Series:

The sale and use of Albino children by Kenyan immigrant witchdoctors as ingredients

Questions for your cultural diversity study group:

 Should public and corporate diversity programs support and protect  the cultural practice of Kenyan immigrants which involves the sale of albino children to witchdoctors (who dismember and ground up the body parts to increase the potency of their magic potions)?

Should Kenyan immigrants (e.g. President Obama's Kenyan aunt) be allowed to purchase magic potions that include human parts, legally in the U.S. since its part of Kenyan cultural heritage?

Should the U.S. stand up for cultural diversity and tolerance by traveling to Tanzania and demand the release of 120 witchdoctors who have been arrested because the witchdoctors have been killing albino children to meet the market demand for human  ingredients?

Are Tanzanian officials anti-diversity and intolerant because they have arrested witchdoctors for buying, killing, and processing the children's body parts into ingredients for magic potions--which is part of their traditional cultural beliefs?

Should U.S. programs such as Medicaid or Medicare, or other taxpayer funded program reimburse Kenyan immigrants  for the cost of their magic potions if they are taken for medicinal purposes?   Discuss.

Culture clash.

With the unprecedented influx of millions of legal and illegal immigrants into the United States, many new and diverse cultural practices are now being "celebrated" in the United States.

Kenyans for example sell albino boys and girls to witchdoctors--who cut the children up into pieces and use the pieces parts as ingredients of their magic potions.  It is believed in the Kenyan culture that albino body parts help make magic potions more potent and help ensure good health and financial prosperity.

The U.S. Department of State has not yet reported on the Kenyans' trafficking of albino children to witchdoctors--and how widespread ground-up children are ending up in the "magic potions" of Kenyan immigrants now in the U.S.. 

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So called "globalism" does not trump the U.S. Constitution.

Join OJJPAC in the fight to protect our Constitution!


More nonsense from the Obama DHS: So-called "silent raids"

Read story here.

Note:  If the illegal workers are not deported, where do they go?  To another job in the U.S. of course.  I'd like to see the list of companies that are actually experiencing these so-called silent raids.  All this is is a shell game.  Obama doesn't want to loose the general Hispanic vote, that's why these law breakers go free.  Their job networks are so strong, they are likely working again within days or a week, displacing American labor at another hotel, restaurant, meat packing plant, construction site, landscaping firm, manufacturer, etc.

It's time to jail those corrupt business owners/managers (including stiff fines) that hire illegal aliens and deport all illegal aliens that are caught--after they spend some time in jail too.   If illegal aliens are just deported (without jail), they will just walk back into the U.S. within days after their deportation.  Some jail time is a good deterrent to re-entry.

The laws are already on the books--the problem is that the Obama administration is failing (on purpose) to enforce the law and the courts are slapping most business owners on the wrist when they get caught.


Obama's DOJ accused of racial bias against "whites"

Read story here.

DOJ drops voter intimidation prosecution of Black Panthers; one of which was caught on tape  encouraging blacks to kill "whites...and white babies."


One Illegal Alien: A Decade of Suffering for a Georgia Family

The Dustin Inman story: The Last Father's Day

(Part 1)

By Steve Salvi

Ten years ago Billy and Kathy Inman of Woodstock, GA, were taking their only child, then 16-year-old son Dustin on a fishing trip in their new Pontiac Grand Am just days before Father's Day.

While the Inman’s were stopped at a traffic light in Gilmer County, Georgia, their vehicle was rear ended by Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez, an illegal alien from Mexico.  Gonzalez told police that he fell asleep at the wheel.  The impact of the 60mph high-speed crash left Gonzalez with minor injuries and the Inman family forever physically and emotionally shattered.

Dustin Inman, who just turned 16-years-old and was to enter the 10th grade at Etowah High School, died at the scene.  There would be no more cherished father and son fishing and hunting trips.  No need for dad to continue to teach his son how to drive.  No more Mother's Day or Father's Day cards from Dustin.  Dustin was gone--forever.

 Dustin’s parents, Billy and Kathy Inman, suffered injuries so severe that they both had to be life-flighted to an Atlanta hospital.

Story continued here.


More Department of Homeland Insecurity shenanigans...

Former Huston Police Chief Harold Hurtt who opposes immigration enforcement hired by ICE! 

Hiring story here.

If you want a program to fail, just hire people who won't do the job!  That seems to be the policy of the Obama White House.

Here's a blogger's summary of  Hurtt's tenure as Huston's top cop.


Obama Administration leading U.S. into National Insecurity?

Afghan Military officers allowed into U.S. for pilot training, given security passes and access to sensitive U.S. military installations; some AWOL now for up to 2 years

Read story here

We just hope these new  "undocumented" workers don't hijack a plane and crash it into a building near you.


Senator from New Mexico spills the beans on his state's lax drivers licensing laws

Read story here.

Nearly a decade after 9-11, (not to mention our country is at war) and some states still dole out drivers licenses to people in the US illegally.


President Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt Granted Asylum! [Something stinks.]

Read a NYT story here.

Read a Boston Herald story here.

President Obama's illegal alien aunt, Zeituni Onyango, has been leeching off U.S. taxpayers for years, even after being ordered deported. 

 Although not specifically stated in the above New York Times article, she also made illegal campaign contributions to the Obama campaign (while living in taxpayer subsidized housing).  She was also living large while partying with other high-ranking Ohio Democrats during the Obama inauguration. 

Obama denies that he has spoken to his aunt--(but he hasn't said his administration or his family haven't.)

Now another immigration judge grants her asylum but gives no reason why she deserves to get asylum after thumbing her nose at the U.S. deportation order for years.  Was this case fixed?  That is an obvious question that deserves investigation.

The is one more example why the American people have lost confidence in U.S. immigration enforcement.

Congressman Steven King also questioning the propriety of asylum being granted to Onyango

Read story here.


May Day useful idiot leftist demagogues' rally in support of illegal aliens  Cleveland, OH

This speaker, an Aide to Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), told the audience that the recently enacted Arizona law would allow law enforcement to stop people solely on the basis of skin color or language.

That is an outrageous lie (one of many) that was never contested or corrected by any public officials attending the rally.  Facts don't mean much to these people.

Their Communist revolutionary friends were there hocking their Spanish language rag "Revolucion."

Attending and also speaking at the illegal alien love fest was U.S. Senate candidate Jennifer Brunner who just lost her senate bid to fellow democrat and Ohio Lt. Governor Lee Fisher.  

Brunner's ties to the now defunct ACORN group hurt her credibility and fundraising. ( Jennifer, pandering to illegal aliens doesn't help too.)

The demagogues were a plenty.  Public officials got into the act too--like Ohio Senator Nina Turner (D-25), demagogue extraordinaire. 


Senator Turner would have us believe that Arizona's new law (which will reduce the already well document problem in Arizona of massive illegal border crossings, international drug smuggling, and international human trafficking) is a thinly veiled attack on all minorities and a way to bring back the use of  police dogs and fire hoses on minorities in the U.S.  What a nitwit.


Who's lying to America?





Sen. Lindsey Graham

Sen. Charles Schumer

Key National Amnesty Cheerleaders:

 U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham has taken the amnesty baton as chief amnesty booster from U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), who is facing opposition to his re-election bid in Arizona in part because of his support for amnesty for illegal aliens.

The South Carolina Republican has in recent months been giving speeches and interviews in which he has advanced "comprehensive immigration reform," which at its core grants amnesty to millions of illegal alien criminals.

  Perhaps this is why while I was in South Carolina last year I saw many illegal aliens working on South Carolina construction projects--even while many U.S. construction workers have become unemployed.

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY)

After Ted Kennedy became ill and died, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has stepped into Kennedy's former role as chief amnesty cheerleader for senate Democrats.

As a Democrat, Schumer is coordinating amnesty bill efforts with the Obama administration and majority leaders in Congress--House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)and U.S. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV).


©2010 OJJPAC.org  All rights reserved

This anarchist sign opposes the existence of  our nation's boarders and states.  Luckily, these anarchists seemed to be more interested in dancing and drawing attention to themselves rather than inciting violence during this rally. 

     Illegal Aliens Rally in our capital: Demand that the Obama Administration pay them off for supporting his campaign

March 21, 2010           By Steve Salvi

Washington, D.C.---Tens of thousands of illegal aliens, the vast majority from Mexico, and Latin America, converged on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Sunday to demand that the U.S. government grant them amnesty and legalization.

More specifically, many of the participants held signs and chanted messages directly to President Obama to fulfill his promise of amnesty--for which many seem to believe was part of a quid pro quo---election support for Obama by the so-called Hispanic-Latino vote for Obama's support for "comprehensive immigration reform," a misnomer for a general amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

The Campaign to Reform Immigration for America (RIA), a self-descried "part" project of the infamous Tides Advocacy Fund, organized the march. Dozens of pro-amnesty groups from around the country participated.

Lending support to the illegal alien marchers were Methodist and Catholic church groups, anarchists, the Service Employees International Union, and individual citizens.  Many of the participants were  bussed into the nation's capitol for the rally.  Reportedly at least 6 busses alone were charted just from Northeastern Ohio.

The legislation the illegal aliens want passed  is  H.R. 4321, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity Act, also known as the CIR ASAP act.

Currently 94 members of congress has co-sponsored the CIR ASAP.  To see which members have co-sponsored the bill, click co-sponsors.

©2010 OJJPAC.org  All rights reserved

Demonstrating disrespect for the U.S. flag by overprinting it with the Mexican coat-of-arms.

©2010 OJJPAC.org  All rights reserved

Proud Mexicans display the Mexican Flag in front of the U.S. capitol.  They seek amnesty today so that in the future they will have the power to make it their capitol.

©2010 OJJPAC.org All rights reserved

One of the many foreign flags that illegal aliens displayed  on the National Mall.

Stop the raids and deportations?  The citizens of the United States have the sole right to determine the nation's laws--not lawless illegal foreign agents who choose to illegally enter the U.S. and  make demands upon our sovereign government.

© 2010 OJJPAC.org  All rights reserved

National Council of La Raza ("The Race") activists make the claim that their race is America and are responsible for building the United States.  Unfortunately they seem to believe their own propaganda.

© 2010 OJJPAC.org  All rights reserved

The group National Alliance For Filipino Concerns evidently expects the U.S. to allow everyone to become legal residents of the United States?  Does that include Osama Bin Laden?  I guess American citizens are expected to accept the loss of their rights to self-determination and sovereignty.

© 2010 OJJPAC.org  All rights reserved


The March 21st illegal alien invasion:

Reform Immigration For America Rally = Illegal Aliens' marching on D.C.

The Campaign to Reform Immigration for America (RIA), a self-descried "part" project of the infamous Tides Advocacy Fund, wants Congress to pass a general amnesty for millions of illegal aliens now living in the U.S.. The RIA and its member organizations from around the U.S. plan a "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" rally on the National Mall in Washington D.C., Sunday, March 2l.  After the crowd listens to a number of speakers (2:00p.m.-5:00p.m.), the marchers are expected to begin their march to the U.S. Capitol to urge Congress to pass an amnesty for over 12 million illegal aliens.

The RIA says it's  mission is "to build support for workable comprehensive immigration reform," according to its website Reform Immigration for America. However, the phrase "comprehensive immigration reform" really means amnesty--which is why supporters of illegal aliens are in support of H.R. 4321, also known as the CIR ASAP act.

If H.R. 4321 ever becomes law, our nation is in serious trouble.  It will give amnesty to millions of illegal alien criminals, and open the door to the legal emigration and illegal migration of millions of additional poor and uneducated foreign nationals, which will swamp our society's ability to cope with the financial, social, and political repercussions.

The legislation that RIA activists favor would likely cost U.S. taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars in federal entitlements, since most persons covered by the legislation would become eligible for many more federal benefit programs and their poor earning power would assure that they would unlikely ever contribute enough in tax receipts to cover what they cost U.S. taxpayers.

Many legal and illegal immigrants already  receive some form of taxpayer subsidy, even prior to the passage of this legislation. President Obama's own  illegal alien aunt from Kenya, has even been living in taxpayer subsidized housing for years, even after being ordered deported many years ago.

Additional burdens would also be placed on state and local governments, since any amnesty would unlikely result in increased local and state tax receipts from the re-classified aliens, since most will report no or little in taxable earnings, while relying heavily on state and local public and private social services to provide for food, shelter, and medical care throughout their lives.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, the chief immigration enforcement arm of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, has not commented on if they would take any illegal aliens into custody during the rally.  With President Obama's public support for amnesty, it's likely that he has told his DHS lapdogs to keep their agents' hands off his political support group. 



President Obama is greeted by voter opposition to his health care bill during visit to Strongsville, Ohio

By Steve Salvi

Strongsville, OH--Pouring rain did not stop citizens who oppose President Obama's health care proposal from protesting during the President's visit to a Cleveland suburb March 15th.   The President's limousine drove past hundreds of rain drenched citizens carrying signs critical of the president's health care initiative.   A number of the protestors included citizens involved with Ohio Tea Party citizen groups and 9-12 citizen groups.

The Tea Party and 9-12 groups have been critical of the President and Congress for ignoring the public's opposition to the proposal and attempting to pass it anyway.             Photo courtesy of the Cleveland Tea Party



Alleged Illegal alien day laborers in Alexandria, VA

Do you know what happens when illegal aliens establish themselves in  a community?

On a trip to Washington, D.C. in Septemaber, 2009, I drove through Alexandria, Virginia.  The photo to the left is of alleged illegal alien day laborers who loiter on city streets for a number of purposes--many which involve crime.  Some illegally wait for work, displacing U.S. workers. Other illegal aliens sell drugs or fraudulent ID's. I've seen similar scenes in numerous U.S. cities, many of which serve as sanctuaries for illegal aliens.

If illegal aliens are not loitering on your city's streets yet, they likely will if your city and the federal government allow it, by failing to cooperate and enforce U.S. immigration laws.   *Note:  For legal reasons the word "alleged" is used in this story since it was not practical to verify the legal status of 30 people standing on a street corner for no apparent reason.


An article about  the Secure Communities program

Read story here.


Common sense prevails: 

Illegal aliens' lawsuit against Rhode Island State Trooper fails; claimed racial profiling

Note: It seems that the new strategy for illegal aliens and their supporters is to file lawsuits in order to dissuade local and state governments from making arrests of criminal illegal aliens or curbing illegal alien settlements in their towns, villages, and cities.

Read story here.


Public barred from watching Obama's illegal alien aunt's political asylum/removal court hearing

Read story here

How much has the President's aunt cost U.S. taxpayers after living illegally in the U.S. since 2004?  How was she able to obtain subsidized public housing in Boston?  How was she able to evade arrest for 5 years?   These are questions that journalists should research and answer.

2-4-10 Update:   Illegal alien Zeituni Onyango, (Pres. Obama's illegal alien aunt) who has been subsidized by U.S. taxpayers visits court in designer sunglasses and with security.  Read story here.

2-8-10 Update:    Immigration judge allows 2nd asylum request to go forward, even after President Obama's aunt, Zeinuni Onyango, was ordered deported 6 years ago.  (OJJPAC note: Expect her attorneys to claim she's too ill to go back to Kenya if her asylum application is denied.)   Read updated story here.


Obama State of the Union Speech

Pres. Obama: We need to enforce our borders and rules!

OJJPAC: Who is the President trying to fool?

Answer: The public!

President Obama has done everything possible to not enforce our borders and immigration laws.  His administration has virtually halted workplace raids and tied the hands of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 





Israel to construct wall to deter illegal migration

Read Christian Monitor story here.


  Mexican ambassador Arturo Sarukhan admits Mexico's meddling in U.S. immigration policy

Mexico quietly lobbying for Amnesty for its 12 million nationals ilegally in U.S.

Read AP story here.


Wanted fugitive hired as immigration analyst for U.S. Department of Homeland Security

It's time for Congress to investigate corruption and incompetence at Obama's DHS

Read story here

Tahaya Buchanan


The 2010 Battle over Amnesty for Illegal Aliens has officially begun

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez announcing the introduction of Amnesty legislation formally known as the Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity Act of 2009 .      Copyright ©2009 OJJPAC.org

An OJJPAC Special Report by Steve Salvi

Washington D. C. --  A capitol hill hearing room was standing room only Tuesday as a crowd of journalists, citizens, capitol hill staff (and likely illegal aliens) waited for the head of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to announce the filing of legislation that would offer amnesty to million of illegal aliens now living in the United States.

After a short delay, Representative Luis Gutiérrez and a Congressional contingent of Amnesty supporters finally entered the hearing room to the applause of supporters invited to attend the announcement. 

Rep. Gutiérrez, a Democrat from the 4th District of Illinois, announced that the amnesty legislation, formally known as the Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity Act of 2009 (CIRASAP) would be introduced by a Texas Democrat.   Gutiérrez also said that the bill already has over 80 co-sponsors.  (More to come!)


Who else is behind Amnesty for Illegal Aliens?

National Immigration Forum:

Another so-called "Social Justice" organization undermining America via Socialist goals and initiatives?

The National Immigration Forum (NIF) brought attention to itself this week when Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the NIF served as master of ceremonies at Tuesday's Amnesty legislation rollout on Capitol Hill.  

The NIF describes itself as "one of the nation's premier pro-immigrant advocacy and policy organizations" but perhaps it would be more accurate if it represented itself as a premier illegal alien advocacy and policy disinformation organization. 

Not surprisingly, the NIF fails to mention the thousands of American citizens who have been injured, killed, or murdered by illegal aliens. 

Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum.  Copyright ©2009 OJJPAC.org



at the

Code Red






Steve Salvi, Founder of OJJPAC.org, joined citizen activists after attending a press conference on Capitol Hill. Salvi said that the Obama administration and Congress would be wise to listen to citizens and stop pushing  legislation that the public overwhelmingly opposes, such as amnesty for illegal aliens, cap and trade, and flawed health care reform.

Thousands of U.S. citizen gathered in front of the U.S. Capitol to demand redress from Congress and the Obama administration.  Citizens are deeply concerned about the direction of the country and the nations mounting national debt.  Congress just raised the national debt ceiling to about $12 trillion dollars.

Citizens from as far away as California line-up at congressional office buildings in order to visit  members of Congress.  Citizens' concerns include uncontrolled government spending, and proposals that include health care reform, cap and trade, the Federal Reserve banking system, and amnesty for illegal aliens.


 Activists' account of the Code Red Rally in D.C.

By Angel Fleming & Shane Hayes, Activists

Chants echoed through the capitol Tuesday afternoon of “Kill the Bill!” and “Do no harm!” (from the Hippocratic Oath) as thousands of angry Americans gathered, once again, to declare our republic and liberty in a “State of Emergency,” better known as “Code Red.” 

Though the overall spirit of the crowd was upbeat and pro-America, there was certainly an underlying vibe of frustration and anger as our

own government is forcing us to our breaking point.

“Can you hear us now?” is an all-too-common chant at these events and, as simplistic a message as this is, it couldn’t be more imperative.  While the attendees of these rallies are often maligned by the media, the people who attend know their rights and the laws of the land, and know all too well when their own elected representatives are willing to set both aside to promote their own agenda.

This guest opinion article continues here!


Hugo Chavez reportedly rails against Capitalism at Copenhagen Climate Summit

Summit participants cheers Chavez

If the climate summit participants reaction to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's speech in Copenhagen is any indication of their leftist political leanings, the U.S. and it's authentic allies should be concerned.

Is the climate summit about science and the environment or a clever method of undermining capitalism by de-industrializing the U.S. and its allies?

 With recent allegations (supported by copies of email correspondence between scientists) that key climate scientists conspired to destroy, hide and or ignore data that was damaging to their climate warming agenda, Americans have a good reason to consider the real purpose behind the fear inspiring claims of a global warming crisis.  Especially when the issue is advanced and supported by Hugo Chavez, who has clearly demonstrated his distaste for capitalism and would eagerly replace it with socialism or communism as the world's dominant economic and social system. 

Read a story from an Australian paper here.

Note:  Chavez has also been welcomed into the U.S. by members of congress.  Here is one example dating back to 2005.  Congressman José E. Serrano Welcomes Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez in The Bronx 

Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, and would-be global Communist thug


Obama's Ambassador Nominee Mari Del Carmen Aponte Linked to Cuban Spy

Read story here.


OJJPAC.org's special Court document of the week

Columbus--Franklin County Common Pleas Court Magistrate Pamela Browning finds that Ohio BMV acted properly in canceling driving license registrations of illegal aliens.  (Link to the right.) The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) vows to appeal decision.

Case:  League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) vs. Ted Strickland, Governor, State of Ohio, et al.

Read Magistrate's decision here.

OJJPAC.org brings you the documents and links that other media won't or don't.

Are you spending your money with companies that support LULAC? 

Check this list of sponsors on LULAC's Cincinnati office website:

  • Proctor & Gamble, General Electric, Kroger, Duke Energy, State Farm, U.S. Bank, University of Phoenix, Macy's, Northern Kentucky University, University of Cincinnati, University of Phoenix, and Luxotica Retail.  Call these companies and complain!


Congressional Research Service report:

 House Democrats' health care bill does not expressly prohibit illegal aliens from coverage and actually mandates coverage for some illegals

Read story here.


Charges filed against thugs who "allegedly" attacked citizens attending a Tea Party sponsored health care bill protest

Suspects in beating are said to have been wearing SEIU Union T-Shirts

Read story here.


FAIR's Dan Stein writes about the unfair smear tactics of the SPLC

Here's the link.

Journalist Alert:

 Beware the Politicized "Hate Group" Designations by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

Read this interesting investigative report here.


U.S. House passes "Obamacare" by narrow margin

Despite widespread public opposition to the proposed government takeover of health care, lobbying by President Obama and Democratic Congressional Leaders convinced enough Democratic lawmakers to pass "Obamacare" by a slim 220-215 margin.  The House vote took place during a rare Saturday evening session.  One Republican joined Democrats in support of the bill and reportedly 39 Democrats joined Republicans to vote against the measure.

The full U.S. Senate has yet to vote on its version of Obamacare and it is far from certain that the Senate will go along with the 1000+ page House version of the bill.

With loopholes allowing millions of  illegal aliens to participate in the government health plan, and the trillion dollar plus cost, taxpayer resistance to the legislation will not likely fade away.


Citizens gathered in front of the U.S. Capitol to demand responsible health care reform--not President Obama's move towards socialized medicine.  Photo courtesy of A. Melnyk

Thousands of American Citizens return to Capitol Hill to send Congress a Message...Stop dismantling the USA!

Nancy & Harry...  Your days in leadership are numbered.


Washington, DC-- In less than two months, thousands of American citizens from all over the United States returned to Washington, D.C. after Congresswoman Michelle Bachman made a public plea for citizens to come to Capitol Hill to express opposition to socialized healthcare.  A number of citizen groups, including Tea Party and 9-12 groups organized carpools and busses to help citizens get to Washington so they could speak out against a government takeover of healthcare and Congress' and the Obama administrations wide-ranging legislative assault on our nation's economic, social, and political viability.   Here is an article published in Politico about the event.


Arrogant fugitive Illegal Alien lives freely in U.S.: DHS head Napolitano doesn't seem to care

Read the Chicago Public Radio story here.


The San Diego

 Tea Party

As Americans across the U.S. have done for the past 9 months, citizens in San Diego, California rallied together recently to demand that our nation's leaders start acting responsibly and in the nation's interests.

(Photos by Deborah C.)


End the bailouts!

Stop reckless spending!

Stop raising taxes!

Stop attempting to give Amnesty to millions of Illegal Aliens!


OJJPAC Photos from the Tea Party in Chardon, Ohio


 Interstate illegal alien crime brings OJJPAC and New Jersey Citizen Groups to U.S. Senator Menendez's (D-NJ) office for answers 

Washington D.C. --  A group of citizens from New Jersey, Ohio, California, and North Carolina visited Capitol Hill this week in order to discuss what they consider a serious threat to their personal safety and economic wellbeing--illegal immigration.  One New Jersey business owner whose company is involved in construction explained that illegal aliens are routinely displacing American construction workers in a number of trades and it has resulted in not only unemployed Americans but a climate of unfair business completion.  He stated that companies that hire illegal aliens are cutting corners and forcing legitimate businesses out-of-business.

Representatives of You Don't Speak For Me made the point that the issue is not about nationality but illegal migration.  The group pointed out that some members of Congress are attempting to weaken the provisions in REAL ID via PASS ID, which critics claim would once again allow terrorists to easily obtain multiple official ID's from different states.  YDSFM also presented Senator Menendez's staff with a Mexican Matricula ID card with Mohamed Atta's photo, dramatizing the national security danger of accepting this type of unverifiable ID.

Steve Salvi, founder of Ohio Jobs & Justice stated that the migration of anyone from any nation into the U.S. is wrong--and it is the duty of the federal government to secure our borders and pursue those who penetrate U.S. border security into the interior states. "If the federal government continues to drag its feet in terms of aggressively enforcing immigration laws, state and local governments have the duty to pick up the slack. Ohio's license bureau's have already been compromised due to the failure of the Strickland administration to correct known weaknesses in Ohio's registration process, said Salvi. 

According to a recent news story published in the Columbus Dispatch, as many as 60,000 questionable vehicle registrations have been handed out by the State of Ohio.  The seriousness of the problem first came to the attention of U.S. postal inspections after Ohio license plates were being routinely mailed into New Jersey which has a substantial illegal population.  Law enforcement agencies outside Ohio were also encountering illegal aliens driving cars with Ohio registrations and plates.

A resident of Los Angeles California charged Senator Menendez with racism, claiming that his legislative agenda and opposition to immigration law enforcement is based on a racist ethnocentric agenda that excludes the interests of blacks and other non-Hispanic demographic groups.

Note: This story will be update shortly.

Steve Salvi , founder of OJJPAC on the way to the Senator's office.

Carmen Morales of You Don't Speak For Me demonstrates how easy it is to obtain fraudulent Mexican Matricula ID's.


Congress and the President had better start paying attention to the nation's citizens. The American people are in no mood for the type of "change" they are attempting to make citizens swallow.  The American people do not want our nation to be transformed into a second or third tier nation--corrupt, bankrupt, void of freedom and liberty, and impotent in its ability to  maintain its sovereignty.

OJJPAC participates in

9-12 D.C. Rally

The only word that comes close to describing the Rally is... Extraordinary!

Washington D.C.-- The U.S. Capital truly became the capital of the American people as over one million (estimates as high as 3 million) people came together from every state in the Union to demand better government.  It was an extraordinary event to watch as people of all ages and backgrounds came together to protest a number of Congress' and President Obama's initiatives-- including health care, cap and trade, loss of constitutional rights, public funding for ACORN and amnesty for illegal aliens.

Rally participants from Pittsburg, PA chartered a number of busses to attend the Rally, as did many other local 9-12 and Tea Party groups.


9/5/10 UPDATE:  Public outrage over Communist Van Jones appointment results in Jones' resignation

Obama's march to Socialism.

Van Jones, Special Advisor "Czar" for Green Jobs for Obama is a self-proclaimed Revolutionary Communist

 Watch the video 


Obama's Kenyan Aunt has been living illegally in the U.S. for years

Read story here.  Updated AP story (June, 2009)


 News Update:

Nacho Ramos and Jose Compean leave prison

From the archives: President Bush Commutes sentences. Ramos and Compean to be freed!  Story here! 

Monica Ramos   Steve Salvi

OJJPAC founder meets with Monica Ramos, wife of imprisoned U.S. Border agent Ignacio Ramos




Washington D.C.--OJJPAC.org founder Steve Salvi met with Monica Ramos, wife of imprisoned former U.S. Border Patrol Agent Ignacio Ramos just as news of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court's decision to deny Ramos' request for a new hearing arrived.  Monica Ramos bravely fought back tears as the bad new sank-in that her husband's imprisonment would likely continue unless he receives a pardon from President Bush.  Get more information on former  Border Patrol Agent "Nacho" Ramos here and Border Patrol Agent Jose Compean here. 2-21-09 Update: President Bush commuted the imprisoned former border patrol agents on January 19, 2009.    The former agents have now been released and will serve their final days of their sentences in house arrest. 




The economic irresponsibility act passes!

Congressional Democratic Leadership prevent Congressmen from reading $700+ Billion spending (tax) bill.

  Dems pass bill without reading its 1000+ pages of spending

What will this spending bill cost the average American family? Congress doesn't know or won't say. America's children will pick up the trillion dollar tab for President Obama's Plan and Pelosi and Reid's arrogance.  A dark day for the United States of America.


OJJPAC to begin work on "Project RICO"

Cleveland, OH--The founder of Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC (OJJPAC) announced today that OJJPAC will begin to use the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) against company executives who illegally hire foreign workers at the expense of lawful Ohio citizens. 

Steve Salvi, founder and executive director of OJJPAC, stated that although RICO lawsuits have traditionally been used to fight organized crime, the Act can also be applied to immigration law violations.

"Massive corporate and political corruption has allowed millions of Americans to lose their jobs to illegal foreign workers in manufacturing, construction, food processing, and numerous service industries. Law abiding employers are also run out of business because they can't compete with businesses who don't pay taxes, use less costly illegal workers, and let taxpayers pick up the costs for the illegal workers' health care and education.  A RICO lawsuit is one legal tool that can make corporate criminals pay for their greed and the destruction they inflict on Ohio families and legitimate businesses," said Salvi.  

Salvi said that in the 2007 case Hager v. ABX Air, Inc, et al., Ohio Southern District Court Judge John D. Holschuh ruled that a corporation's executives are subject to the RICO Act if the defendants knowingly were hiring illegal aliens.  


Allies in the fight to strengthen U.S. border security are OJJPAC's founder Steve Salvi (L) and FSA founder, Peter Gadiel (R). Gadiel's 23-year-old son, James Gadiel, was a 9-11 World Trade Center murder victim.

9-11 Families for a Secure America Testify on Capitol Hill

Washington, D.C.-- 9-11 Families for a Secure America returned to Capital Hill on 9-11 once again to deliver more testimony supporting the link between massive illegal migration and a corresponding threat to America's  national security.

The FSA testimony identified a number of government failings to secure the U.S. border that were supposed to be addressed after the release of the 9-11 Commission Report and the passage of  the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act.

The members of the FSA are responsible for much of the security improvement that have been implemented since 9-11 and they continue their valiant fight.  To learn more about 9-11 Families for a Secure America, you can visit their  9-11 FSA website here. 

Above: FSA board member Bruce DeCell (Retired NYPD).  DeCell holds his real ID card and  a fraudulent Mexican Matricula Consular ID card that he uses to demonstrate how easy it is to gain entrance into "secure" U.S. government buildings.  DeCell also had a family member murdered on 9-11-01  at the World Trade Center.




Task Force on New Americans:

Building an Americanization Movement for the 21st Century

Read report here.


OJJPAC and National Border Patrol Council President discuss U.S. border security

T.J. Bonner, President of the National Border Patrol Council and Steve Salvi, founder of OJJPAC.org, recently discussed how Mexican drug cartels are posing an increasing threat to U.S. national security.  The cartels are becoming increasingly aggressive in engaging U.S. Border Patrol Agents in firefights with military grade weapons on our Southern border.  Salvi said that Mexican drug cartels now dominate drug distribution in much of the U.S., including his state of Ohio.

More information about the National Border Patrol Council can be found here.

From left: T.J. Bonner, President, National Border Patrol Council and Steve Salvi, founder of OJJPAC.org.



FAIR's successful Hold Their Feet To The Fire event brought citizen community activists from all over the United States to Capitol Hill to discuss the illegal immigration crisis and lobby Congress. Activists asked members of Congress to support the enforce existing immigration law and pass other enforcement measures in order to end the crisis. Over thirty radio talk show hosts from around the country covered the annual event which included a congressional hearing that took testimony from law enforcement and family members of 9-11 victims.  Pictured from the left, OJJPAC founder Steve Salvi and  Attorney Julie Kirchner, Executive Director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.



An Absolut vodka billboard ad campaign aimed at Mexicans and produced by the Mexican ad agency Teran/TBWA, advances the idea of a future Mexican annexation of much of the Western United States.  According to a competing U.S. Latino ad agency creative director, the Absolut ad attempts to tap into Mexican national pride.  He believes Mexicans will love the ad concept that depicts the annexation of  territory it lost during the Mexicn-American war of 1848.   BOYCOTT.  ABSOLUT-LY!

One more reason why 10,000,000 Mexican illegal aliens must leave the U.S.


District Judge Douglas Staskal rules in favor of Rep. King's Iowa English Language Reaffirmation Act!  Read story here.

The Courts G


Is [pro Amnesty] State Rep. Lily Mesa (D-NH) a Citizen of Columbia or the United States?

Is New Hampshire Democratic State Rep. Lily Mesa a U.S. citizen?  It has been rumored that this Columbian native has or will soon resign from office because investigators are checking records to verify she is a U.S. citizen. Statehouse sources however claim Mesa is resigning due to the recent failure of her bill to make New Hampshire a sanctuary state for illegal aliens.  [That's from a blog but doesn't make much sense. I've never heard of a public official resigning over one failed bill.]  OJJPAC plans to contact the legislator and give her an opportunity to clarify her Citizenship status and set the record straight.  So stay tuned!



The Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) will be required by maritime workers who require unescorted access to secure U.S. port facilities. Read about the TWIC program here.


Hudson, Ohio Immigration Forum held

Hudson, OH-- Community activists gathered at the Hudson Public Library Saturday to discuss the issue of illegal immigration.  Speaking at the event was Allen County Deputy Sheriff Bob Najmulski, who heads an  illegal alien crime task force in Allen County, Ohio, and Rosanna Pulido, Field Representative for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).  The speakers emphasized that state and local police agencies don't have to wait on 287(g) training to work with ICE to help initiate the deportation of illegal aliens who commit crimes in the U.S..


States must take on border security duties; Federal Government can't be trusted to enforce immigration law.

Don't believe it? Read this story.

Are Mexican Drug Lords paying off some ICE officials and agents?  


Is legal immigration fueling illegal immigration?

Is legal immigration fueling illegal immigration?  In many cases the answer seems to be yes.  The problem is that once some aliens become legal U.S. residents or citizens, they aid and abet illegal aliens to enter the U.S. too.  The story below is just one of many cases of marriage fraud, which is not only a crime but a danger to U.S. national security since it makes the US vulnerable to foreign criminals and terrorists.

Cuban immigrant Eunice Lopez arrived in the U.S. in 2002.  She is now accused of marrying 10 different Hispanic illegal aliens [seeking U.S. residency via fraud] for cash. Read story here. 


Campo Minutemen Clean Up!

The Campo Minutemen's Adopt a Highway Program has resulted in a cleaner environment and America!

The group has removed over 10,000 pounds of trash from roadways, protecting area wildlife and habitat. 


What's going on in Dalton Georgia's "Little Mexico?"

Read this article where the reporter ignores a very important question: How may of the "immigrants" she is writing about are in the United States illegally? 

 Read the story here.    


Celebrating The Diversity of  World Culture!

A Cultural Practices in India: Tantrik Ritual Killings

An Indian couple who had a daughter but desired to have a boy, arranged for the kidnapping of a 6-year-old neighbor at the advice of a tantrik (a spiritualist practitioner of tantrism).  Once kidnapped,  they mutilated and killed the 6-year-old boy while chanting mantras (in order to leverage supernatural powers to have their own son).  

The Hindustan Times reported 25 human sacrifices in just the western Uttar Pradesh in a 6 month period.  Although the cultural practice is illegal in India, it is still practiced by millions of people in Indian society.  Although the practice supposedly came from Hinduism, some Buddhists and Muslims also practice tantrism.  Some tantriks say human sacrifice is not necessary since animals can also be killed as a sacrifice. Other Indian tantrics say there are ways to treat clients without any human or animal sacrifice.

Question:  Are people who believe in human sacrifice able to obtain a visa and or permanent residence in the U.S.? 

[Note: I know it is politically incorrect but OJJPAC wants to go on the record as opposing both human sacrifices and animal sacrifices.  Please excuse us for not not celebrating this aspect of cultural diversity.]

Source: From an article by John Lancaster in the Washington Post.


OJJPAC is a supporter of the Miller Beer boycott

 For Boycott information click here.


Are state welfare departments purposely misinterpreting civil rights laws in order to undermine federal immigration reporting requirements for public assistance programs? 

It sure seems so, at least in Minnesota.  Read this Minnesota Department of Human Services Bulletin.  It seems that the state is going out of its way to make sure illegal aliens will get US taxpayer-paid-for benefits as long as they haven't got an existing deportation order.  Even illegal aliens who tell state workers that they are in the US illegally are directed not to report them to federal immigration authorities!   Read document here.

Note: This wrongly diverts needed resources away from American families, and likely violates the intent of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act passed in 1996. 


Vanderbilt Professor addresses Cleveland City Club

Vanderbilt professor Carol M. Swain talked about the impact of illegal immigration at the Cleveland City Club recently.  The professor has written a book titled Debating Immigration.  Professor Swain's research appears to support OJJPAC's findings regarding illegal immigration.  


   Photos from the second protest of U.S. Senate District Offices

 The message: No Amnesty!  Attrition through enforcement!  6/21/07


 Protest at Senators' Offices Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland, OH -- Ohio citizens protested on the steps of the federal building in downtown Cleveland Friday.  The protest was called after both Ohio's Senators' voted last week in favor to end debate on Senate bill 1348, paving the way for a sweeping Amnesty and planed citizenship for 12-30 million illegal aliens  in the US.   Story continued here...


Colorado files Legal Complaint against Federal Government for failing to enforce Immigration Laws.

 Click here to see the legal complaint 


What is the SSP? 

Visit the official Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America (SSP)  web site here.

Much of the SSP's description is not based in reality.  First of all, our Mexican and Canadian "partners" have serious problems with systemic cultural corruption (i.e., Mexico) and or have such weak immigration regulations that terrorists can easily enter their country (i.e., Canada).  

You can also visit their new SSP Myths & Facts web page, where the SSP responds to many of the concerns Americans have written about recently.

OJJPAC's main concerns about the SSP are:

  • What kind of "legitimate and low-risk traffic" does the SSP want to streamline across shared borders?  

  • What type of cooperation and information sharing are being contemplated?

  • Who are the people involved in SPP working groups that are setting "goals?"  

  • Who are the "stakeholders being consulted by the working groups? [Note: OJJPAC hasn't been consulted, have you?]

What the 2006 Report to SSP Leaders says: Read report here.


Amnesty for Violating U.S. Immigration Laws Is Not a Civil Rights Issue, Declares Black Coalition

“Being rewarded for coming to this country illegally with citizenship and other benefits is not a civil right.” 

 --Dr. Frank Morris, chairman of CBA

Link to story and CBA web site here!



Is the global economy inducing global government?

Are Americans allowing the so-called "global economy" to move US public policy towards the acceptance of a global government and diminished (if not eliminated) US sovereignty?  Are we being conditioned to accept less self-determination and more control of our lives by foreign interests inside and outside our borders?  More later.

Tricks drunk Illegal Alien criminals use to stay in the US

Q)  How do illegal aliens who are arrested for drunk driving (including illegals with multiple DWI arrests) avoid criminal charges that could lead to their deportation by DHS?

A)  Some jurisdictions have "DWI treatment courts."  Your public officials are sending illegal alien defendants to treatment centers so they don't go to jail where their illegal immigration status might be checked (and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement notification).

  What you should do to help stop this nonsense:

Find out if there is a DWI treatment court program in your area.  Monitor its activity and speak with area probation officers to find out if illegals or suspected illegals are being placed in treatment programs.  Insist that all illegal aliens are removed from programs and turned over to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Scarce treatment dollars [tax dollars] should be spent on Americans not foreign nationals who intentionally illegally entered the US.  These criminals can and should be deported--it is the law!


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