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OJJPAC: "Hall of Shame"

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Illegal Immigration "Hall of Shame"

OJJPAC's Illegal Immigration "Hall of Shame" is composed of individuals, groups, politicians, and businesses which  actively or indirectly support illegal immigration.  Nominations for OJJPAC's  "Hall of Shame" list are submitted by readers and reflect the opinion of  readers but not necessarily the opinion of OJJPAC.  Last updated: 8/9/06.

    Foreign Government Officials:

  • Mexican President Vicente Fox

    US Public Officials (Federal):

  • President George W. Bush. Demagogue who actively supports "guest-worker" amnesty. Refuses to enforce existing immigration laws. 
  • Ted Kennedy, D-MA. Demagogue who supports "guest-worker" amnesty for illegals. Has introduced "Trojan horse" legislation called the "Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act," S.1033.
  • US Senator John McCain, R-AZ. Demagogue who actively supports "guest-worker" amnesty for illegals. Has introduced "Trojan horse" legislation called the "Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act," S.1033.
  • Congressman Raul Grijalva. Actively supports amnesty.
  • US Senator John Cornyn, R-TX. Actively supports amnesty.
  • Hutchison
  • Senator Dianne Feinstein
  • Senator Barbara Boxer 
  • Congressman Sylvestre Reyes, TX district 16 (D)

    US Public Officials (State):
  • Joe Baca, California Assembly member (MEChA alumni)
  • State Senator Cedillo (aka "One Bill Gil"), D-CA A MEChA alumni who some have called a "vehement Mexican reconquista." Best known for his efforts to get legislation passed that would give drivers' licenses to illegal aliens. Cedillo sponsored SB 60, legislation to give driving licenses to illegal aliens (became law under former governor Grey Davis, then repealed). Cedillo recently sponsored SB 160, legislation to give Cal Grants to illegal aliens (passed Senate 23-12).
  • Governor Ted Kulongoski,  Oregon.  Allows monthly Mexican Consular "carousels of information" in various cities throughout Oregon. Illegal aliens can obtain a matricula card which they can then use to obtain an Oregon driver's license and other services that they should not be entitled to. Our Department of Human Services is approximately $172 million over budget but they keep showing up at the carousels. The Governor could put a stop to all of this but he chooses not to.
  • State Senator Sam Zamarripa, D-Atlanta, GA

          US Public Officials (Local):

  • Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley
  • Doug Duncan, County Executive of Montgomery County, MD.
  • Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (MEchA alumni)
  • New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Bloomberg continues to support NYC's as a  sanctuary city for illegal aliens.  I guess 9-11 wasn't enough of a wake-up call to get him to change the folly of his position.

           Political Party Officials:

  • DNC Chair Howard Dean. Democratic demagogue and panderer who supports granting citizenship to illegals in order to secure the political support of  Hispanic voters in the US.

  • MEChA
  • La Raza
  • El Pueblo
  • The Brown Berets
  • SPLC
  • ALCU
  • KKK
  • La Voz de Aztlan
  • US Chamber of Commerce. The U.S. Chamber supports legalization of illegal aliens and supports S.1033.
  • Council on Foreign Relations (?)
  • Globalization Institute at Yale University
  • Ford Foundation (funding open-border groups)


  • Walmart (Hires Illegal Aliens, replaces American IT and back office professionals with employees in India. - Predatory Pricing forces small retailers to close.
  • Bank of America (allegedly giving mortgages to illegals)
  • Wells Fargo Bank (allegedly giving mortgages to illegals)

  • Isabel Garcia, US resident and attorney. Member of the 100-member council created by Mexico's government to represent Mexicans living in the United States. Garcia advises the Mexican government on the needs of Mexicans living in the US. Garcia is also associated with the group, Dercheros Humanos. Garcia attempted to defeat Arizona Proposition 200.
  • Hector Carreon