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Team America in Ohio to stop Republican and Democrat Senators from granting Guest worker Amnesty to 15,000,000 Illegal Aliens

 Team America's "Secure America Now" Tour Visits Ohio!

TA's Message: Stop Republican Senators from granting Amnesty to 15,000,000 Illegal Aliens!

 Bay Buchanan Travels Across Ohio in Support of American Workers

 Team America Visits Cleveland

Troubled by illegal immigration?  So is Team America -- which is traveling across the country to bring attention to attempts by many Senate Republicans and Democrats to grant amnesty to 15 million illegal aliens now illegally living in the US.  Team America arrived in Cleveland, March 2nd.

Bay Buchanan spoke to a group of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents Thursday night in Sheffiend Lake. Buchanan spoke about US Senate attempts to gut HR 4437, the US House passed legislation which would begin the process of securing the US border.

Buchanan stated that Senator Specter (R-PA) and others are attempting to replace border security legislation with an unlimited amnesty and open visa plan that would decimate the wages and jobs of average American workers. 

It is time for Americans of every political persuasion to speak out against the open-border and cheap illegal alien labor lobby!

Country before Party!

Team America's Bay & Shelly say "Call your Senators today!"

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