Citizens Protest Ohio Senators' support of Amnesty Bill 1348
Support Attrition through Enforcement of Existing Laws

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Cleveland, OH -- Ohio citizens protested their Senators on the steps of the federal building in downtown Cleveland Friday.  The protest was called after both Ohio's Senators' voted to end debate on Senate bill 1348, paving the way for a sweeping Amnesty and grant of citizenship for 12-30 million illegal aliens.  

Although the cloture vote fell 15 votes short of the required 60 senate votes, its support by Ohio's Senators' Sherrod Brown and George Voinovich irked many citizens, including  representatives of Ohio Jobs & Justice, the MCDC of Ohio, Citizens for Legal Communities, union members, and small business owners hurt by competitors who hire illegals.

"I promised the Senators' a protest if they supported S. 1348. That promise was kept with the help of some very angry Ohioans. Like the  majority of Americans, these citizen oppose solving the country's illegal immigration problem via an unworkable and costly Amnesty," said Steve Salvi of

"Congress has no business negotiating away U.S. sovereignty in the form of  an Amnesty that includes 12-30 million illegal foreign nationals.  If this Amnesty passes it will create a virtual foreign nation within the U.S. border overnight. The supporters of  Aztlan will be thrilled if this bill passes" said Salvi

Amnesty was given to 3 million illegals in 1986, costing taxpayers billions of dollars.  That legislation, also supported by Senator Ted Kennedy, D-Mass, has  resulted in 12-30 million more illegals entering the US over the past 20 years.

"We have so many illegals in the US now because of the 1986 Amnesty that Senator  Kennedy told us would prevent further illegal immigration.  Illegals will keep coming as long as they believe Congress will pass another  Amnesty" said Salvi.

While protesting their Senators' support for the 2007 Kennedy/McCain Amnesty bill, the activists distributed literature to several hundred downtown workers.  

Passersby were handed a NumbersUSA "report card" for both Senators' Voinovich and Brown, summarizing their immigration related voting record.  People were also given an information sheet that included information about Senate Bill 1348 and the Senators' D.C. and district office phone numbers.

 The reaction of the public was supportive.  Some workers stopped to talk, others gave a thumbs-up or shouted their support from a distance.  The protest banner--"Support American Workers and the USA, Tell Brown & voinovich -- No Amnesty!" drew a lot of interest, even from Senator Sherrod Brown who passed the afternoon demonstration.

"Attrition through Enforcement"

Senator Brown stopped to talk with the citizen activists.  Senator Brown, noting the groups opposition to Amnesty, asked what was an alternative.  "Attrition through Enforcement" Salvi replied, with the agreement of his fellow citizens.

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio (right)

  Salvi explained that if current immigration laws were actually enforced, including workplace enforcement, the majority of illegal aliens would self-migrate back to their homelands, since there would be no monetary benefit to staying in the US.

 "If you dry up the illicit job market and cut off other monetary incentives, illegals will quickly return home--where they can  focus on fixing the problems in their own homelands."

"Illegals have the capability to

strengthen their own nations"

 "Illegals have the capability to strengthen their own nations. The US government just needs to enforce our laws to get them on their way home.  After the illegals return home, they can seek redress from their governments, use their native languages, reunite with their families, practice their preferred culture, and improve their lives and governments with homegrown solutions."

"The US could certainly play a supportive role in prodding governments, like Mexico, to address the underlying issues that cause illegal  immigration. There are plenty of billionaires and millionaires in Mexico and Latin America.  The problem is that corruption is rampant and a cultural norm--which is in part why many illegals have no qualms about breaking US laws, such as entering the US illegally, stealing American identities and fueling the illegal drug trade in the US."

"The best gift we can give illegal aliens is not Amnesty but a swift application of the rule of law in the area of enforcement" Salvi concluded. 

Senator Brown blames NAFTA for causing so many illegals to enter the US.

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