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FAIR's Ohio Rally, Findlay, Ohio, February 21, 2006

County Sheriffs' Beck and Jones -- Public Officials with Backbone!

Sheriffs' get "Thumbs Up" from Ohio Immigration Activists at Tuesday FAIR Rally

Ohio's own Sheriff Richard K. Jones and Sheriff Daniel W. Beck were guest speakers at the FAIR sponsored Rally held last Tuesday in Findlay, Ohio.  The sheriffs' spoke about what they are doing in their respective counties to combat illegal immigration.  The seasoned lawmen decided to take on the issue of illegal immigration after they began to experience an  increasing number of  crimes involving illegal aliens and recognizing the substantial financial burden illegals placed on their communities.


Tired of paying for the incarceration of suspected illegal aliens in his Butler County Jail,  Sheriff  Jones sought reimbursement from the US government, and even sent the  federal government's Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) a bill.  Jones wanted to recover Butler county taxpayers' money and send a message that the US government wasn't doing a very good job of securing the US border.  Jones is also working with a member of the Ohio House of Representatives to  pass legislation to make it a trespass offense for illegal alien to enter Ohio.

If you want to learn more about Sheriff Jones' activities, you can visit his website.

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones 


Allen County Sheriff Daniel W. Beck  is also proactively addressing the issue of illegal aliens in his county.  Sheriff Beck says that ICE has too few agents in Ohio to enforce US immigration law.  Beck stated that since ICE is undermanned,  immigration officials demonstrate little interest in  investigating or taking custody of criminal illegal aliens unless  they commit a felony.  But rather than give up, Sheriff Beck got his deputies document identification training and began to educate the business community about the penalties associated with hiring illegal aliens.  His program was so successful in reducing the hiring of illegal alien labor, he received a letter of complaint from Mexican counsel Antonio Meza.

Sheriff Beck's website:   Allen County Sheriff Daniel W. Beck/a>


Also speaking at the rally was Susan Tully, National Field Director for FAIR.  Tully brought the costs of illegal immigration into perspective by giving the audience a detailed example of how just one Oklahoma woman (who happens to be an illegal alien with five US born children), gets over $55,000  per year in US taxpayer paid government benefits.  [When you consider there is from 11 million to 20 million illegal aliens in the US, many of whom receive benefits, the cost to US taxpayers is staggering.]  Tully also explained that the frustration of  US Border Patrol Border agents was understandable since the Department of Homeland Security has a policy of  not getting tough with illegal border crossers until they are apprehended at least ten times. 

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