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 Activists from several states converged at the historic Hancock County Courthouse square in Findlay, Ohio to bring attention to the plight of displaced workers in America's heartland. 

As tens of thousands of illegal aliens move into Ohio, American workers are being displaced at a rapid rate.  Ohio taxpayers are also burdened with the enormous cost of feeding, housing, educating, and providing free healthcare to illegals.





Findlay, OH

 No, she's not burning Old Glory!

Susan Tully, National Field Director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) holds a candle to  illuminate her American flag during the OJJPAC/FAIR sponsored Candlelight Vigil.


Community activists hold Candlelight Vigil in America's Heartland in Support of American Labor!

About the Findlay, Ohio Vigil

Bitterly cold temperature failed to dissuade committed community activists from Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio from converging on the historic Hancock County courthouse square to support American workers.

 The activists came to Findlay, Ohio  to bring attention to the unfortunate plight of  many Ohioans (and Americans) who are losing their jobs to cheap illegal alien labor.  Because of the 11 to 20 millions of  illegal aliens who currently live in the US, and approximately 3 million additional illegals smuggled into the US annually,  America's most vulnerable citizens are being displaced from their jobs and homes. How?

Greedy employers are overlooking American job applicants and focusing on hiring cheap illegal laborers.  Why? Because illegals are willing to work for lower pay and without benefits -- undercutting American workers.

By utilizing illegal hiring practices and providing work to illegals, these self-serving employers fatten their profit margins at the expense of the American taxpayer.  Since employers pay illegals a low wage and no benefits, illegals rely on taxpayer supported  local, state, and federal resources to make up the difference.

Millions of illegals apply for and get free or heavily subsidized local, state, and federal social services assistance --including healthcare, food stamps, utilities, housing, and education. Providing this menu of free and subsidized services to illegals costs US taxpayers tens of billions of dollars annually!

OJJPAC and FAIR want the federal government to stop ignoring the plight of displaced American workers and enforce current federal laws meant to protect them.  The groups also want companies who continue to violate federal law (by hiring illegal aliens) to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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