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US Veterans Survived War, Killed at Home by Illegal Aliens

Many people think illegal immigration is a victimless crime. The open border lobby (OBL) promotes this myth along with their other fairy-tale that illegals only come to the US to work. I must admit, they have hood-winked a good percentage of the population, as well as many public officials. However, with so many illegals now pouring into the US, the negative consequences are now too real for an ever growing number of American families, especially those who become victims of crime. 

For example, one Mexican illegal alien needlessly gunned down three veterans last year at a Pennsylvania United Veterans Association Club. The veterans' crime? One member rightly turned the illegal alien killer away at the door (it was a members-only club). Read about this triple murder here.

It's been reported that US Immigration and Custom's enforcement knew about this killer's criminal background and his illegal presence in the US but they never attempted to deport him. I guess he was one of the open border lobby's  "hard worker" poster children -- and it was just too politically incorrect to tell him to leave; let alone force him to leave. God forbid a "hard-working" illegal alien should be subject to our laws.

The bottom-line is that the consequence of Immigration & Customs Enforcement's lax enforcement policies was the tragic death of three American veterans. Unfortunately this scenario occurs daily, just involving different names and communities.

Visit the Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial here.

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