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"A Plan to Make Dayton An Illegal Alien Friendly City"

The Welcome Dayton Plan approved by the Dayton Ohio City Commission violates federal law.  Specifically, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) of 1996. Read more below!


The Welcome Dayton Plan Deception

Here's proof that the Plan includes Illegal Aliens

By Steve Salvi, Founder, Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC

The Welcome Dayton report says it is an action plan providing the City of Dayton the pathway to becoming a nationally recognized Immigrant Friendly City.  If Dayton wants to promote itself as an immigrant friendly city, that is the city's prerogative.

However, the recommendations in the "Welcome Dayton: Immigrant Friendly City" report, approved by Dayton City Commission, go far beyond assisting legal immigrants.  The plan approved by the City of Dayton includes recommendations that have the objective of aiding illegal aliens--foreign nationals who are not authorized to enter the United States.

Some of the Report's recommendations not only violate federal law, they work to erode some of the very principles that helped make our nation a country in which people desire to emigrate.  An example is the erosion of the Rule of Law.  When Rule by Men supercedes the Rule of Law, a nation will soon be lead down the dangerous pathway of social, political and economic corruption and tyranny. 

In order to disguise the recommendations that help and encourage illegal aliens to settle in Dayton, the drafters of the Report simply uses the term "immigrant" to refer to both legal immigrants and illegal alien migrants.  By omitting the phrase "illegal alien," the Report purposefully blurs the very important legal distinction between legal resident aliens and unauthorized illegal aliens.  This purposeful deception constitutes nothing less than a fraud upon the public--for the sole purpose of gaining public acceptance and support for the Report's foolish if not illegal recommendations.

The following are examples where plan recommendations violate federal law:

Report Recommendation:  Law enforcement should not ask for or check immigration status.

 From the Dayton Welcome Report:

Local Government and Justice System

2. Adopt law enforcement policies that are “immigrant friendly” throughout the greater Dayton area.

a. Emphasize immigration status checks limited to people suspected of serious crime only, and promote reporting of crime and prevent further victimization of victims of crime by not questioning victims/witnesses about their immigration status.

b. Focus enforcement efforts on serious/violent crime and not federal immigration law.

Effect of this recommendation:

·    Violates the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act ( IIRIRA ) of 1996. 

·    Establishes a formal illegal alien sanctuary policy which has the effect of protecting criminals--including dangerous gang member, locally based Latin American drug cartel operations, human traffickers, child molesters, and those who desire to commit terrorism. 

·    Violates international agreements that require foreign nationals the opportunity to contact their nation’s consulate.

·         Fails to identify who will determine which crimes are "serious" enough to prompt immigration status checks.  (What is a serious crime to one person is not serious to another person.  Most victims believe all crimes are serious.)

·    Preventing the accurate identification of people compromises the safety of law enforcement officers and the general public.

·    It presumes that the enforcement of federal immigration laws has no impact on the prevention of serious/violent crime. 

·    Affirms that federal immigration laws victimizes victims [illegal aliens] rather than it's actual effect and purpose of protecting U.S. jobs and ensuring public safety.



2.      Report Recommendation:  Provide a municipal ID [only Illegal Aliens are not eligible for other valid ID].

Quoted from the Dayton Welcome Report:

Local Government and Justice System

5. Implement a municipal identification card program for

community residents who are not eligible for any other

accepted identifying document.


a. Develop a proposal statement outlining the reasons for

and benefits of implementing a municipal ID card program

in the areas of crime prevention, access to banking

and financial services, and access to local services and businesses.


Effect of this recommendation:

·        All legal immigrants have valid ID and do not need a municipal ID card.  Only illegal aliens will have a use for the  proposed Municipal ID's.

·         Creating a Municipal ID for illegal aliens violates Title 8 USC §1324(a) Aiding and Abetting. 

·         Municipal ID’s can  be used by illegal aliens as breeder documents to create multiple fraudulent identities. 

·        The City of Dayton lacks the capacity to verify identities prior to issuing the proposed Municipal ID's.

·         Municipal ID’s aid criminal aliens by giving them a government approved identity to aid in criminal enterprises such as check fraud, bank fraud, and to evade law enforcement.

·         Municipal ID’s aid terrorists by giving them a government approved identity to access services such as banking, which serve as a conduit for receipt of funding and money transfers for U.S. based terrorism plots and other criminal enterprises.



The evidence demonstrates that the Dayton Welcome Plan intended to ignore Federal Law and include illegal aliens:

·         The report states that the plan began with a focus on the “undocumented.”

“ 1) September 2009 – August 2010 the Board of the Human Relations Council (HRC) initiated a Racial Equity Assessment of the problem of “Discrimination in Housing within the City of Dayton Against Immigrants” with a particular focus on the undocumented.”


OJJPAC Note:  The term "undocumented" used in the Dayton Welcome report is a misnomer for the more accurate and legally correct phrases used by the U.S. Code, unauthorized alien or illegal alien (See 8 U.S. Code 1365).


·        Francisco Pelaez-Diaz, Hispanic missionary pastor at College Hill Community Church, says, Most of the people I work with are here without documents.  But I think of this in a practical manner. Immigration law is a federal issue. They are here already. If we make them feel welcome, they are more willing to adjust to our culture, more willing to contribute to our community and our economy.  Most are hard-working, family-oriented, decent people.”

OJJPAC Note:  "Without documents" means the foreign national is illegally in the U.S.. 

Q.) What are the consequences for the people of Dayton and Ohio if this plan is implemented?

A.) The negative consequences: 

  • More crime and corruption as Dayton has experienced with the increased problem of Mexican heroin.

  • Increased gang activity.

  • The displacement of American workers in construction, manufacturing and service industries.

  • Increase in education costs (per pupil cost to educate just 1 illegal alien child K-12 is over $120,000.00).

  • Increased demand for community social services' resources.

  • Potential lawsuits against Dayton by victims of crime committed by illegal aliens protected by the City of Dayton.

 Q.) What can the public do about it?

A.) Tell the Mayor, City Manager, and City Commission to obey the law!  Tell them that you believe in the Rule of Law and that they must stop this rogue plan before it is fully implemented.

City Commission Office:  City Hall, 101 W. Third St., Second Floor

Phone:  937-333-3636  Fax: 937-333-4297

Email:  Anita.Johnson@daytonohio.gov

 Mail: Dayton City Commission, P.O. Box 22, Dayton, Ohio  45401-0022

Sample script:  Hello, I am calling today to request that the Welcome Dayton Plan be stopped until all provisions that support illegal aliens in our community are eliminated.  I do not believe that the City of Dayton should be using scarce tax dollars to advocate for illegal aliens and encouraging the violation of  federal immigration laws.  Thank you.

Everyone wants to be "immigrant friendly."  However, The Welcome Dayton Plan goes beyond friendliness to the point of foolishness by including illegal aliens.   If the plan is implemented, it puts Dayton in the position of violating federal immigration law, risking public safety, and making American workers compete for jobs with illegal aliens.  Do these consequences sound good for Dayton's citizens or current legal resident aliens?

It is time to stop the Welcome Dayton Plan as approved.  Dayton's public officials should find ways to enhance living conditions in Dayton so Americans desire to live in the city.  With Ohio's severe economic problems, Dayton should use its limited resources for projects involving existing citizens and businesses.  Illegal workers will inevitably compete with Dayton's current citizens for limited jobs and social services.

Not yet convinced that illegal aliens are a threat? 

 Here are over two hundred article links that prove otherwise.

Examples of illegal alien crime in Ohio

Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial

Examples of displaced American Workers

Read the Welcome Dayton Plan here.


Dayton Mayor Leitzell Deceptive Statements; Puts Public Safety At Risk

Dayton Mayor Gary Leitzell says Immigration Enforcement is a Federal issue...yet he supports the Welcome Dayton Plan plan that hamstrings Dayton's Federal Immigration Law Enforcement?  


Mr. Mayor, how are the Feds supposed to enforce U.S. immigration laws when you tell local law enforcement not to advise them about illegal aliens criminals in Dayton?

Cooperation with local law enforcement is critical to maintaining public safety not only in Dayton, but also Ohio and nationally.   In fact, the U.S. Congress passed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) to require cities to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement authorities!

Dayton's City Manager Tim Riordan's misinformation & attack the facts campaign...

Dayton City Manager Tim Riordan calls concerned citizens "heinous and despicable" for bringing attention to how the Welcome Dayton Plan aids Illegal Aliens.  ( I guess the truth hurts.)


Anyone who has studied illegal immigration and reads the Welcome Dayton Plan can identify those recommendations that specifically aid Illegal Aliens.  For City Manager Riordan to frame the plan as one specific to legal immigrants & refugee is disingenuous at best.

We must wonder how fair and inclusive the plan's development process actually was when citizen with honest and well thought out questions are viciously  attacked by the City Manager for daring to question the wisdom of the plan.

What actually happens when cities draw illegal aliens?

Dayton could learn from the experience of other towns that have communities of illegal aliens-- corruption.  Listen to the first-hand experience of this Salem Ohio employment agency manager:


Allegations by Ohio worker that illegal aliens are not creating jobs--they are displacing U.S. workers

Here is what one former Sugardale plant worker in Canton said about illegal aliens (including children) working in Canton.  He alleges that illegal aliens are  displacing American workers in plants and factories in the Dover/Canton Ohio area.


OJJPAC Note:  During this interview, the former Sugardale worker incorrectly states that if an illegal alien marries an American they automatically become a U.S. citizen, they don't.  Also, although it is true that most Hispanic illegal aliens don't speak English, or limited English,  it is incorrect to assume illegality solely on that basis.


How is Dayton's Welcome Plan working?

Here's one article about a "welcomed" Dayton immigrant businessman who has already scammed and defrauded the government and possibly put national security at risk with fraudulent visa applications. 

Read the U.S. Attorney's case summary here.

Examples of "alleged" crimes by Illegal Aliens in Dayton Ohio

Arrested: Illegal alien Arriaga-Reyes (Server at Mi Jalapeno restaurant): Police find kilos of drugs; Clark County trafficking tied to Mexico, prosecutors says, By Jessica Heffner, Springfield News Sun, 8-29-13 (Possession of drugs, money laundering, drug trafficking, pattern of corrupt activity, conspiracy) 

Arrested:  Illegal alien Fanisa Shaydullina, Charges against Turkish Immigrants in FBI Dayton raid detailed in courtWHIO-TV, 8-28-13 (Weapons charge; entering the U.S. illegally)

Examples of "alleged" crimes by Refugees in Dayton Ohio

Arrested refugees Muzaffar Mirsoliyev, 28 and Mustafo Mirsoliyev, 51.  Charges against Turkish Immigrants in FBI Dayton raid detailed in courtWHIO-TV, 8-28-13 (Crimes: Alleged wire fraud, food stamp fraud; and weapons charges)

Examples of "alleged" crimes by Aliens with student visa's in Dayton Ohio

Arrested Congolese man in U.S. on student visa. Jean Paul Mpanarwa, 26.  Suspect in custody in rape of 90-year-old, By Andy Sedlak and Katie Wedell, The Dayton Daily News, 8-17-13  (Crime: Alleged rape. Previous sex conviction.)


Archive of Dayton Welcome Plan

News Article Links

Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl Met With President Obama About Immigration Reform [Amnesty], ABC TV-22, 5-16-14

Dayton aims to help illegal immigrant crime victims,  By Jeremy P. Kelley, Dayton Daily News, 2-14-13

Dayton's Immigration Strategy for Growth is Gaining Notice, Fox News Latino, 5-10-12

Read the report here, including lawless Section 5!

Welcome Dayton [Illegal] Immigrant Plan Approved

Dayton to create new ID's for illegal aliens?

Welcome Dayton Plan implementation delayed.

County Latino Coalitions invite Wahlrab to discuss Welcome Dayton: Immigrant Friendly Plan.


Stop the fraudulent Mexican Matricula Consular in Ohio NOW!

Important OJJPAC notice!  The Mexican government is handing out Matricula Consular ID cards to illegal aliens in Ohio.

OJJPAC became aware of this phony ID give-away to illegal aliens via a State of Ohio website. [Yes, these idiots are helping illegals get fraudulent ID's so they can more easily live and take jobs away from unemployed Ohio men and women who are trying to feed their children.].

What disgraceful Ohio agency is wasting your tax money to support illegal aliens in Ohio?  Not surprisingly it is the Ohio Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs.   Click here to see the stupidity for yourself. 


Call  governor DeWine and your state legislators and demand that the Ohio Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs stop supporting the release of more fraudulent Matricula Consular ID's in Ohio.  These ID's hamper U.S. national security efforts and put your family and law enforcement at risk from the criminals who will obtain these phony ID's.   

The only people who need these phony ID cards are terrorists and illegal aliens.


Q)  Who is the hero of  Illegal Aliens?    

 Hint: It's not George Washington, Abe Lincoln, FDR, or Bill Clinton. 

A)   Marxist-Leninist Revolutionary Che Guevara!

Read about "El Che" here.


The Obama U.S. Dept. of [In]Justice?

 Obama Justice Dept. forced Dayton to lower standards on cops' employment tests

"F" scoring minorities now can become cops?

Equal opportunity...or opportunity for resentment?

Read article here.

OJJPAC note (by Steve Salvi):  According to a radio interview (I heard on Radio WTAM 1100), the DOJ has held up the city of Dayton's hiring process so long that the city has been forced to accept (and not appeal) the DOJ's demand for lowering test score standards for at least some classes of minority candidates.  Supposedly Dayton has so few officers now due to retirements, that the city must hire officers even if they failed their exams.  In my opinion, the DOJ's actions actually harms minorities by undermining those current and future police candidates that are well qualified minorities.  The DOJ's action will also cause resentment among well qualified non-minority candidates.