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(Note: This is NOT a complete list of articles about election & voting fraud. If you would like an article listed, please send the link via email to the above email address.)

6-26-20 Bexar County Democrats allege candidate for party chair committed voter fraud

6-25-20 Voting fraud charges filed against Paterson councilman and councilman-elect

6-24-20 Former Tucson man pleads guilty to voting twice in the 2016 general election

6-12-20 Southfield clerk will go to trial on six felony charges

6-8-20 Vanderburgh Democratic activist Reed faces felony election fraud charge

5-27-20 West Virginia Mail Carrier charged With Altering Absentee Ballot Requests

12-16-19 Mexican citizen who voted in 2016 US election won't go to prison, NC judge says

12-14-19 Judge Rules Some 230,000 Wisconsin Voter Registrations Should Be Thrown Out

12-10-19 Mexican resident and Trump supporter sentenced for vogter fraud, identity theft in California

11-30-19 Edinburg mayor's trial for election fraud delayed until March

11-26-19 Mansfield women admit to election fraud-related charge

11-21-19 St. Louis area mayor charged in election fraud case

2-12-15 Rep. Jordan: Obama Actions on Illegals Invite Voter Fraud

11-1-14  First case of voter fraud confirmed in Rio Arriba Co.

10-30-14 Non-Citizens Are voting 

10-28-14 "Vote Flipping" Shows Up In Early Voting In Illinois and Maryland, 2014 Vote Fraud Looms?

10-17-14 7 indicted in voter fraud in Hattiesburg mayoral election

9-1-14 Court Docs: Texas Democrats Accused of Using Cocaine to Buy Votes

4-18-14 Illegal immigrant arrested for Nevada voter fraud

4-3-14 Hundreds of cases of potential voter fraud uncovered in North Carolina, Fox News

3-22-14   Sharpton, Dems at Ohio rally welcome poll worker imprisoned for voter fraud, BIZPAC Review

1-28-14   California Democratic Sen. Rod Wright convicted of perjury, vote fraud, Los Angeles Times

12-18-13 Husted: 17 non-citizens voted in 2012 election in Ohio, The Cincinnati Enquirer

9-26-13  California suspends a critical method to prevent voter fraud!,  Election Integrity Project

7-17-13 Ex-poll worker sentenced to prison for illegal voting, The Cincinnati Enquirer

5-28-13 Poll worker convicted of voting fraud, The Cincinnati Enquirer

2-23-13 The case of the phantom ballots: an electoral whodunit, The Miami Herald

2-12-13 Vote fraud charges expected, The Cincinnati Enquirer

2-8-13 Obama supporter and poll worker subpoenaed for election fraud in Ohio

2-6-13 Investigation of possible vote fraud heats up, Zanesville Times Recorder

11-29-12  Clackamas Woman Indicted For Voter Fraud

10-17-12  3 people indicted for felony vote fraud in Franklin County, Ohio

9-21-12 Prosecutors Investigating Shelly Silver's Kids Over Voter-Fraud Allegations

9-20-12 Three noncitizens charged with voter fraud in Iowa

9-14-12  New Albany mayoral primary candidate indicted on voter fraud charges

9-5-12 Ark. lawmaker pleads guilty to election charge

7-18-12 Philly election official details examples of voter fraud

7-17-12 W. VA county official charged in vote fraud probe

7-13-12 Sunland Park investigation leads to additional voter fraud charges

7-2-12 State Police investigate Espanola voter fraud

6-26-12 Gilchrist indicted for voter fraud in Ohio

6-6-12 Former Cuyahoga County [Ohio] employee is sentenced to prison for running a sham election in 2006

5-15-2012 (YouTube video) NC Non-Citizen Voting, Dead Offered Ballots, UNC Officials Endorse Voter Fraud

2-15-12  Former Council Member Accused of Absentee Ballot Fraud

1-9-12  Ballot case shifts to FBI

11-24-11 12 charged with voter fraud in Georgia election

11-1-11 Madison County [Florida] officials arrested for vote fraud

7-29-11 Mississippi NAACP sent to prison for 10 counts of voter fraud

Election integrity News:

Illegal Alien charged with election fraud

Accused of voting in U.S. elections from 2003 to 2009

Read forum here.


Can the NY Workers Family Party defendants go to Jail for attempting to Steal an Election? --Yes they can!

And Should!         Read the story here.

Note:  The WTF party vote fraud scheme would have likely tipped the election to the Democrats had a suspicious Republican official not investigated.  According to a news report, the WTF party has ties to ACORN and has at least one high level tie to the Obama Administration.  "Oh what a tangled web we weave." - Sir Walter Scott


Orange County Latino amnesty activist charged with election and voter fraud

An arrest warrant has been issued for Nativo V. Lopez, a longtime Latino activist who has called for laws giving drivers licenses and amnesty for illegal aliens.  Lopez faces several felony charges.    Read Los Angeles Times story. 


Are illegal aliens voting illegally in U.S. elections?  This one did.

Read story here.


Election fraud:

Are some immigrants illegally voting in U.S. elections? -- Yes.

Read this NYT story.

OJJPAC note:  It would be interesting to learn which political party/candidates are benefiting from this illegal voting.  It would also be helpful to know who is illegally registering immigrants to vote.  Was it ACORN?


Election Corruption:

Are Illegal Aliens attempting to manipulate U.S. elections? Yes!

Got evidence?  Yes!  Read story here.


Squirrelly ACORN nuts face Ohio RICO lawsuit over fraudulent voter registrations

Read court complaint here.


District Attorney in San Antonio, TX alleges voter fraud by Illegal Aliens

Read story here.


Former Federal Elections Commission staffer says Illegal aliens are voting in U.S. elections and changing election outcomes

Read story here.


District Attorney in San Antonio, TX alleges voter fraud by Illegal Aliens

Read story here. 7-20-08


Georgia Supreme Court tosses out Voter ID challenge... Read about it here! 6-11-07

Voter Registration Fraud Case in "Sanctuary City" of Chicago

Cook County judge Dennis Dernbach sentenced three Chicago women to two years of probation for their involvement in a voter registration fraud scam. 

Jalissa Santiago, 21, Migdalia Echevarria, 37, and Windaliz Santiago, 21, pleaded guilty to theft and mutilation of election materials.  The Cook county Prosecutor said the women were fraudulently registering people using names from phone books.  


Another example of Illegal Alien Voter Fraud

Venezuelans' Abraham E. Gomez, 46, and his wife, Mayen C. Gomez, 41, had little difficulty registering to vote in Boone County, Kentucky.  The ease in which the Gomez's became US voters is an  indictment of how susceptible US elections are to fraud and manipulation by  foreign nationals. 

All the Gomez's had to do to register to vote  was to claim US citizenship on their voter registration forms.  No proof was required--no verification conducted by the board of elections.  If not for a tipster who put law enforcement on the Gomez's trail, the fraudulent registrations probably would have never been detected.  The Gomez's now face deportation for being in the US illegally.

Just how many illegal aliens are illegally registered and or voting in US elections?  The actual number might reach millions. Even a lesser number of fraudulent votes would be sufficient to steal an election from the control of US citizens.  

Since most if not all boards of election do not verify an applicant's citizenship, the actual number of illegal aliens' voting in US elections remains unknown.  Registration standards obviously need to be raised if the citizenship requirement for voter eligibility is to have integrity.

Note: In a very few cities in the US, non-citizens have been granted the right by local governments to vote in certain types of local elections.  OJJPAC believe only US citizens should have the right to vote in any US election.


10-year-old Voter summoned for Jury Duty

August 5, 2006

By Steve Salvi

Ohio voter Quardaris Reading recently got a summons for jury duty in Summit County, Ohio. The odd thing about Quardaris Reading getting a summons for jury duty is that he is a 10-year-old boy from Alabama.

So how did a 10-year-old boy get a summons for jury duty?  It's easy when a 10-year-old boy is a registered voter in Summit County -- and when voter registration rolls are used to select potential jurors.

The question people should be asking is: How did a 10-year-old boy from Alabama become a registered voter in Summit County, Ohio?

What's alarming is that the Summit County Elections Board doesn't know how it happened.  They point out that know one has never used the name to vote.  The Board also has stricken Quardaris's name from the voter rolls.

But that does not relieve the Summit County Elections Board from explaining to the public how unqualified individuals can become voters, and go undetected for years.  If the boy's family had not notified the court, the voter fraud (which it is) would probably have never been detected.

The Ohio Legislature recently passed legislation that will require voters to show valid identification before voting.  Some critics claim the ID requirement causes "voter suppression," preventing qualified voters from voting, as they claim some people don't have identification.

If this argument has any merit, the state should assist otherwise qualified voter to obtain a valid ID.  And if voters who don't have an ID don't wait to election day to get an ID, they should have more than sufficient time to secure an acceptable form of identification.

Ohio has basically been using an honor system when it come to voter registration.   That perhaps was a sufficient system before 20 million illegal foreign nationals chose to disregard our laws and set-up house in the U.S., in some cases using stolen identities of Americans.  Times have changed, and so should Ohio's extremely lax voter registration rules that invite voter fraud.

To my knowledge, none of Ohio's 88 county  election boards have programs that proactively seek out potential voter fraud.  Obviously you can't find what you're not looking for.  For some counties, starting a program now might seem like opening Pandora's box.-- perhaps bringing to light cases of voter fraud --and unwanted negative publicity.


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