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Archived News Stories: Illegal Alien Crime In Ohio

A sampling of crimes by Illegal Aliens in Ohio.  Note: Links may expire over time.


Raul Benitez Maranon  Convicted    Photo credit: Summit Co. Jail

While many of Ohio's Democrats and Republicans remain silent about illegal aliens in Ohio in order to woo Hispanic votes...

Illegal alien in Ohio gets life for murdering Canton Ohio cab driver

Read story here!  12-1-11


Alleged Mexican cartel hit man living illegally in Sandusky Ohio for 10 years

 Read story here.

Do Ohio's public officials care?  Apparently not.

OJJPAC note:  Concerned Ohio citizens have been attempting to get Ohio's past and present governor and Legislature to take action against illegal aliens in Ohio for years.  With the exception of a few legislators who have demonstrated support for addressing the issue of illegal immigration in Ohio (all Republicans to my knowledge), the leadership of both parties have chosen to ignore the issue while Ohio's citizens continue to be physically and economically harmed.   Governor Kasich and the Ohio Legislature has actually funded a state commission that in-part spends your Ohio tax dollars to advocate for illegal aliens who illegally live in Ohio.


Illegal Alien

Mexican Illegal Alien Drug dealer involved in Ohio State Football Scandal

Read Columbus Dispatch story here

Check out the court opinion that shows the extent of this Mexican's ability to get fraudulent Mexican documents to present in U.S. courts.

Perhaps when he gets out of jail he'll be a "Welcomed" businessman by the idiot Mayor of Dayton Ohio who wants to give illegals phony municipal ID's and will protect them from being disclosed as illegal aliens.  If not, the loons at Oberlin City Hall might take him.


  Culture of corruption:

Who helped rip off Americans for $100 million in a veterans charity scam? 

Blanca Contreras, 39 and her two daughters

Read article here.

Ohio judge gives her 5 years...


How did a Mexican illegal alien human smuggler get Ohio license plates?

Read story here.

What's going on at Ohio's BMV offices?


Alejandro Vasquez-Camargo, 23 Camargo is reportedly from Mexico and illegally living in Ohio

In Ohio:

 Mexican illegal alien arrested for raping 3-year-old while babysitting

Read story here.

What has your representatives in the Ohio Legislature our U.S. Congress done to stop illegal immigration?  In most cases--nothing!


Valentin Auguilar-Torres, 20  is reportedly from Mexico and has been illegally living in Ohio

In Ohio:

 Mexican illegal alien arrested for molesting 4-year-old in Hamilton, OH

Read story here.

What has your representatives in the Ohio Legislature our U.S. Congress done to protect Ohio's children from illegal alien criminals?  In most cases--nothing!  Many churches are aiding these criminals too!


Butler County Prosecutor requests Opinion from Ohio Attorney General on the Arrest of Illegal Aliens

Read Ohio AG's Opinion here!


Ohio crime news:

Illegal Aliens charged with raping women in Ohio

Read story here.


Illegal alien crime in Columbus, Ohio

Large drug bust in Ohio

2,500 pounds of pot and nearly $1 million in cash found

Read story here.


Immigrants cheating on taxes in Ohio?

Abimbola Adeyemo arrested for tax preparation fraud before his flight to Nigeria

You would expect that after immigrants are given the legal opportunity to enter the U.S. they would comply with our laws.  However, far too many legal and illegal immigrants come here to take advantage of our system and steal us blind.  I learn of new schemes all the time--and it appears many immigrant criminals are becoming rich at our expense.  It's time to crack down on these schemes and send the convicted back to where they came from.              Read U.S. Department of Justice news release here.


Poor migrant workers?

Migrant workers apparently  have enough money to purchase sex with children in Toledo, Ohio.

Read this sick story here.

Worst Mother Ever Award!

What kind of mother would sell her children for sex?


RGood  News!  

More Executives indicted at pallet maker IFCO Systems for illegally hiring illegal aliens

Read story here.



While Ohio's Dem politicians keeps supporting illegal aliens...

Illegal aliens run wild in Ohio

Below is a story about an alleged kidnapping and assault.

Read story here.



Four illegal aliens from Mexico would have been better off if they had complied with US law.  The four were illegally living and working in Ohio until they were murdered.  Read story here.


Illegal alien criminals in Ohio:

Armando Hernandez, 27

Guilty of abduction and three counts of rape

Read full story here.

Tens of thousands of illegal alien criminals are in Ohio committing all types of crimes--from murder to rape to illegal narcotics trafficking, to identity theft to child sex trafficking.  Why?  Because many of our public officials are allowing it to happen in order to gain support from the so-called "Hispanic vote."

Another Illegal Alien found guilty of raping Ohio woman

Which of Ohio's public officials support illegal aliens in Ohio?

Just to name a few:

Governor Ted Strickland

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown

Congress persons:

 Dennis Kucinich, Marcia Fudge,  Betty Sutton, & Marci Kaptur (more to come)

Another woman raped in Ohio by an illegal alien because many of Ohio's politicians oppose allowing Ohio law enforcement from doing the jobs the federal government (Obama administration) refuses to do--secure our borders and enforce existing immigration laws in Ohio and elsewhere!

You can't hide any longer!


Illegal aliens demonstrate their family values:

6 Illegal Aliens indicted in armed Ohio kidnapping of family

Drug deal gone bad?

Read story here.


Egg on their face

Violations for hiring illegal alien labor...

 Now a salmonella problem...

Not surprising.

Iowa egg producer under investigation has ties to Ohio egg farm

Is anyone really surprised that firms that hire illegal alien labor have sanitation problems?  Did you see the undercover report on hotel workers that showed them washing drinking glasses with the same rags they washed toilets with?   Folks, many of these people have no idea what the words sanitary or hygienic mean.

Here is a link to a story about the recent salmonella scandal involving millions of potentially tainted eggs.

Read story here!


Alleged Human Trafficking in Lorain County, Ohio

Read U.S. Attorney press release here


Mexican Meddling Corner

How long has Mexico been pedaling it's fraud prone Matricula ID's in Ohio?

At least 7 years!

The Mexican Consul was marketing it's fraud prone Mexican Matricula ID cards to U.S. financial institutions since at least 2003 as evident in the below link.

The Mexican government has been asking U.S. banks and other financial institutions (as well as local governments) to accept the Mexican Matricula ID cards as legitimate I.D.  However, the only Mexican citizens who need the cards are Mexicans in the U.S. illegally.   Any Mexican national in the U.S. (legally) already has valid ID in the form of a passport.

Here's the proof!


Ohio BMV fails to meet federal security standards

 Asks Feds for REAL ID Extension

Read about it here.

(The BMV has already had 4 years to do the job.  The obvious is question is: Why is Ohio still not in compliance?)


Boo hoo...Ohio's Illegal Aliens and their supporters moan about drivers' license crackdown...

Do these illegal aliens (and their Marxist supporters) have any shame? They knowingly enter the U.S. illegally and expect our government and taxpayers to cater to their every need.  They now complain that because their fraudulently obtained licenses will be cancelled they won't be able to drive so comfortably to their illegal place of employment.  Too bad.  11/2/09

Read the Columbus Dispatch story here.


Latino Group sues Ohio to stop state from canceling fraudulent [Latino/Hispanic] vehicle registrations

Read Columbus Dispatch story here.

Is it any wonder why Latin America is known for its systemic  corruption?


Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Scandal deepens

Longtime Dem party hack Henry Guzman undermined public safety according to Ohio Inspector General's report

Strickland appointee allowed Illegal alien criminals to obtain Ohio vehicle registrations

Read story here.





Casa Fiesta Mexican restaurant chain owner Ramon J. Ornelas faces prosecution for immigration and tax charges

The owner of a Norwalk, Ohio based Mexican restaurant chain faces charges including harboring and concealing illegal aliens, mail fraud, and filing false tax returns.  Federal agents raided the Ohio based restaurants in 2008, and identified over 50 illegal aliens illegally working at the eateries. 

Read Toledo Blade story here.


Fifty people indicted in Ohio marriage fraud scheme

Read story here.   


ID crimes at a Dayton area Cargill plant involved the fraudulent use of valid Puerto Rican birth certificates, Social Security Cards, and Ohio ID cards by illegal aliens

 Read a Daily News-Record story here. 

How many terrorists have been able to purchase valid Ohio ID's?   Who is responsible for securing valid Ohio ID's?


Mexican Illegal Alien arrested for four murders in Sharonville, Ohio in 2007

According to news reports, Santiago Moreno, 34, an illegal alien who was illegally working for ABC Precision Masonry in Mason, Ohio, has been arrested in Mexico for the 2007 slayings of four of his roommates in their Sharonville, Ohio apartment.

Read this Cincinnati Enquirer story

And  U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown wants to give over 12 million illegal aliens amnesty and allow them the financial benefits of U.S. citizenship and Ohio jobs? 

Allegedly this is Santiago Moreno the murder suspect


Ohio Sheriff arrests Illegal aliens with Cocaine and cash!

And who had the Ohio welfare card that was also found?

(Note:  U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown just co-sponsored legislation (SB 9) that will result in Billions more in taxes to  feed, provide housing, and educate millions of illegal aliens at your expense!  It's time that Sherrod Brown resign before his foolish political beliefs bankrupt Ohio and the nation.) 

  Read drug arrest story here

If you want to stop illegal drug trafficking, you must first stop illegal immigration.


Illegal Alien from Mexico attempts to infiltrate Sheriff's office in Ohio.  Charged with fraud.  Read story here.


ARMED MEXICAN ILLEGAL ALIEN DRUG CARTELS FLOOD OHIO WITH COCAINE TO SELL TO KIDS;  WHY IS OHIO U.S. SENATOR SHERROD BROWN DOING NOTHING TO STOP IT?  FBI makes arrests, seizes $5,000,000.00 in Mexican cartel Cocaine in suburban Cleveland, Ohio  Read story here.


Illegal aliens arrested in Hocking County, Ohio 

    Read story here.


Ohio BMV finally moving towards canceling thousands of drivers licenses used by illegal aliens

Read Columbus Dispatch story here.

What took so long?



Read story here.


More Ohioans Killed by Illegal Aliens

Illegal Alien Jesus Bernal guilty in killing of Cincinnati couple

What are Ohio Democrats doing to stop it?  Nothing!

James and Margie Rook's killer has been sentenced to 55 years in prison.  However, that doesn't mean much to the Rook's who are now dead--because Ohio politicians, including U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown and Congressman Dennis Kucinich, keep supporting amnesty for illegal aliens (like the Rook's killer).  If that's not bad enough, these Ohio's politicians work to undermine any meaningful enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.  Their sympathies are with illegal aliens, not Ohio's citizens.  

Challenge to Democrats:  If there are any public officials who are Democrats  (other than me)  who are doing something substantive (not just talk) to stop illegal immigration in Ohio, please write and tell me what you have done.  I may write a story about your efforts. 


 James & Margie Rook

Killed by an Illegal Alien


Illegal Aliens Indicted For Manslaughter in Ohio

While Ohio politicians like Dennis Kucinich, (D-OH), Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, (D-OH) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) keep telling us that the illegal aliens are harmless, why are so many Ohioans being killed by illegals?  Read this story that they don't want to talk about.  



Professor's hoax cost taxpayers $66,000

Dr. Ramani Sri Pilla, age 41, of Cleveland Heights, Ohio has been convicted and sentenced to prison for claiming she was the victim of an ethnic and gender hate crime. Pilla turned out just to be a liar.  This is not the first "educator" activist who has attempted to claim victim hood by lying to authorities.

Read story here.


Columbus Ohio Immigration Attorney Lilian Asante, 37,

pleads guilty in own marriage fraud scheme

Read story here.

Another Immigration Attorney involved in fraud--no surprise.


Egyptian physician in Ohio on work visa pleads guilty; defrauded Medicare of millions of your  tax dollars

Read story here.


Eight Hispanic illegal aliens charged in December shooting, kidnapping, and assault Of Columbus Ohio mother and daughter

Read story here.


Is the Ohio BMV hiring crooks to pass out Ohio ID cards to illegal aliens?  

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security seems to think so.  Read story here.

Indicted on charges related to the operation of the multi-state counterfeit ID ring:

  •  Nekeia Mack-Fuller, 29, of Reynoldsburg, Ohio

  • Michelle Eckerman, 27, of Canal Winchester, Ohio

  •  Christina Dawn Cheatham, 23, of Columbus, Ohio

  • , Jose Antonio Gutiérrez-Ramirez, 34, of Columbus, Ohio Luis M. 

  •  Juan (last name unknown), date of birth unknown, of Harrisonburg, VA

  •  Edwin Roberto Mendez, 32, of Harrisonburg, VA

  • Rosado-Rodriguez, 29, of Ponce, Puerto Rico

  • Jairo Gomez, 32, of Harrisonburg, VA

Governor Strickland--It's time your administration cleans house at the Ohio BMV.


Illegal aliens arrested and plead guilty in $3.7 million dollar jewelry robbery in Columbus, Ohio

Read story here.


Former Ohio BMV worker Nekeia Mack-Fuller of Reynoldsburg Ohio found not guilty; other defendants sentenced in massive fraudulent ID case  Read story here

OJJPAC note: Governor Strickland has failed to secure weaknesses in Ohio's Bureau of Motor Vehicle offices which are now run by private agencies.  As a result countless thousands of illegal aliens have likely been able to fraudulently obtain "valid" Ohio ID's.


Investigation alleges Illegal Alien used Ohio man's ID to work and rack up $81,000 in debt!

Read story here.

IRS goes after Ohio victim for unpaid taxes; uncovers illegal alien fraud

Zolio Herrera-Juarez


Illegal Alien from El Salvador expected to be charged in Cleveland woman's 2001 murder

Cleveland native Chandra Levy's murder had gone unsolved since 2001.  The murder drew national attention in part because the subsequent murder investigation revealed that the young U.S. Bureau of Prison's intern was reportedly involved romantically with former Democratic Congressman Gary Condit, of California's 18th congressional district. 

Investigators are now expected to charge Ingmar Guandique, an illegal alien from El Salvador with Levy's murder.  It has been reported that Guandique, 27, was previously convicted of attacking other women in the same park around the same time that Levy disappeared.  Read an AP story here.

The accused: Ingmar Guandique Murdered: Chandra Levy


Another Mexican national living and working illegally in Ohio is arrested in Christmas multiple injury wrong-way car crashes

Read a Columbus Dispatch story by Elizabeth Gibson here.

When will Ohio's public officials (primarily Democrats) stop supporting amnesty for illegal aliens and begin to protect Ohio families' jobs and safety?


Mexican drug cartels use illegal aliens to sell Heroin in Ohio

Ohio family grieves over family member's death. 

Read story here.


While Ohio Dems continue to block a crackdown on illegal aliens in Ohio...

Ohio senior citizen reportedly gets raped and robbed by 14-year-old Mexican illegal alien with gun

Read story here


Nine indicted in alleged fake-documents operations at three Ohio used-car dealerships
Read story here.

  • Maria Martinez, 41

  • Rajvinder Singn, 35, of Liberty Township, Ohio 

  • Sukvinder Singn, 37, Deerfield Township, Ohio

  • Sinderpal Singh, 34, Deerfield Township, Ohio

  • James Dozier, 24, of Middletown, Ohio

  • Jesus Vasquez, 27, of Hamilton, Ohio

Why were some of these defendants released on their promise to appear for future court dates? Does the Judge  really think they will show up? 

Another case where the Ohio BMV is not paying attention!


 Dominican Illegal Aliens Indicted for Heroin Distribution in Ohio

Cleveland, OH--While Cleveland politicians like Congressman Dennis Kucinich, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, County Commissioner Tim Hagan, U.S. Senator George Voinovich, and Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones continue to support illegal aliens in Ohio, more illegal aliens are being indicted in Ohio for terrible crimes against Ohioans. 

 After a 16-month investigation called "Operation Slim Jim" the FBI and US Attorney White announced the indictment this week that Moises Reyes, an Illegal Alien from the Dominican Republic and his gang for transporting large quantities of heroin and cocaine worth millions of dollars from Mexico through Arizona and to Columbus Ohio and other major cities.  From there, the indictment alleges that the illegal drugs would be redistributed to greater Cleveland.    Read more here.

The indictment also alleges that the illegal aliens would obtain and utilize multiple fraudulent identities to conceal their illegal alien status, facilitate their drug trafficking activities and avoid law enforcement detection.



Evidently some illegal aliens have the stomach to destroy American families with heroin.

Jaime Sanchez-Ospina, a Columbian national illegally living in Stamford, Connecticut, was sentenced in December to 33 months in prison for reentering the United States after twice being deported.

According to court documents, on March 18, 1994, Sanchez-Ospina was arrested  for possession of approximately 2.5 pounds of heroin that he was hiding in his stomach.  Read story here. 1-3-07

Connecting the dots: How illegal alien drug smugglers' heroin creates more crime and destroys American families

Here is a story about American heroin addicts who need a heroin fix so badly they trade guns for the drugs. [Their guns end up in the hands of criminals, and they go to prison.] Read story here. 1-3-06

Here is a true story about how  heroin killed a young man from Southern Ohio, and devastated another American family.  Read the Cincinnati Post story here.  1-5-07


Alien drug trafficker from Belize set up large drug transportation and distribution ring in Ohio

Read story here.


Centerville, Ohio Executive Pleads Guilty; Hired and harbored illegal aliens

Joseph Edward Fulmer faces fines and jail.  That's what he gets for ignoring OJJPAC.org warnings not to hire illegals.

                          Click here for story                          


Suspected Illegal Aliens arrested with 150 fake Ohio and Tennessee ID cards

Read story here.


Illegal Alien in Ohio sentenced to  prison for Social Security Fraud and Aggravated ID theft

Guatemalan Bernardo Marcos-Matom, 38, who was living illegally at  717 Race Street, Dover, Ohio was sentenced yesterday by United States District Court Judge Sara Lioi to 38 months in prison.

A federal grand jury in Cleveland, Ohio, returned a seven count indictment last June charging Marcos-Matom with False Claim to United States Citizenship, Aggravated Identity Theft, and Social Security Fraud.

Marcos-Matom was also ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $2,816 to the U.S. citizen whose identity he stole.

According to the victim, the theft of his identity documents resulted in poor credit reports, his inability to obtain employment for which he was qualified, and a criminal record based on the activity of the defendant, or others using his identity.

Read full story here.


Gun from Ohio robbery used in shootout between illegal aliens and New York City Police

 One gunman killed and NYC officer shot

Find the story here.

[Note: NYC is a sanctuary city for illegal aliens thanks to NYC's mayor]


Illegal alien living in Cleveland indicted as alleged ringleader of heroin drug trafficking organization

 More illegal aliens working with legal immigrants to allegedly distribute and sell heroin to your children. Read story here.  9-3-07



Police in Ohio have captured Carbajal-Lile, an illegal alien, wanted in Wisconsin for an August 14th fatal hit and run accident that  killed a teenage boy.    Carbajal-Lile was captured in Ohio after being arrested on an unrelated charge. 

Read story here.



Read Cincinnati Enquirer story here.    More Ohio news here.





Illegal Alien Living in Hamilton, Ohio arrested in rape escapes; law enforcement asks public's help to find rape suspect

Cincinnati - The Ohio State Highway Patrol is seeking the public's assistance in capturing fugitive Juan Romero Barahora, who was arrested on a first-degree felony rape charge, then escaped.   Full story here. 


Judge sentences Ohio small business owner  to prison, takes $770k home and cash too for hiring illegal aliens!

Read story here.

Ohio businesses owners who hire illegals  need to take OJJPAC's warnings of arrests seriously--or expect to spend time behind bars. 


Elvira Arellano Arrested in Los Angeles

Illegal Alien Fugitive Finally in Custody after Trip to California

Click here for story: ChicagoTribune


Another example how illegal aliens are turning Ohio's children into drug addicts

Mexican illegal alien pleads guilty to trafficking! 

Mexican planned to distribute cocaine worth $5.1 million in Ohio.

Read story here.  10-18-07


Why do so many of Ohio's Public Officials want to make citizens out of Illegal Alien criminals?

Marion, OH - An illegal alien, Sitlahuer O. Vazquez, 20, (pictured) has pleaded guilty to trafficking in cocaine to Ohio's children and will spend six years in prison.   

Vazquez  was arrested after he sold a kilo of cocaine for $21,000 to undercover narcotics agents.   Find this and other Ohio stories here.


Thousands of alleged Illegal Alien Sex offenders Arrested in Operation Predator

Approximately 85% of those arrested were foreign nationals in the US according to the Department of Homeland Security.  Read story here.


Liar, liar, pants on fire!

 Alleged hate crime hoax has CWRU assistant professor in hot water with Feds!  Story here!


From the Mansfield [Ohio] News Journal on 8-28-07:  Ohio Hanley Road and Ohio 13, Mansfield -- Police responding Sunday evening to a report of two intoxicated men walking in the area arrested Jose Alvarado-Portales, 21, of Honduras, on a felony warrant from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He and a 37-year-old man also were arrested for drunkenness.


Drunk Illegal Alien working in Sidney, Ohio literally runs into off-duty Immigration Agent

8-23-07 Two Mexican illegals allegedly hit the vehicle of an off-duty immigration agent and fled the scene of the accident.  Police chase leads to their arrest.    Read story here. 


Temporary employment agency employed illegal aliens at several jobsites across northern Ohio

HV Connect operator Trung Q. Nguygen sentenced to 30 months in prison

11-2-07  Trung Q. Nguyen, 46, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was sentenced to 30 months in prison after pleading guilty to a number of charges stemming from an illegal alien hiring scheme.  Nguyen was convicted of conspiracy to transport and harbor aliens, conspiracy to commit money laundering, conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud, harboring aliens, employing ten or more aliens, and money laundering.   Read story here.



Marijuana grown in suburban Ohio basements linked to Vietnamese gangs.    Read story here.

More Ohio stories here.


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